Reviews for Soul Scars
Sadhaka chapter 42 . 14h
So they form a relationship outside the entire point if the story... Which was soul scars about Harry if the title is correct. Then they decide if he's not okay with them bonding they'll just toss him aside... Yeah that's totally the story I'd like to read, Harry being a cast off their lesbian love. I mean it's not like I wanted to read a story about Harry being important to people who loved and cared about him.

That's the main problem... He's not the most important thing to them. Hell, he's not even the most important romantic attachment. They've moved on and left him and not a one feels bad about that.
Sadhaka chapter 1 . 14h
I'm out. For crying out loud can one author not make every girl bisexual. Is it a requirement that every author has to run over the same ground. This is the same story people have posted for YEARS.

Soul bond multi girl but don't worry they'll all be in relationships with each other because you know, girls roll that way. Look up sister wives, which would be the closest thing in real life you'd get to this. I'd like just once for someone to portray a multi wife relationship with some kind of study into actual multiple wives. Instead of a maimed rendition of it that is more teenage boy fantasy.

If your story revolves around the relationship then that needs to be your most thought out piece. When you chose not to even give it a thought and instead borrow from others ignorance you cripple your story.
imgonnadie chapter 48 . 17h
Excellent chapter
Corwin1961 chapter 45 . 17h
Wouldn't Cyril have lost his magic now since he has acted against Harry and his girls (if I am remembering his oath properly)?
Erimenthe chapter 48 . 19h
I really do hope that Hermione and the other girls figure out how to make Padfoot glowing pink. He really doesn't know when to back off even after warnings. I do hope that he'll be able to get back into the bondmates good graces (after a certain amount of grovelling) because Harry really can use as many people on his side as possible, but damn Sirius needs to watch what he's doing and saying about being the adult in charge when he most times can't act like it himself.

Oh yeah..Umbridge and the Tournament all in one. This is going to be bad for sure, unless somehow there is a way around things that the girls can find for Harry to keep out of it.
Erimenthe chapter 47 . 20h
Damndamndamn what a fubar! Wow Harry, what a catch and follow through! Not so sure what they should do/say to Fleur after that kiss and hopefully she won't cause problems trying to join them lol. OMG with the huge boom and the wow. You really know how to make a scene come alive with your descriptions.
Guest chapter 9 . 8/13
A couple of spelling errors that need to be fixed
The Under Handed One chapter 48 . 8/13
This is possibly one of the best stories I have ever read. Not just fan fiction either. If you could find a way to “50 Shades” this story, I would buy a copy for every person I know. This is fantastic and I cannot wait until the next chapter.
june5634 chapter 48 . 8/12
Love the story! I can't wait to read more!
Firemnwnb chapter 8 . 8/11
Harry not Hary
Firemnwnb chapter 7 . 8/10
Spelling and grammar errors
jabarber69 chapter 36 . 8/10
Hey all Amelia, Shack & Tonks have to do is give Rita skeeters the scoop of a lifetime that Sirius Black The Lord of an Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black never had a trial and was arrested and thrown straight into Azkaban...and have her mention that the ministry can only hold someone 30 days without a trial before releasing them...all hell as in a huge shit storm will break loose...not only the public but all those lords sitting on the wizengamot will literally freak out over the fact it could happen to them...Sirius will be told he's free in a heartbeat!
jabarber69 chapter 35 . 8/10
Hey did you fuckers forget about that fucking pensieve of dumbydorks sitting over against the wall! It would be real fucking easy to show what happened to malfoy and his stupidity with that hypogriff (spelling?)
jabarber69 chapter 31 . 8/10
Tried to say this in last chapter...but here goes...lord greengrass cant put daphne in a bethrothal contract cause magic wouldnt accept it unless it was with harry
jabarber69 chapter 30 . 8/9
Hey great story and all...but (I know its fiction) the bond they share would negate any bethrothal contract lord asswipe err Greengrass wrote in trying to sell fact magic would kill it/stop it from gping thru...unless it was a marriage contract with lord potter
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