Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows
Roseaux chapter 25 . 7/21
Well, this is a story that definitively deserves more reviews. Appart from your nearly perfect writing style (nothing's perfect eh ?) , your in-depth analysis of Severus and hermione's character is incredibly pertinent. This is a sweet and realistic story and you fill the holes of the canon beautifully. I really love your analysis of Rowling' work and we all look forward to read more from you !
DisenchantedGlow chapter 1 . 7/7
this is one of the best Snape/Hermione fics I've read in a long time! I really enjoyed the slow burn and how they took the time to learn about each other and themselves. I'm usually wary of fics where one of them has secretly loved the other before the fic even starts because you never get a good build up of the relationship, but you proved me wrong! you even managed to progress Hermione's feelings and show her growth, which was amazing! and I also loved how you "fixed" some of those canon problems with occlumency and legillimency. great job, definitely going on my favorites list!
Noppoh chapter 24 . 6/7
I cannot express enough how much I love this story! The way they develop towards each other, how they interact, how they both discover themselves and the other. It's so perfectly written. The way Hermione struggles with PTSD is amazingly well put together, it feels real, so real.

And damn! Teach me how to write so much tension without actually getting into the smut. I swear to god! I got overheated so often, just because the two of them got too close together. It was palpable. So cruel that they had to wait, to logical and so cruel. Their first night together? *swoons and melts into a puddle* I want me a Severus!

I love the side pairings as well, and how they managed to get together. Draco and Harry, even though they are often only mentioned in passing, are so cute together. I love Drarry as a ship. And poor Ron, going sp batshit crazy with worry over his oath to fulfill that he proposes! I laughed. Hard.

Big shoutout to Luna, btw. I have a special place in my heart for Luna. I hardly ever write her myself because I'm afraid I won't do her justice. You portrayed her marvelously.

Having the four children end up in the four houses was a wonderful touch as well. It makes sense. There is so much of all the houses in both Severus and Hermione that it's not surprising they have such diverse children.

I'm so happy someone rec'ed me your story. It was exquisite! Thank you, really, really thank you for writing and sharing!
Guest chapter 6 . 6/3
I Love Love Love your Luna guidelines to depression!
- Noppoh
Jane Fan chapter 25 . 5/27
I've gone and read the Harry-Severus Christmas Chapters and I'm very much looking forward to the missing Christmas Chapters from the main story.
kaylemarie chapter 25 . 5/23
Loved this!
Fantomette34 chapter 24 . 5/19
I thank you for this wonderful story that I adored !
The personality of the characters is perfectly described and very realistic, well done !
I hope to read you again :)
CaliforniaCougar chapter 24 . 4/18
sigggh such a sweet slow burn
CaliforniaCougar chapter 22 . 4/18
just perfect
CaliforniaCougar chapter 21 . 4/18
I like the subtle kink going on there. it's just subdued enough to be reasonable
CaliforniaCougar chapter 17 . 4/17
I completely agree you about Jk Rowling and bad boys
CaliforniaCougar chapter 14 . 4/17
all this talk of Dobby is making me cry
Guest chapter 25 . 4/15
I just love your story. The slow burn doesnt feel forced because all those deep and meaningful conversations were so interesting .The more classical romance elements almost felt unecessary as they were rxploring each other psyche. Great job :)
Sunset74 chapter 25 . 4/11
Really enjoyed your stories. So glad you added the second epilogue, it was my favorite chapter!
RhodaBush chapter 25 . 4/6
More soon please
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