Reviews for Saviour of Magic
raging fire storm chapter 56 . 7/18
you say that time will be skier inside sowilo... but your explanation points to it being faster... maybe the slower needs to be replaced by faster?
Nocturnal's shroud chapter 60 . 7/18
Not even lying but u laughed so hard at all the star wars references u made at the end. But I also started getting really sad, at the epilogue because how they had watched all their family die. That made me get quite teary eyed and I'm not afraid to admit that. But no. What an absoulte treasure of a story. Kudos to u Colt. Kudos to u, indeed
masitech09 chapter 19 . 7/18
omg omg, i live in Folkestone. was such a nice surprise
dante okami chapter 27 . 7/17
That's a fairly good theory about Tom riddle the person before the monster probley one of the best I've heard rather well thought out you can actually feel sorry for Tom
Guest chapter 52 . 7/16
One can't help but think of another supreme chancellor. Was this on purpose with the line about Jedi in the AN?
Citan chapter 39 . 7/14
If only canon HP and Voldy's duel was half as epic as this...
SensationalSpiderman chapter 60 . 7/14
what a mind blowing and awesome story thanks for writing it about 10 times but I never get bored hope you a new soon
goddammitHinny chapter 60 . 7/14
this is by far the best story i have read, and i have read a Couple hundred storys.

i want to say thank you for this story, its truly amacing story and i will come back many times and read it.

again thank you for this piece of art.
Guest chapter 24 . 7/13
Smooth move, Har. Poor baby got it half right, bless his little pinhead. Sirius needs to have a chat with him about wooing and profit not meshing well. Hilarious!
Sleepyhawk502 chapter 59 . 7/12
This is definitely one of my favorites. I loved the pairing of couples. Loved the different views. Such a wonderful story. Awesome job.
williamhill186 chapter 1 . 7/12
read it start from finish 8 times and it still never gets old thank you for writing such a great story
Dreous44 chapter 60 . 7/12
Great story! Read it from start to finish.
envirosue chapter 60 . 7/11
Thank you for writing this phenomenal story. It was quite epic. It was unique, I've never read an hp story that went sci fi at the end. Absolutely consistent character development. Again, thank you.
Jdog098 chapter 47 . 7/11
Eeeeeeyyyyyyy Clone Wars!
LeoESerpens chapter 59 . 7/9
I just commented, but I still honestly can't get over how emotional I got over this story. The love of those three for each other is so well done, and I can't even find myself wanting to read another book or new fic!
Any recs for stories similar to yours? That deal with this huge issue if world health, war, peace, and equality? Preferably with some powerful central characters!
Thank you so so much
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