Reviews for Out of the Past
MissyH316 chapter 28 . 10/6/2018
Great story - thank you for sharing! As much as I love Barnabas as my favorite DS character, I really enjoyed this story about my second and third favorite DS characters, Quentin and Maggie respectively. Happy endings are ALWAYS so very welcome; it helps make up for all the drama & suspense along the way. However, I also enjoyed the VERY poetic justice that was "executed" on Trask, imho the most despicable character of the story. It couldn't ever have righted the wrong that was done, but it was sure an ironically satisfying punishment for sure! ;-)
kaleen1212 chapter 28 . 7/25/2017
overall, a very well written entertaining story. Was a little disappointed in the ending. however, you display excellent imagination and continuity of the plot.
Daryl Wor chapter 2 . 6/14/2017
Well I got sick of watching First Year so I’m back. Oh Lord, with the author’s note? I just wanna speak up to my experience in DS. No one really bothers being offended by the PC downgrade of almost anything on the show. They’re more offended when they can’t brainwash others to believe in their non-canon romantic pairings. So Magda and Sandor are as hip as they can be. No worries. *wink* Man! You got that Quentin description down, all the descriptions. I truly feel like I’m reading an old book that would suit me. Thank you. "The length of its pink fabric pooled beside the bed," wow. That’s kind of thing is spiffing. And the gathering of Maggie’s confidence with a smile. I’ve learned that is true from both my employer and Dale Carnegie.

It’s nice to see this dynamic for the children, being able and wanting their governess to wake up and teach them. The homestyle is what touches me, even if Rachel is lost in other thoughts. Good to see Judith. And I’m empathizing with Rachel’s plight for Quentin. The dude lets off about sixty trillion pheromones just by blinking. Wonderful setting in the sea noise as she wanders to The Old House. Great usual excuse for Mr. Big Cake not to be around during the day. (I remember in The Lost Boys director’s cut there was a bit about that for Max.) OH! Here we go with the Tarot cards. I still love how both Countess du Pres & Magda use those. A fair three card reading with The Lovers, The Moon and The Tower. I think most of Collinwood tends to get The Tower as a standard. But in this case we have The tower room to consider as well! I like the blending there.

Oh good job, Quentin! Just ask the name "Rachel" and believe it won’t make Beth wonder! (Slut!) HEE HEE HEE HEE! I love that bit with the fear building and it’s merely Jamison playing hide and seek with Nora. Excellent! Oh gosh, and after the Tower Room stuff which kept pricking me with Jane Eyre reminders as must be expected for 1897, Quentin having the effect of startling a lady is priceless, because he does! (I noticed the startling thing coming up for both Laura and Barnabas, by the way. It might be an inheritance somehow.) Oh, speaking of Laura, yeppers. Gosh that ladybird gets aboot! And Rachel’s takes Quentin’s hand as Barnabas politely coughs to announce his unknown presence. This should be an fascinating encounter when I continue. :)
Daryl Wor chapter 1 . 6/8/2017
All right! I let my reader vocalize this chapter to me so I can do a better job of reviewing it. (My first attempt was quite 4$$-ed so I might have to guest review it.) It makes a big difference to listen to this book so far. I was clipping my stamp catalogue up for my Mod Podge creations and I could so hear Colbert’s music creep into EVERYTHING! That was just plain spooky!

What I really love is how close this is to original Dark Shadows and also around the point I need to be paying attention soon, the werewolf curse and the ghost of 1897. I’ll have to ask about the bargain with Angelique because I kept waiting for her to request the usual for her services. Glad to see the I-Ching in there to build up to some stuff we know. I wish I could be particular about your descriptions. They enhance the look and visualization of this story incredibly. I could learn something here!

Dialogue for Maggie and Carolyn is dead on. Feels like the real show. I’m not too worried about the characters in it because they truly do speak this way all of the time, all the edge of one’s seat talk.

Now the 1897 stuff? OMG! I was getting sooooooooooooooo grossed out by Quentin. I’m going to go soap-opera housewife on you here and just say, “Quentin! You snarky old SLUT!” (i.e. My dear author? I am convinced! And it takes a great deal to convince me.) I just feel horrible for poor Rachel, but getting what she is experiencing more in depth, via the written word, it helps a lot. (She and Tim are often so gullible it makes us roll our eyes when we watch them.) But the way Quentin slinks up to her was making it hard to hold my scissors! And his baiting of poor Beth. UGH! This does it, I am definitely wanting to get a suction dart gun for my TV… but it might not work with a flat-screen, shoot. But I want to shoot him! *wink*

And goodness, I hope Rachel isn’t actually missing the company of Mr. Brocklehurst's—I mean Rev. Trask’s slimy, old shackle-school. Glad she put out the fire with the washbasin and that gives me the feel of an old book that I like. Nice and rustic. But I’m still feeling ooey how Quentin led her back to her room and very grateful nothing happened! I shall continue. Not sure when. But wow! That was some real DS there.
Daryl Wor chapter 1 . 5/24/2017
This is definitely a nice and unique twist to what I have seen before. Good on incorporating who is introduced and where the variables are in the time periods, switching back and forth evenly. And the note is a splendid reflection of where the author is in the program to bring a sense of how it weaves into the DS cycle.

My wager on Quentin's interest in Rachel is not so "innocent" as he claims, but knowing Quentin as I do, I often suspect him to be all over the place when it comes to the chiks... (((lol))) sorry... Well, there ya go. I had fun! Hee hee hee hee! Just thinking of Quentin telling Beth, "Oh, I'm not interested in Rachel in *that* way..." and I keep thinking, "Yeh, Quentin... s-u-r-e you aren't." Ohhh, thank you! It's been a long week. Great chapter. And welcome to the fandom. I've wanted to say that to someone in DS. They say it on this site in other fandoms, but I can't remember seeing that in this one here before. :)