Reviews for The Daemon Eater's Rose
Kirito Liger chapter 114 . 11/21
I love this story telling and i love your work on this. please oh please ill even donate money don't ever give up on this story it to amazing
Guest chapter 1 . 11/4
Wish i can read the new chapters. But for the past few days, the site as a whole has been acting... Broken. Hope they fix it soon.
CT7567Rules chapter 113 . 11/6
Being a good soldier doesn't mean you follow every order you're given. That's what a machine is programmed to do. But the Ace Ops aren't machines, their humans. They've got to learn to make their own choices. Kind of wish you had Ironwood say 'Its Treason then'.
Haltbar chapter 112 . 11/3
I can not get chapter 113 or 114. What is going on?
Austinhhh chapter 114 . 11/6
Thank you
Don Orbit chapter 114 . 11/5
Why do I have a feeling we know that seraphim? Honestly, I don't get why they changed the name after 1000 years and instead replaced it with the plural of seraph, the highest order of angels. Then again Berseria came out after Zesteria and thus was probably more thought through than its predecessor at least in that regard. I mean malak is at least a unique term that as far as I know isn't just borrowed out of some mythology.

Emerald why are you surprised that Penny got the powers? You literally could just have shot Fria over and over again, maybe use the power you were given. But no instead you demand a machine to step aside when you could just have pulled the trigger.
To be perfectly clear here, I absolutely dislike the fact that the writers made Penny the new winter maiden. Sure she has a soul or rather a fragment of one that she might or might not lose when the doctor dies, but it isn't her own and it's from a guy. When the series established the whole maiden powers in volume 3 and 4, we were told that it goes to the woman the previous maiden has in mind in her last moments. Penny is not a girl she's a sexless machine and not even an actual living organism. See when you establish rules in a fictional series, you have to keep them intact unless you keep them as loose as the definition and limitations of aura and semblance. When you just break those same rules later or right away like for example One Piece did at the beginning with making Arlong a target only admirals would go after and then making said admirals infinitely more powerful than Arlong, it's just bad.

I get making Cinder the maiden of Fall and Winter would made her too overpowered for the main cast except Salem, but it would made sense from Salem's perspective and overall the story. Or have the power be lost to both sides as a body can only handle one maiden power. But that's what we got and not everyone shares my opinion on that. Sorry for the rant.

Anyway, thanks for the new chapter. You really did a good job there. Hope you can keep it up.

Also can we get Velvet just kicking Ironwood in the crotch for being a paranoid ass that shoots his own allies, please?
fallendemon248 chapter 114 . 11/5
Awesome can’t wait for volume 8 and then see how you do it
Guest chapter 112 . 11/3
it still noting there! where are the new chapters?!
AssassinBlaze chapter 113 . 11/4
if the new chapters aren't showing up then just wait, its a bug with the website but the app is fine
Gravenimage chapter 112 . 11/4
I can't see the new chapter. It's been happening since yesterday. Either you did something like deleting the document containing the chapter or maybe the site is having issues.
FinchFlyingAce chapter 112 . 11/4
My guy, chapter 113 and 114 aren’t showing up
Austinhhh chapter 112 . 11/4
Ah mate what just happened where is the chapter
Stratos263 chapter 114 . 11/3
Well shit soon war will be coming
Guest chapter 112 . 11/1
why is chapter 113 gone?
Guest chapter 112 . 11/1
why is chapter chapter 113 gone?
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