Reviews for What Have We Done?
winterhorses chapter 75 . 10/17
I really enjoyed this take from Rosalie’s point of view! It was also nice to see a different approach to Bella’s reconciliation with the Cullens. Thanks for writing!
Rachel xxoo
Sheryl chapter 75 . 10/9
This was such an enjoyable story to read. I love the fact that Rose tells it through her eyes. I love how Bella takes her time to let each of the Cullens back in to her life... I never liked how all was forgotten in an instant and she and Edward pick right back up where they left off... not a good way to heal. This story was delightful and so well written. I enjoyed it very much.
Carole Bailey chapter 75 . 9/29
Thank you so much for this beautiful story, I have read it in 3 days, sitting up til all hours. I have always been a great fan of the Twilight franchise and read many fanfics but this one totally grabbed me and hauled me in, it is one if not the best I have read, so beautifully written and totally impossible to stop after a few pages. Well done to you for a truly absorbing story xx
Guest chapter 75 . 9/23
I don't know how I found this story...or decided to read it... cause I was not searching ... Or least bit interested in Rosalie ... But I'm very glad I did ... You did an amazing job is an understatement... The end was awesome and especially charlie and Kate was an epic twist ... I laughed so hard ... Hope your talent in writing & you creativity goes beyond
Solangelo Lover 292 chapter 75 . 9/18
I loved this story so much and just felt that you should know. Please never stop writing! _
jerseygirl67 chapter 75 . 8/20
This is the first time I've read one of your stories. I promise, it won't be the last. What an amazing story teller you are. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent.
EllieFayeT chapter 75 . 8/9
Holy Bananas.

I do not typically like cannon.

To me - a good writer can get you to read what you like... but a great writer... a great writer takes things you don't like & makes 'em so compelling you breeze through, needing more. More of that thing you thought you didn't like.

You did that to me with this story.

The hurt was real. The process hurt. But it was real, too.

So many wonderful things about your story & writing style.

Rad. You are rad.

Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for sharing your talent.
chasinge chapter 75 . 8/5
Thank you for that original take on New Moon! :)
Kemq chapter 74 . 7/22
Great story.
irelandk chapter 75 . 7/21
JustARead chapter 74 . 7/14
JustARead chapter 71 . 7/13
Dun dun dun
JustARead chapter 70 . 7/13
Oh boy
JustARead chapter 67 . 7/13
Good for her
JustARead chapter 66 . 7/13
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