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wokanshutaiduo chapter 35 . 7/22
Maybe the Circle should consider that Severus is in the Truth chair for a reason?
NerdyBirdy72 chapter 7 . 7/19
It's actually "Godric's Hollow Manor" not "Godric's Hollow Manner"
Common misconception about those two pesky homophones.
Anyway, this is really good so far!
Revliledpembroke chapter 37 . 7/18
This shows why evil is winning. They had the leader of the enemy insurrection at their mercy, and they couldn't be bothered to kill him or his lieutenants, the Lestranges. A dead enemy ain't an enemy no more. Tommy Boy likes to think of himself as a snake. Cut off the head, and the body dies. AK him, blow him up, drop the roof on him, do more than just leave him and the Lestranges unconscious. The Wizarding World really needs to be taught how you caught a war, instead of this police conflict they are trying.
Revliledpembroke chapter 5 . 7/16
Sigh... sometimes, all I think the wizards need are Muggles. At least, Muggle experience in warfare. "You got a terror causing insurrectionist, have you? Can you keep him relatively still for a minute or so? "Yeah, why?" "Snipers. Take out his whole inner circle in that time, from hundreds of yards away. The bullet moves faster than sound, so there is no way they can react in time, and we'll be far enough away that we can't be seen." Alas, it is not to be.
Guest chapter 40 . 7/15
This is awesome! Love the plot and character development.
LoonyLunaLovgood chapter 37 . 7/11
My God! I would have done what Sirius did to. In this story he is awsome and bada*s
Guest chapter 8 . 7/8
This story is amazing. Just thought I ought to point out that the Snapes, Severuses fathers bloodline, were muggles and all of his magical blood was from his mothers side. She was a witch named Ellien (I know I spelt it wrong)Prince,hence "Half Blood Prince".His father, Idontcarebecausehewasajerk Snape, was a muggle. It would not be special among Death Eaters. I'm afraid you might take this as I don't enjoy this story, but this comes in my top three favorite harry potter fanfic story's i have ever read (and trust me, I have read a LOT of these) because I love the alternate universe stories. I love what you have done with the characters. Now, in remembrance of all those who died, fighting bravely, a poem.
Remus Lupin,werewolf,family,father and friend
Will be missed by all, after his too early end
Sirius Black, who fought to save Harry without prevail
In the end he fell through deaths own veil
James Potter, one of the four founders of the mauraders map
Now takes an eternal nap
Fred, a twin and prankster,who's a Weasly and good guy
Now has an eternal place in our hearts, and who's spirit will never die
He is a true Gryffindor, who's jokes never cease
All I can say is may he rest in peace
Tonks, a wonderful mother, Auror, and wife
On her headstone is mentioned for being full of life
Hedwig, the owl who was there for Harry's every wake
Now lays in pieces on the bottom of the lake
Lily Potter,who saw things that she never wished to see
Is now with her husband, happy and free
Severus Snape dedicated his life to protecting Lilys son
He was proof that Slitherins could be brave, at least some
Cedric Diggory, the perfect image of a Hufflepuff
Killed in cold blood, he did not live long enough
Dumbledore, a grean man who's spirit never truly left
May his guilt ease in death
Dobby, a house elf, all he wanted was to be free
He took his final breathe, laying on Harry's knee
Colin Creevy, a muggle-born, who, to Harry's exasperation seemed deaf
Though he was a sixth year, he looked tiny in death
To the hundreds of tortured and murdered muggles,killed for pleasure
Though we do not know their names, our sorrow is no less measured.
Mad-Eye Moody, who hated Death Eaters with his very heart
In the end fell to the Dark Arts
Bathilda Bagshot, accomplished writer of Hogwarts A History
Was given a horrible death, and it's still a mystery
For the fifty others lost in the Battle of Hogwarts who's names we can only guess
May their spirits rest
Though I believe that J. is queen
Killing everyone under the sun is a little bit mean.
-Luna Lovegood
I will now break you heart even more. After the battle of Hogwarts everyone could see thestrals. Molly's bogart was the twins together, because never in her worst nightmare could she imagine them being seperated. The only time the twins grew old together was in the Goblet of Fire. I saw a list of all the deaths in harry potter ranked by sadness, and Cedric was in between Lupin and Tonks. In life they were seperated by Lupins condition and the ministry and Tonks family. Dont seperate them in death too! (The cause of my death by one of you_
/\ _
/ \
/ /
/ /
/ /

/ \ \
/ _ \ \
/ / _ \ / \ \ /_\
\_ _ _ - / \
\ \ _, /
\ \ _ /
/ / \
/ / \
/ / / /
PSW chapter 41 . 6/29
Fantastic story - you really did an incredible job with this. Thanks for writing!
Guest chapter 28 . 6/29
Um, in the prequel it mentions that Barty Jr had been under investigation many times but they were unable to find definitive evidence. In this chapter Arabella and Alice are shocked. A little continuity error.
Noonesafe chapter 41 . 6/26
Read all 40 chapters in little over a day O.o I don't normally go for AU stories because so many seem forced and contrived, but I have to say, this story is great! You kept my interest level high the entire time. The plot makes sense and the characters seem genuine. Nothing feels forced and the story flows well. Can't wait to read the sequel :)
Rhea Silverkeys chapter 40 . 5/25
This was a much faster read than I remembered it being when I first read it back at school (either I'm reading more quickly, or maybe I was following as each chapter was released, so it had to be a longer read!) and it was just as enjoyable - probably more, because having gone straight from the Prequel to Promises Unbroken, I appreciated how everything in the Prequel perfectly ties in to this one.

I remember when I first read this, how heartbroken I was to find out McGonagall had died. So I'm glad you wrote the Prequel, so I had some chance to read about McGonagall before she dies in your story.

I was also equally heartbroken when Charlie died, and thought that you making both Bill and Charlie Aurors was a very good way of showing how, if the war had gone on, people might have made different decisions about their careers. Their first loves were curse breaking and dragons, but the war made them feel they should do their part by becoming Aurors. It was in a way a stronger message than the one illustrated by James becoming an Auror (after first being a Quidditch player) because in canon, if James' occupation is mentioned at all, is only mentioned, whereas we *know* Bill and Charlie as Gringotts curse breaker and dragon keeper, those occupations are part of the identities we associate with them.

I did notice quite a common occurrence of green eyes in the characters - I thought they weren't that common? (I'm Asian, though, so what do I know?)

I really like the way you switch between and show what happens between the adults and what happens between Harry and his friends. I feel like I really have a good picture of what is going on between all the different characters and, of course, I want to know how they are doing in this alternate universe!

I'm currently reading the first few chapters of Promises Remembered. Still enjoying this story immensely!
awesomenird chapter 19 . 5/16
YES! Thank you so much! I can't think of a world without Sirius!
Lillinet chapter 25 . 4/22
why james forgot bill? im glaf that he is somewhat happy because Sirius is with him, but... As for the rest, I lovr the route that this fic is getting. It is great
Lillinet chapter 12 . 4/17
My god... I cant pass fthe chapter eleven. The elder brothers of the weasley clan are my favorite. Your work is just lovely, I just need a little break before keep reading.
OhWowItsMikel chapter 7 . 4/13
it should be Godrics Hollow Manor, rather than manner
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