Reviews for From first sight
the.interwebs chapter 57 . 9/29
Lovely! I was really cool to read out of order and I felt it definitely wasn’t too confusing! I like the feel of the chapters, some short, some long. It’s excellent as always. Thanks so much!
Creid12 chapter 57 . 9/8
This was amazing! I adored it! I also loved the short chapters where it was usually just inner snape grumbling about HG. Adorable, well written and a great afternoon read. I also liked that the chapters weren’t terribly long so reading them out of order flowed smoothly, whereas longer chapters tend to make one forget where they were at. I also appreciated each chapter had the year clearly marked for reference. Anyways, this was great and I enjoyed it.
Exeidur chapter 57 . 9/8
This was a quick, yet amazing read. I really love the way you structured this, and starting with Simon was a very good idea. I was never once confused, because the actual timeline and events make complete sense. Hermione and Severus' relationship just seems so natural here, and I love that.
All in all, I really loved this story and I'm glad it had a happy ending :)
Emily chapter 57 . 8/24
Loved this so much! So unique! So creative! Amazing!
Guest chapter 57 . 8/23
This deserves so many more reviews. Amazing, lovely story. Thank you!
NaomiK chapter 20 . 8/4
I've been binge reading all your stories and absolutely loving them- so much so that I didn't even stop to login and leave a proper review... sorry about that!
I love the way you write! The plots are brilliant, the romance and personal touches interwoven with story building. It's awesome.
Also I do love your hermiones and severuses (hehe).

Well. This one finally prompted me into reviewing because while I didn't expect it I'm absolutely loving this one. Even more than the rest, I'm so impressed by your writing skill. The time jumps and points of view are perfect. Absolutely perfect. 10 out of 5 stars :D

Thanks a lot for sharing! I'm going to go read the rest of it :)
JustJayne2006 chapter 57 . 7/29
Couldn't put this story down, had to finish in one sitting. The non-linear story telling was the perfect way to suck me in and make me want to know what came before and what was coming next...beautifully donethank you for sharing
Jubis.x chapter 57 . 7/3
Absolutely lovely fanfic! Thanks a lot! The jumbled narrative adds a lot of perspective, I positively loved it!
jak3811 chapter 57 . 7/2
This was a great deal of fun to read
WritinginCT chapter 57 . 6/14
Loved, loved loved this! Really well done!
guest chapter 57 . 6/3
I loved this story! The bouncing back and forth between times was a great addition (thank you for listing chapters order of the timeline for those who may want to read your story in order). One thing I would suggest is that you put the chapter title on the page as well. It will help others catch on to the time shift more quickly. Over all great story keep up the good work! :)
FoxesRun chapter 1 . 5/7
Hey! Just found and finished your story! Loved it! Thanks so much for writing and posting!
mecheradecorvinis chapter 57 . 5/5
loved it! I think you should write this as a linear story too!
pixelbun1 chapter 1 . 3/29
well written, but personally I felt like I've just been nibbling on hor d'ouvres, my literary stomach is pleased but not satisfied. Such is the nature of this snippets-of-life style of storytelling.
Saissa chapter 57 . 3/21
That was actually a very interesting story! I had to be sure to check the dates for each chapter so I knew WHEN I was.
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