Reviews for The Daemon Eater's Rose
Saul'keth chapter 86 . 10/22
Nora with coffee. Salem's got nothing on THAT!
Stratos263 chapter 86 . 10/22
Nice chapter break for everyone in the story. Wow Nora to be honest that one of the reason I don’t like you your lack of control
Darkmaster10000000 chapter 86 . 10/21
Anyone who has seen RWBY Chibi knows that Nora and coffee are a terrible mix. Anyways, I liked this
chapter. It was well written and had some nice heart warming scenes as well as some funny ones. Hope
to see the next one soon.
Dracus6 chapter 86 . 10/21
hey there idea Crossover for you
Gundam 00 and Akame ga kill crossover
Celestial Being
Melidy2002 chapter 86 . 10/21
That was so heartwarming and funny at the end.
Austinhhh chapter 85 . 10/14
Keep it up my friend
rwbybomb21 chapter 4 . 10/11
Someone's been watching too many shonen anime, because holy fuck did this read like one.

Ugh, really? Velvet rolls over to a Deathstalker, when she's taken on much worse? Really?

I'm out, can't read past chapter four. A new record.
rwbybomb21 chapter 2 . 10/11
I'm pretty sure only those attuned to malevolence can see Velvet's Daemon Arm, but I could be wrong. Also, if this is endgame Velvet that managed to kill Shepherd Artorias I'm expecting her to be completely unmatched in most combat.

Eh, we'll see how it goes.
AurelLor chapter 7 . 9/26
Well , looks like I was to hasty to write previous comment :D Sorryyy :S
AurelLor chapter 6 . 9/26
I like the story but I think you made velvet too weak . Current velvet is the velvet at he end of the berseria story you know and I dont think someone who literaly eat a dragon at the start of berseria story and cut the artorias at the end having hard time to some deadthstalker and yang . Velvet must be at the level of cinderwith the maiden powersminimaly .
WindbornesWord chapter 85 . 9/25
Interesting, still kind of pissed you brought back Laphi though. Phi (Party member not her brother) couldn’t have become an Empyrean if he was around at all and had any power. And since he did that really doesn’t make any sense. Yeah it’s a fitting antagonist, but there were other options like Symmone (Black Haired Illusionist in Zestiria).
danlyra chapter 11 . 9/25
velvetraven lol
all about coward that coward this
Gravenimage chapter 85 . 9/23
From my POV it was all predictable. I knew Velvet would kill Cinder and become the Fall Maiden, becoming more powerful now. As I stated in my previous review if she can master the maiden's power there's no way she will lose to Salem or anyone from her group. Don't why are you involving Innominat in all of this. Adding too many characters can be bad for the story. Though you followed canon to the word I'd say your version of the Battle of Haven was better than in canon. Any version of the Battle of Haven via fan fiction is better than in canon (it's why to me volume 5 is the worse volume of the series). Now I hope you do some changes with volume 6 and don't follow canon completely.
Gravenimage chapter 84 . 9/23
Velvet a therion and now she's the Fall Maiden now she's truly OP. She can beat anyone in Salem's group even Salem herself. I don't see her losing any fight unless you nerf her. And Innominat wanting to help her stop Salem that is a nice twist. I don't know why though like I said Velvet is powerful enough to defeat Sale and her group on her own. If she can master the maiden's power she'll be unstoppable.
CT7567Rules chapter 85 . 9/23
Here's hoping your version of volume 6 will be better.
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