Reviews for The Reclaimers from Remnant
Ribbon Monarch chapter 28 . 2/13/2019
Gotta be honest... I couldn't take out the picture of Fate series about the Arthurian myth.. It was kind of hard.. So i stick with the male version of the character and then back to the original portrait of the myth.
Guest chapter 28 . 2/13/2019
Cool chapter, i liked how you included the myth of Camelot
SpaceAlchemy7 chapter 28 . 2/12/2019
It’s funny, I always thought that Master Chief was like King Arthur (“very” loosely). A hero who rises from the dead (in this case a cryopod) when the world needs them.

Other than that, this is another interesting chapter.

I hope to see next one
djmegamouth chapter 28 . 2/12/2019
Truthfully I feel this chapter was unnecessary or it could at least have shortened it a bit.
Tronmaster5704 chapter 28 . 2/12/2019
Gotta say, I honestly don't know if I like the connection to the legends of King Arthur. Still, doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the story.
Cole Train chapter 28 . 2/12/2019
Jaune x Blake or Jaune x Yang.
the Composcreator chapter 28 . 2/12/2019
Good job! I will admit this was a bit hard to follow, but still interesting. Disappointed that now we won't get a tense stand off scene between Jaune and Arbiter. Here's hoping your next chapters are easier to write now that you are going back to the games, don't forget that Jaunes sword fell in the previous one. Looking forward to you expanding in him and, hopefully, his family.
Animeak116 chapter 28 . 2/12/2019
oh shit. Great as we all know Ozbin corrupted the king of Vale and made systems that still let Faunus be oppressed and didn't stop the racism. at least in the show anyway. please tell me that Faunus discrimination is still a thing or was just un Remnants history books because that plot point didn't go very far in the show
Flameal15k chapter 28 . 2/12/2019

I’m...I need a moment to go sit down. This chapter was a doozy.
CliffySilver66 chapter 5 . 1/31/2019
too people who think the Grim can't be infected you are wrong because when the flood infect their host they don't kill them but simply override their neural waves effectively taking control of the host's mind/brain and the then the flood supercell spreads throughout the body. For proof Captain Keys wasn't killed by the flood but simply collected into the flood proto-gravemind to please people don't jump to conclusions so quickly
CliffySilver66 chapter 4 . 1/31/2019
honestly sending grim to the installation 04 wouldn't be helping Salem but rather just help the flood as it's just more biomass and comparing the Grom and the Flood is not even a close match because the Flood are not just space zombies
CliffySilver66 chapter 1 . 1/9/2019
is that the blood gulch move with the great Red team music
Azaira chapter 3 . 1/6/2019
Cortana and Chief are way OOC. Everything else is good.
ptl chapter 1 . 11/2/2018
I liked the RvB humor
SpaceAlchemy7 chapter 27 . 10/27/2018
This is a fantastic fic, I can’t wait for the next chapter. If it's not to much trouble, is there any plans for Atriox and the Banished?
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