Reviews for Heart of the Kingdom (The Trophies 3)
CapitalClassShip chapter 22 . 11/17
5 Down 8 Vassals to Go.

The mystic as Done it!

She made such a Brilliant part to defeat the Smasher without the Kingdom key there is no way to defeat the Remaining vassals my best Guest they went to Earth.

So Sora is going Solo For the moment in the next chapter it seems.

Wonder what the Smasher would do next.

Wish handsome jack had a bit more of Dialogue he always speaks the Truth in some twisted fun Way.

Also, the Ghost of the dead manifesting themselves does this means everyone goes to War once more?

Does Nintendo funded most of the Project?
CapitalClassShip chapter 21 . 11/3
4 Down 9 Vassals to Go.

Good Riddance Obaba is an Ugly Fuck. (she also eat my Favorite Squirrel)

and here I thought could be one of the vassals since we didn't get see Crash and Co. in Sony until Now.

No Heart Softeners in Microsoft? Yeah, Microsoft took more modern and Adult approach when it made the Xbox even though Rareware had hoped to Revitalize some of his characters Conker, Kameo and Banjo had Luck having at least one even though it was not enough and Sadly faded into obscurity.

I was surprised to see a Purified Shepard among the Smashers they skip a Bullet with mass effect ever played or see a Full renegade Shepard? they Guy Evolves from a Jerk to a Homicide by the time the player reaches the Third game. also, the Omnitool can be removed in canon no need to have attached to your nerves.

I guess is too late for Ryu to give Zelda the Art of Divine Life scroll or Nimpo, it may not be a Heart softener but is Useful as means to regain Health.

from the wiki: A healing ninpo, it is considered one of the more useful ninpo in Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword since there are no healing items. The Art of Divine Life is the only way to recover health in the heat of battle when there are no other means of healing. Although it is best to avoid using this ninpo and recover life via blue essences and Dragon Statues, it is still best to keep a ki slot for this ninpo in case of emergencies.

I hope Berri and the SHC Are Ok Wonder is she in His Bad Fur Day form ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
(Please I Beg you don't kill her)
CapitalClassShip chapter 20 . 10/22
The Mystic according to the Kameo Wiki she was meant to Be the Bad guy, unfortunately, we never get to see her potential.

But here we see how Resourceful and cunning she can Be.

So the Beans will be Finally spilled when the Smash Brother Face her uh?

Did she accept the Great Revelation of her existence?

Not even the Hand is their ally!? What Twist are you planning here?

I salute You Cipher "See You Space Cowboy."

3 Down 10 Vassals to Go.

Hopefully, the light Eco is a Heart softener too.
CapitalClassShip chapter 19 . 10/22
Dang Spyro and Cynder took a Big One for the Team but at least they are still alive. the Games after Cynder got a little darker but stopped when it gets a reboot with Skylanders isn't?

Gloobox worst self truly a living headache.

Sigmar is truly smarter to coat Megaman and Co. against the heart softeners truly the rest of the Vassals are Getting ready for the Smash Bros.

Is Kirby Hiding something isnt? or he is simply breaking the 4 wall and get them out early for Plot development?

I barely knew about Ace combat but never imagined it has Lore and History on his own.

im shameful to admit that in the Forgotten Rights I thought they were from Command & Conquer: Red Alert.
leo1811 chapter 3 . 10/20
I have never played a kh game aside from that card one so I have no idea who that baddie from the prologue is
CapitalClassShip chapter 18 . 10/8
I only Played the original trilogy of Spyro back in the day not even I knew about that Heartsoftener.

that's 2 Vassals down 11 remains or should I say 10 with Ganondorf demise did Xehanort replace him already? I know Vati is gone as well, or his Area is in Quarantine or Pass down to Quentin?

I never played Ratchet and Clank games or watched too much the Play runs but I did see a few cutscenes and they are always the best buds when I see them or it's me or this Rachet it's kinda rude to Clank.

Is Rouge the Bat safe with the other Mobians despite her absence?

also, do we expected spoilers of Metal Gear Rising with Sneak Idea?
CapitalClassShip chapter 17 . 9/22
I guess Gaben curse still a Thing.

But it hopefully worth the Wait.

1 down 12 to Go.
CapitalClassShip chapter 16 . 9/22
It's good to be Back.

Well, for Wes at least they didn't torture him through her friend Rui that would break him on spot.

Too bad our Heroes are Back in square one Dammit everyone cleaned is a Goner.

The Number of References in this chapter is Neat.

For Those who fall in the Previous Wars and the actions of the Triplets.

Realidad Realitonian.
CapitalClassShip chapter 14 . 9/1
Dangit, There Goes the Hearts Softeners. well most of them.

So the Hand of Fate wasn't completely Master Hand could they be You know ¿"them"?

Also, the Dead characters are aware of the Fact the Real Fact of their Existence in the Universe!
CapitalClassShip chapter 15 . 9/1


Very ingenious move from Ganondorf to Fool Him Dang he really Did it! Too bad he is no more.

yeah, Real life does it again do you watch Rick and Morty Btw?
CapitalClassShip chapter 13 . 8/27
Samurai Jack Reference I like it!

I Always thought Jojora was a Guy, not a Girl I was wrong.

Wonder whats the Brother plan Now? and How Xehanort will react to his Presence?

and As for Captain Falco, it would be his sister his successor or the "Guy" from the Alternate ending of the Anime I mean he may be gone but the mantle can be pass to someone else Via the Helmet and His vehicle.
CapitalClassShip chapter 12 . 8/19
Wes is Gone Dammit Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

What about Meta Kight Still alive inside Kirby? or he is long gone Too?

Link Can Use the Song of Healing I mean if a recall correctly it has the capability of healing a soul and giving peace to those who cannot forget.

"This mummy looks different... Sorta like it's here waiting for its human heart to be healed." — Tatl (Majora's Mask)

Even though it has Limitations like this.

"You cannot heal all souls with that song. The earthly cost to you will be 30 Rupees! I'd like to be able to take that much... But I shall take 10 Rupees..." — Poe Collector (Majora's Mask)

"Hmm? Somehow, my heart is eased. This melody has a serenity to it... And yet... To one of the dead and darkness, like myself, a song like that no longer holds meaning for me." — Sharp (Majora's Mask)

On Final Note Being Whispy Woods sure is Pain Poor Guy he never gets some Rest from Situations like this.
CapitalClassShip chapter 11 . 8/11
Yes, Nintendo Has gone Down to Hell including their Deities.

But the Hand of Fate is more resourceful.

Some of the New 13 Vassals are still Good somehow.

One of them could be Peach I mean yes maybe the Princess of Hearts from Disney Universe cease to Exist but what about Peach for Example in one the Mario games Mario and Luigi superstar saga It is told that Peach has A Pure Heart despite being possed and other stuff couldn't the same logic to be a Princess of Heart could apply to her as well?

Wonder how Sony and Microsoft are coping with a Corrupted Heart? Probably not better than Nintendo but it could be interesting to see.

also what about Rareware are they Still alive?

I hope that here still more purifying methods as well.
CapitalClassShip chapter 10 . 8/9
Well shit is going Down pretty fast at least it didnt turn Nintendo world into a Fallout esque World or a Grand t
Thef Auto one. To Bad the Tree Was Burned out but it was discored toonlate if only Yoshy could Gather Some seeds or more Fruit. im more Worried about both Sony and Microsoft characters sure Nintendo Going Bad is Dark. But the others are more a Nightmare since their Stories are for an audince who crave for seriousnes and Blood and a little Sex. Wonder if the Vault Hunters are Safe from this? at least they can Count on Doctor Mario too in the Dimension Flux.
CapitalClassShip chapter 9 . 7/29
This Univer has Sub worlds just like in Kingdom Hearts you can compare it to Winnie the Pooh world even if it's a book its World of its own.

it also reminds me another Fanfic or should a say a chapter in a story where his Young link incarnation makes a new life in Termina after returning From Ocarina of time events and Hyrule gives him the cold shoulder for whatever reason but anyway that's another History.

Link could at least have a one-night stand with Marin I mean he deserves some action after everything he went through. sure he was about to get married to Zelda but Destiny always screws with him and at least Marin would have something from him No one would blame link for this.

So Xehanort is not affiliated with the Brothers that's good to know!
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