Reviews for The Reclaimers from Remnant
ColonelStriker chapter 19 . 8/31/2017
This is a grand story aside the few spelling errors I saw. I had to laugh though because when the Grimm appeared in the city all I could imagine is governor Alexanders victory day speech.
Sunshine's Armageddon chapter 15 . 8/30/2017
How dd no one see the quartermaster
Ribbon Monarch chapter 19 . 8/29/2017
Just not let Yang without the right arm, plsif you do that, give her a robotic one).
Mr.wolffe chapter 19 . 8/29/2017
Well why not just compromise and just have the gang ride on the tank but like change up the driver every now and then then maybe a few witty comments and dare I say it accidental or on purpose puns
Tronmaster5704 chapter 19 . 8/29/2017
Well, If the Arbiter doesn't kill Tyrian, I sure hope that Buck puts a bullet in the psycho's head.
ERROR SANS chapter 18 . 8/23/2017
The levels I described were sacred icon and uprising and when you get to the sacred icon part in these story their should be a arbiters point of view, and a spec ops elite that helps him along from the start of sacred icon and would go on with the arbite through the levels quaratine zone, uprising, great journey, the grunts would get plasma rifles from the arbiter and if there are two jackals they would have a carbinefor sacred icon to quarantine zone and he would like give the elites a sentinal beam, energy sword, battle rifle , etc, and for uprising to great journey he picks a covenant carbine and a shotgun when he gets to them and trades weapons with the grunts a needler, plasma rifle both versions of it and for the elites one gets a brute shot, covenant carbine, beam rifle, energy sword and the zealot on uprising keeps his energy sword and the arbiter hyiacks the spectre from the brutes and elites get on it and its fully intact, the arbiter would shoot the brute on the spectre's turret in the head then hijacks it and kills the driver and the halo 3 story part in this fanfic should be the coop one where the arbiter goes along with the master chief through the levels and the prefect or wetwork or helljumper armor spartan 4 that I talked about is a male caucasian(White) and his nationality is american and the eye colors is blue and his name is adrian shephard but goes by code name zeus, alex mercer, james heller, war, death, reaper, and he could have been a spartan 3 or an ODST and he has many secrets from his past like the blacklight virus or the mercer virus and secrets of his uniqueness like an immunity to the flood and knowledge of parallel universes and powers like those of an conduit, being able to use dark energon, the outsiders mark, controling or possessing someone if possesing someone with paxton fettals abilities they will explode and die or with the outsiders mark power leaves the person alive and he can decide if they would be unconsious or dead, prey typhon abilities, time powers thanks to the beta suit and can time travel, travel to one parallel universe to another, sans from undertale abilites and error sans abilities, he can't die its not he is dead but he can die he justs respawns or gets killed but gets back up immediately, he can heal allies wounds and cracked bones they are good as new and uses the nano forge to repair vechicles and uses the blacklight viruses powers more and point mans slow-mo ability and keeps the bandana and scarab skull with him but uses the bandana skull morre only uses the scarab skull to cause chaos to the enemy or emergencys allies are not in danger but only himself and his enemies, abilitie to turn into a forge monitor and many forms like a spartan 2 in hayabusa armor with a katana or a spartan 3 in mjolnir armor odst armor permutation or an elite in a field marshal armor with , or wearing one of crysis nanosuits but prefers the nanosuit 2.0 more, cybertronian that looks like soundwave but red and black with two energy swords for the insignia and reaper from overwatch, he will do alot of shippings of jaune arc like jaune x blake he loves jaune x team rwby and pyrrha more and ships ren with nora, his personality is calm, kind, caring, protective, but when he goes into shipping of jaune arc he will tease and will posses jaune to act like he is flirting with the gir like calliing blake kitty or blakey, yang sunfire and how this and that makes them cute and adorable and pretty, and their likeable personality and would flirt yang with pwns and to blake her cat ears make her pretty and cut, will get into a bloodlust that wants the enemy, angry, destructive, if some trys to hurt the girls he his shipping jaune wth, coold, dark, you know what if make him an ODST he was in the Alpha-Nine with the rookie and was part of the odst's supposed mission to infiltrate the carrier he was seperated from the rest of the squad when the carriers slipspace rupture and was knocked out for 5 hours after drop and awoken in the city having to fight both covernant and grimm he has been finding this audio logs that was about a female civilian named sadie endesha and NMPD officer Mike Branley their story of when the covenant had attack New Mombasa and has so far collected 29 and finds them interesting and likes he is able to resupply. on weapons and ammo from this supply caches which helps him, he learns that the corrputed NMPD police commisionar named kinsler is chasing sadie and mike and he had shut downed the superintendant a.i. named virgil and learns that a creature that (he encountered during the fall of reach called engineers and he knows they don't attack and they are not a treat but they didn't explode like the ones he is encountering with squads of brutes, grunts, jackals and denonate if the entire squad are dead and see some sort of device that on them that causes them to explode) had reactivated and was repairing the superintendant a.i. and that its in the superintendants ai data center but doe not known where its located at in new mombasa and that kinsler killed sadies father a scientist that mentions they discoverd something underground was observing the engineer with the help of virgil from his lab,he was killed by kinslers corrupt officers who activated the fire emergency response in his lab and thinks kinsler is an bastard asshole and hates him alot and he is glad kinsler is dead but still hates him and knows that kinslers corrupted officers are trying to find the engineer but are being attacked by buggers in the tunnels and if any survived he would act like he does not know the corrupted NMPD officer survivors were given orders to kill sadies father and did kill. him and to find the engineer and once their usefulness to find the lab is up then kill them if the buggers don't kill them first after that he will pay his respect to sadies dead father if he finds the lab, he encounters seven sangheili (two majors, 3 assualt armored sangheil and two minors) that are still alive and their were two huragoks they didn't shot each other because the brutes have shed their brothers blood and the prophets had betrayed them and also there was grimm, he helps them try to survive and all of them are still alive then he suggest they secure a phantom so they can escape the city but he tells them he is not going with them they respect him for whatever the reason is and tells them they should find somewhere safe outside the city until the rest of their kind finds out one of them tells him they agree and if an their kind becomes allies with the humans it would an honor to fight along side with him again , if not they would give him a warriors death and would also give them a warriors death the phantom lifts off and leaves he then decides to see where the rest of the team is and since he is alone became a spartan 4 after the rookies death and is apart of fireteam crimson on the UNSC Infinity and is the leader of fireteam crimson
Don Iguana chapter 18 . 8/14/2017
Just finished catching up with this story. So far it's been a fun read. I'm looking forward to more chapters.
red october700 chapter 18 . 8/12/2017
To be honest I never expected an elephant vs golith fight. So good job. But you killed Flipyap, or was it yapflip? No Flipyap was his brother! Love it. I dont care who you are grunts are funny with or with out the IWBD. So thumbs up.
Now you said you were playing with the idea of featering Halo wars 2, If yyou did wouldn't you also do H5G? If you go off the dating, didnt that game start 5 months after 5?
Not a whole lot to talk about this time. Later red
Snake chapter 18 . 8/6/2017
It would be fun seeing jaune getting fought over by team rwby and pyrrha.
ERROR SANS chapter 18 . 8/6/2017
Also I deserve credit for convincing you to use Nora meets Dutch also the bandana skull being enabled for funny reasons for the player two's spartan and the elite could just be a spec-ops that follows the arbiter and team rwby and jnpr seeing the respawn system.
Sarge chapter 18 . 8/6/2017
They become spartans not odsts and their already odsts you numbnuts
A fan chapter 18 . 8/6/2017
Ok just saying after all when forunners build they build big but it's your story I'm sorry if I ended up being one of those people when I try not to ok but really Tyrian triggers me so please comfort me that he will have his tail whipped badly at least once
kangjak56 chapter 18 . 8/6/2017
So i've been reading you're story it was great... so I might ask when are you going to release the Arbiter the one that help ended the war or will he be not taking part in this story
Ribbon Monarch chapter 18 . 8/6/2017
Teonmaster i know how it could be more terrifying...
two Neckelavee in New Mombasa. or worst... the dragon
Tronmaster5704 chapter 18 . 8/6/2017
Great, the Nuckelavee is in New Mombasa. As if that damn thing wasn't terrifying enough.
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