Reviews for Brightest In Shadow
Angeloux chapter 59 . 9/23
I can only barely remember when this story first came out and being fascinated with the concept. Reading it a seond time provided the same feeling. This is a really well written multiverse story. Hope to see more chapters. Thank you for writing!
Angeloux chapter 56 . 9/23
Go Beast Boy!
Angeloux chapter 46 . 9/23
Can’t tell if it was on purpose or accidental, but the formatting for the dialouge between CortanaDragon seems to be missing obvious seperation between spoken dialouge and regular sentences.
Angeloux chapter 42 . 9/23
Well, as someone who never watched Hellsing this section was very chaotic. Why did Walter start fighting Alucard? Where was the military? Wish it has been more detailed.
Angeloux chapter 40 . 9/23
My only confusion is the lack of British military response or even the lack of first responders. It seems odd that our groups of heros are the only ones helping. No air support to even take out the zeppelins?
jayod chapter 59 . 9/22
great read!
Angeloux chapter 21 . 9/20
I didn’t notice till this read through that Beast Boy and Harry address the women in their group as girls, when LaraAlice are both supposedly older. It’s odd.
Angeloux chapter 8 . 9/20
I’m lowkey mad that even with reading this a second time, the scene at the end still gets me choked up.
shugokage chapter 59 . 9/20
Great job on this interesting chapter and story!
guestinator chapter 59 . 9/20
Going good but a bit hired of Worm now as it just seems to keep going, and Harry is still no where close to taking on and killing Zion who is what amounts to a Outer God.

Unless you hand wave a lot away that is, even in Worm Wildbow did a lot of bending over to get that finish.

Finally, how bad is Sam from Lara world? Figured by now she took herself out of life with how strongly she needed Lara after what she suffered, and we saw when they contacted home world of DC/HP that time kept on moving there so it should for Sam.
Victor Ebone chapter 59 . 9/19
thanks for the chapter
l4w chapter 59 . 9/19
Amazing idea and job Harry

The only thing that I would mention is even in a diminished USA, I can not see a visitor being allowed to hand a folder or anything to The President of the United States

Thanks and I am looking forward to more
Loulloko chapter 59 . 9/19
Wow. You always manage to make the chapters feel epic.

I really like how Harry just straight up laid the truth at the table, makes me very curious as to how cauldron will react.

Eagerly waiting for the PHO chapter, and also Cauldron's reaction to the unbound s deeds and revelations (logically they should be agreeable and maybe reach out to the unbound but I could totally see the 'incompetent cauldron' trope fitting in here and they feeling humiliated at being upstaged at their 'mission' .)
Exivus chapter 59 . 9/19
Oof. If the Endbringer cultists weren't raging mad before, they certainly will be now.
corb8712 chapter 59 . 9/19
Love this story and style of writing. Every time I see a new chapter come out its always the first thing I read.
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