Reviews for Second Chance
Cdnacho98 chapter 46 . 9/8
I loved this! THANK YOU!
Just a note, maybe update it to complete cuz i know some ppl get scared the stories were abandoned
maraudergurl2010 chapter 46 . 10/26/2019


Shit. Guess I gotta read the sequel then. :P
icicle.c.cold chapter 28 . 8/4/2019
Charis, you have my apologies. I have put off reading your stories for far too long. And I have been reading for hours now. I am bawling my eyes out reading this one. Truly, you are a legendary writer. I'll have to hop on the Merlin discord and tell you what I think of everything so far.
doenya chapter 46 . 7/3/2019
Beautiful story!
Guest chapter 5 . 2/14/2019
Aithusa makes me so mad in most fics, because everyone knows that she would never try to harm Merlin, maybe everyone else, but not the dragonlord that gave her life, but instead they make her like this dragon that truly cares little for Merlin and is nothing but angry at him.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/14/2019
Knew him as well as she did? Oh please Gwen! Everyone knows Merlin knew Arthur better than anyone!
Gingeraffealene chapter 46 . 5/11/2018
Well done! I absolutely loved it. Thank you!
KentuckyMacFuck chapter 3 . 4/19/2018
This is such a sweet and sad story, it's amazing! :'D
Erik'sangel2809 chapter 1 . 3/31/2018
Awww! That's lovely! A nice opening to what appears to be a riveting read so far!
wryter501 chapter 46 . 3/7/2018
that's a pretty awesome meeting. nothing i've ever read before. merlin as an irritable old man ordering a trespasser away - and arthur looking for merlin as the young man and not realizing he was right there.
and i'm glad merlin started with carwyn, rather than trying to tell him about whatever crisis called him back, or about progress or technology or any of that mess.
very well done! i'm glad i finally read it!
wryter501 chapter 45 . 3/7/2018
i don't think merlin is the sort to go looking for love. but i also think he's that emotionally brave (his inclination towards forgiveness is part of that), he'd give his heart again, if the opportunity came to him.

oh, that's so nice, that he gets to see arthur again. :)

i guess i kind of thought, gwen would be queen-mother til carwyn came of age, and then he would be king... but not til gwen's death, hm.

good think merlin has iona and blaise. then his travels won't be so lonely, at least at the start...
wryter501 chapter 44 . 3/7/2018
i think, if a villain has plans within plans for anything you might do - it's really not your fault that a choice you make plays into that.

that might be the one place where true change begins - in the children. they grow up playing with each other like they're equals, and when they're grown, it's true...

immortality sucks. but i'm glad this time it meant that merlin was able to save carwyn. and if its the means by which arthur comes back... i suppose it can be argued, worth it.
wryter501 chapter 43 . 3/7/2018
for all rankin's talk of merlin seeing in blacks and whites... so does he. and i mean, it can't be simply a question of perspective, there's got to be objective right and wrong, aside from how people feel or think or see things...

i also think merlin ought to try to destroy that sword. i know kilgarrah said it couldn't be unmade, about excalibur, but mordred's sword... shouldn't exist anymore.

i kind of hope carwyn doesn't have any memories of what he did. hard enough to be told what happened and what you're responsible for, but if he remembers doing it, each moment of horror... :(
wryter501 chapter 42 . 3/6/2018
aw, rankin is sending carwyn after his own daughter. that's not right. }:(
(i do like the comparison of carwyn and gwen, though - both of them want to be at the front of the fight...)

aw, and that's too bad, too - carwyn ordering aithusa to attack! and she's got to hurt herself, refusing... }:(
i'm very angry that carwyn is hurting his own men. and not just b/c he's good with a sword - with magic, too! and an unarmed servant. and percival. and nyra. and iona.

oh. merlin's killing carwyn's magic, is that it. :( i'm kind of mad about that, too.
wryter501 chapter 41 . 3/6/2018
i always thought that merlin, given more time and all his mental faculties, might have figured out another way when morgana was the vessel... but there was no time, and he was affected by the sleeping spell... so there again, morgause more to blame than merlin for that.
(i also think, kilgarrah could have given him those other options - but he wanted morgana dead.)

well, so now carwyn will know what it's like to do reprehensible things while under enchantment. now he can empathize with iona a little better... poor boy. i hope he doesn't kill any of his own men.
geez, carwyn. all the stupid things he's thinking about, when he gets to rule - they're already true.
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