Reviews for The Strongest Hero
YeTianshi chapter 4 . 3/27
Funny enough, the first thing that pops into my head is... He still worries about sales?
Human7 chapter 1 . 3/21
So in one timeline he goes unnoticed.
In this one he is noticed.
And in both his life is boring and miserable?
Talk about a lose-lose situation.
Great story though!
mvsilver chapter 75 . 3/17
Please do more.
Uraharaisgod chapter 73 . 3/17
Wait up, Garou killed Bunji? Even if they can be cloned and revived, Garou doesnt know that and one of his absolute things was that he never killed any Hero. Dead Heroes are martyrs, living are examples, Garou doesnt kill unless he absolitely must since it defeats his entire goal, hes only ever killed villain monsters.
Uraharaisgod chapter 28 . 3/13
Seriously, your power scaling for this chapter is wack, how on earth did the DSK job all of the Evolution team? Seriously, you scaled one of their weaker members as being on equal speed terms to Sonic, who is still barely faster than the full power DSK, yet Kabuto who is vastly stronger than his peers got absolutely wrecked and killed? Even ignoring Carnage Mode as inaccesible, i'd still leave DSK hard pressed to put down Kabuto...this feels kinda insulting to the charecters you built up to this point, just for the sake of following canon...could used this as the fight that legitimises the whole Monsters to Heroes theme, but they just got wasted...was seriously looking forward to a proper team battle...
Uraharaisgod chapter 18 . 3/13
Surprising, why is Sweet Mask fine with the monsters, considering his Absolute Justice thing he has that has him killing innocent and surrendered monsters alike? And Blizzard being fine as an A rank, she hated the idea of being a low rank A, which was why she never went above B since shed be borderline bottom tier A and would never reach A1 due to Mask (being secretly high S-class in capability), surely shed object to being promoted without consent?
Jack Redhawke chapter 6 . 3/10
You gotta put some commas in your sentences, you got a lot of run ons
Snakebolt505 chapter 75 . 3/1
Ok I was wondering about the others I just really wanna see saitama fights
Snakebolt505 chapter 74 . 3/1
Oh my god that was hilarious
Tankred chapter 75 . 2/28
I really hope Saitama will don his signature outfit and step out in the arena at the end, instead of just appearing after everything's already over.
inFamousSlyMonkey chapter 75 . 2/24
Doctor Genus worrying about his family was nice. :)
Ander Arias chapter 75 . 2/23
Gotta agree with King's statement about people's general intelligence, or lack of thereof, if Saitama's flimsy disguise is able to fool them despite being so famous. At the very least those close to him did recognize him.

Then again, it's not going to matter much given that the Monster Association will crash the event (not helped with Swim jinxing it). Though given that there are more heroes there, things may go differently.
Jack54311 chapter 75 . 2/22
Don't worry, I understand. Looking forward to seeing how this gets out of hand.
superpierce chapter 75 . 2/22
good chapter.
Mugen no Tenma chapter 75 . 2/22
Does this confirm that Lin Lin and Captain Mizuki are stronger than their canon counterparts? That is nice, and also some character developments from Doctor Genus and House of Evolution. Double nice.
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