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Whovianeverlark17 chapter 3 . 1/7
Ghostwriter71 chapter 3 . 9/24/2018
HAHA! Even hating romance, even unfamiliar with your stories and writing style, I STILL nailed it! :) Well, I got the gist of it, not the details obviously.

Excellent little story. Even if it is mush, it was superb in it's writing. Nearly perfect. Except for one thing: I regret that I must disagree with your very last line...if by "love" you there mean romantic love. Romantic love most assuredly does NOT conquer all. :/
Ghostwriter71 chapter 2 . 9/24/2018
Psh. It's no drama or angst...I totally see through it.
Ghostwriter71 chapter 1 . 9/24/2018
Well...I confess I'm only reading this because I was reading "Traitor's Game", and got to Chapter Seven where it said we had to read this, and I was all like "Augh!" SO I went and found this, and I've only read the first chapter but...dang. This chapter alone makes reading it worthwhile. You gave such an absolutely perfect description of marriage here that it nearly literally took my breath away. And , ok, I may have to turn in my "guy card" here, but honesty and all brought tears to my eyes. I didn't actually cry! I just brought tears to my eyes with it's stark truth. If only more people realized that love and marriage are so much more than just feelings.

I only stumbled across your stories today because of a review on one of Laura Andrew's stories. And I wish I could have found your stories years ago. I also wish I could have known such a perfect, sublime and beautiful description of marriage years ago. But you nailed it to a T. Wow. :/

And yes, I realize that I used two adverbs in succession...I couldn't help it. It's late, and I'm old and tired. Sorry. :/
Reese's Mom chapter 3 . 8/21/2017
OMG sooo good! Love your writing style!
Shirerose chapter 3 . 7/26/2017
Sweet but never saccharine, thank Aslan! I have to say I that I am absurdly pleased at having guessed that Linnet was not truly in trouble.

Now I have to go read all about dear Edmund's difficulties...

Are you considering these AU at this point or are you going to work their marriages into canon?

Shire Rose (the white)
sailor68 chapter 3 . 7/17/2017
Very funny and romantic! Thank you!
ScribeofHeroes chapter 3 . 7/13/2017
Amazing how the word of the note are both so threatening and ambiguous. Linnet probably would have "seen her groom again," even if Peter hadn't gone to the tower unarmed. Linnet is that understanding of a girl, but the High King wouldn't do anything else after reading such a note.

Edmund must be a "really" good actor, or maybe Pete's not too observant when he's mad and worried. Ed does say exactly what he would if the situation was real. Good thing he managed to get Pete to keep his voice down. Imagine the unnecessary chaos if he hadn't. :o

Poor delegation of Eagles. I hope they didn't feel too snubbed. Lucy could probably help by chatting with them.

Is Ed Peter's sole benefactor? He even gets Rhindon? :O

If I were Peter's sister and he left like that (for something real) without telling me goodbye, I'd hit him.

Who knew Peter carried so many knives? Probably a good idea though. I bet he can take care of himself with his bare hands too. Oreius would make sure of that.

The Tigers are good actors too. Again, who knew?

And the Tigers get no answers, but Edmund gets orders. No one else gets out of the tower alive, Pete? What about Linnet?!

Now, there, I think was a sign this is all a loving conspiracy. Edmund would not give in like that so easy otherwise. He would speak those words of comfort to Peter, though. :) Ah Pete ... stark and unconvincing ... I've been there.

My, the empty corridor description sure gives a sense of grim atmosphere.

Indeed, all Aslan said should be comforting Peter right there. He even said they'd be married long enough to be sorry they married each other now and then.

That is trust in your guards, not minding when they hear you pray.

Peter may not be able to speak his fears in more words, but he sure can think them.

Big Cat guards must be great with their silent paws.

Edmund and the others would have to not follow Peter's final orders for giving his life to save Linnet.

Yeah, I fear for anyone foolish enough to do anything to Linnet in the future when her and Peter's hearts grow closer still.

The description of the door makes it sound sturdy.

Yeah, I don't think the Tigers would give in so easy either were they not in the know.

Should Peter be surprised any of the torches are lit or are one in three or four torches in the towers always lit? A bad guy would need some time to light them.

Poor Peter without his Rhindon. I think warriors graduate from clutching stuffed animals to clutching swords when they're scared.

With all the times he and Ed have climbed those stairs, Peter might not even need those few torches. At least he won't be exhausted by the time he gets up there. A good mantra to have going through his head on the journey too.

And another good thing to think before you open a dangerous door.

Peter opened the door with his left hand? Was he preparing to take a swing with that clenched right, or is he left-handed?

I bet he froze at that sight. ;) There's a hearth at the top of the tower? Thankfully those linens and pillows sound like light things for whoever carried them up there. Where did they get roses in winter? I'm surprised they aren't red.

Yay! Linnet is fine and has Peter all to herself now. I wonder how long she was there waiting for him and if she felt a bit winded after climbing up those all those steps. LOL to Peter's actions and questions.

Ah the joys of having a sweet, sympathetic wife and sneaky siblings. ;) Their subjects really should get all their congratulations said before the wedding. I'm sure most of them, or at least the married ones understand.

LOL! Poor, Ed. ;)

Three who love Peter most in all the worlds Ed, Linnet, and Aslan. :)

Awww ... What a beautiful, poetic description of Peter's bride there. :')

You've already said your promises to her Pete. Linnet has the right idea about what to do now . . . as Aslan intended. No candle-light necessary. (chuckle)

Yay for Edmund the best-ever best-brother! (instead of best-man, get it?) Hope the mahogany-eyed girl doesn't hurt him.

Awww ... a fierce, but smiling Lion. :)

And a great quote to finish things up! :)

Great, great story and chapter WillowDryad!

God Bless and keep writing
ScribeofHeroes chapter 1 . 7/7/2017
Really good description of the mirror there, the size is made clear by the details you give.

Interesting we are in Peter's head, and I quite disagree with him. Still, this is an improvement from how thing's were in the story where he met Linnet and began to think she "must" desire him. Seems as if those days are thankfully over. :)

My, my with all those Creatures to dress Peter tis amazing his dressing is ever done. LOL!

I do love the details you give about his clothes colors. The garments and their effect sound just right for the Magnificent King. His northern sky, his royalty, and his well-placed loyalty. The Christmas day sky was a wonderfully unique and right choice of words. I'm also glad you mentioned not only Aslan, but his Father the Emperor over the sea.

Ah, and here is Aslan to remind him frightened preoccupation with oneself is not the same as humility. I'm glad you have The Great Lion come to convict, encourage, and bless the High King on his wedding day. :) Peter's contriteness is perfect.

You give both a balanced and scriptural description of marriage here. Well done.

"A boiled goose," Peter? Oh my ...

Awww ... Not a "Yes, I'm ready Aslan," or even a "Only if you help me," but "What do you want me to do, Aslan?"

"She loves you as much as she is able." Perhaps that is the best way to put it for all of us.

Another long bit full of wisdom straight from scripture and the life experiences of many no doubt. And oh my, not "just" encouragement, but blunt honesty which brings with it the encouragement only blunt honesty can. :) Awww ... Aslan brought them together to give to each other. (happy sniff)

"Do not fear, for I am with you." ;)

Indeed! Aslan has helped you rule a kingdom even with all your hard work and mistakes, Peter. Marriage can't be harder than that! Maybe ...

"It is time, Peter. Your brother is at the door, and it is time you claimed your bride." I can hear the rumble in those words!

Oh Emund! You and your threats of nonsense ... (eye-roll)

Ah yes, Aslan comes and goes as He pleases.

How can marriages survive otherwise? Yes, how can we leave the maker of marriages out of them? Why not welcome Him in and see how sweet they can be. :)

And another humorous threat from Ed. LOL! Fishing. A classic pastime for a bride to be jealous of. And great come back, Pete. (eye-roll again)

Sounds like Ed is looking his best too. No, Ed, Linnet would not believe you, though you would indeed dare. (sticks tongue out at Ed and then laughs)

"It's time." YAY!

I now want to read this before my wedding day, and read it again to my fiance, if I ever have a wedding day and fiance.

Awesome, awesome job!

God Bless
Dymphna Karpovna chapter 3 . 6/29/2017
That was not what I was expecting! But I like it! Definitely something Edmund would do... Oh, all that drama. Sigh. :)
All4Aslan chapter 3 . 6/26/2017
You must be crazy, Willow! OF COURSE we're interested!

Wow! I did not see that coming at all! I know why I didn't. It's because I didn't think Edmund was a good actor. Did he prove me wrong! He needs to become part of a professional acting troupe. They'd become world famous! Edmund is a super duper duper sweet and understanding brother, even if he is a tease (but what brother isn't?).
wryter501 chapter 3 . 6/27/2017
I've been enjoying your stories all week (what better way to spend summer vacation, after all?), and wanted to say, you really are a skilled writer and I love your portrayal of these favorite four. You manage a good balance of emotion, as well as action/drama/fluff.

For this story, I was grinning like a loon through chapter 3, anticipating Peter's set-up - he's got to be threatened to show up for his wedding night. :)
(Though I take this arc as a/u... I love the idea of the four getting some contented romance and marital bliss, I confess I usually hold to the concept of them remaining unmarried. As a sort of additional sacrifice made to aslan and their kingdom, and because they're not going to live happily ever after, either in narnia or in england...)

Thank you for sharing your talent with us, and for all your hard work! In this fandom I feel free to say, God bless! And know you'll take it as I mean it!
quarterhorseranch chapter 3 . 6/26/2017

"And anyone bold enough to try to get past the twin Tigers stationed outside the heavy door at the base of the tower that night would have found the bottom of the winding stairway barred until morning by a fierce-but-smiling Lion."

Jesus' girl 4ever chapter 3 . 6/26/2017
"I'll have to thank him tomorrow. After I kill him."

LOLOLOL! Glad it was nothing serious!
Ariyah chapter 3 . 6/25/2017
*le squee!* Linnet is safe and Peter gets to have an excellent wedding night after all (once he recovers from his heart attack, poor guy) and I don't have to fuss over something just terrible happening on his wedding day! You know, I was hoping that this sort of thing would happen, but I didn't actually expect it, so I'm very, very happy! (Also, I was rather hoping the Calormenes weren't involved. Just seemed too... convenient to just blame it on them.)
Also *cackles*. Oh, Ed. Such a good actor you are. Once you're done being king of Narnia, you have a most promising career in acting! Except that Peter's totally going to kill you for aging him ten years with that scare.

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