Reviews for Time Immemorial
Guest chapter 53 . 7/17
I like the moments in this chapter.
elizabethrose1974 chapter 1 . 7/18
love it! thank you so much!
Son of the Mourning chapter 53 . 7/17
oh my God the fluff. she LOVES him. and hes a little butt for not letting her take care of him lol love it as always
Grovek26 chapter 53 . 7/17
Excellent chapter
Utrix chapter 52 . 7/14
Really good so far like always
Ciule chapter 52 . 7/12
This is great! I discovered this story this week, and read the entire thing. I love your characterizations and your OCs, and the crossover chapters were fun. You had me worried for a moment when Hermione’s mind cast Whittington as Faramir, though... I hope Hermione will stay in this timeline, I’d love to read more about the onset of the first wizarding war.

(I did wonder a bit when you described Tom Riddle as «young» in 1967. He’d be 41 at that point - so I guess I feel that would be not young, bur not yet middle-aged in wizarding terms. Bit this a very minor point.)
RhodaBush chapter 52 . 7/5
More soon please
pottohipamus chapter 52 . 7/5
So glad S is back safely.
Awww, he didn't expect to be missed.
I'm a little worried for the fallout when/if she hugs him in relief and he cringes because of injuries.
So thoughtful of you to give Peeves a more substantive roll. Perhaps his heretofore relegation to one dimensional character has exacerbated his impish impulses. (Yeah, that was fun to write.)
TheLoud chapter 52 . 7/5
I’m tempted to steal that origami note idea for my own stories.

Your Peeves speaks more forsoothly than Rowling’s, but I’m not complaining.

Teenagers in love are so cute.

You’d better fill us in on Snape’s adventure soon. It would be kind of fun if all we hear about it is through Snape’s own curt, surly telling, not some heroic epic like the Marauders would tell if it were them.
Grovek26 chapter 52 . 7/5
Good chapter
LoveInTheBattleField chapter 52 . 7/4
Great, please update the next chapter quickly!
Guest chapter 52 . 7/4
I can imagine what happened.
Guest chapter 51 . 7/3
Still loving this story!
elizabethrose1974 chapter 1 . 7/2
this is so good! please continue soon
lakelady8425 chapter 51 . 7/1
Marvelous story. I look forward to whatever comes next in this unpredictable tale.
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