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ruma1981ray chapter 52 . 5/11
So...Did you abandon this story?.. or... Did you not survive Corona?.
Which one bruh?.. Two years hiatus... I can't really think of any other explanation..ಠ_ಠ
ZeroExia chapter 52 . 4/29
I’m glad I found your story again had it saved in my bookmarks years ago then the hated update erased all of them
RicFule chapter 24 . 4/25
How can this chapter start on November 1? Nick's Deathday is October 31. Harry and the others all attended the party. Then, there was the mention of "For the next couple of days" in the last chapter. Which would mean that the Quidditch match happened at least on the third or fourth of November, and potentially even later.
cravingsforthesoul chapter 52 . 4/20
My HAPHNE heart is bleeding in happiness finally
CMDR Kai chapter 5 . 3/23
Ooh boy, the Dursleys ain’t gonna like what’s coming their way.

Three separate parties angling for an attack: Dumbledore, Amelia Bones, and now Madam Pomfrey.
Guest chapter 3 . 3/5
So far I have only made it past the third chapter and I love it. I like how you(based on the of the character)aren't going the route of a Manipulative Dumbledore. Those are some of my favorite but, with the way you have the soul bond I don't really think you could get away with it. I look forward to reading the rest of the story. Also it looks like you haven't updated in about a year hopefully u will soon
CheddarBacon chapter 27 . 3/7
Honestly, Daphne's treatment is even more horrific than Harry's. I sincerely hope her father and the tutors get justice for what they did
Markjmcmurray chapter 52 . 2/26
Such a good Story! It left me wanting to soo more of it!
Markjmcmurray chapter 9 . 2/16
I really do love the insightful writing you have going with this story. It really helps to let understand and get to know the characters on a more personal level.
I will keep reading until the end.
I don't even mind that every single "adveture" is not exhauatingly gone over. This is about the characters themselves.
And its refreshing.
Markjmcmurray chapter 1 . 2/15
Amazing new concept for this story. Very insightful and well written.
Raeger chapter 52 . 2/12
Very enjoyable, and has only gotten more so as the chapters roll on and you start to cash in on the foundations you've already laid.

I really like the work that you've put into the characters and their relationships; the soul bond didn't automatically generate closeness, the quartet have had to work and overcome many obstacles to grow closer, to learn to trust each other more. I also like how knowledge about their bonding isn't bandied around casually — no cheap payoffs at the start of the story just to put up a neon sign about how special certain characters are and elicit some Weasley bashing / manipulative Dumbledores requesting to speak to his boy in his office after the meal.

Similar thought was clearly put into fleshing out the development of Harry's relationship with the Goblins. Incrementally, Harry's efforts and actions have led to him obtaining their respect.

Chapter 38's handling of the Greengrass betrothal meeting was particularly excellent and riveting. Well done. I particularly appreciated the steps you took using Daphne and Neville as means to believably and gradually educate Harry about formal wizarding customs and politics. Little snippets like when Blaise in 2nd year approached Harry about meeting his mother were like checkpoints which helpfully signalled to the reader about Harry's development in this regard, by setting aside time and story space to show it.

Small note that there are some noticeable editorial hiccups here and there. Totally fine for fanfiction without detracting much from the quality especially since the story is good overall, but just something to be conscious about for a future published work. One set of examples would be homonyms, iirc there were a few times you used 'might' instead of 'mite', and once it was 'right' instead of 'rite' of passage.

Looking forward to a potential continuance in the future, cheers!
The Prime Cronos chapter 52 . 2/9
Damn, i Hope you survived Corona Well and healthy and that you will continue this amazing Story.
Great work.
C3nterF0ld chapter 17 . 2/3
this chapter alone solidifies the need of line breaks. there's so much jumping around with no obvious break that it's confusing. and really..? you had him go BACK to no.4? after getting his uncle arrested and just "oh im gonna go back! that's the best plan of action." honestly stupid. if you see this and have ANY time at all man I wanna know why you had this happen. cause if I go into the next chapter and see he's fucking trapped there until dobby and his bs can happen imma be FUUUUUUUUMING that you tried to force Canon so much lmao
C3nterF0ld chapter 11 . 2/3
something with this chapter feels fucking foul and wrong. like very wrong. it feels like he's being punished the entire time. especially once he black out. there's no way sev hasn't been given a run down as a staff member. he's got to have known what his action would cause even if he tried to pretend Harry's fooled everyone and been lying. I dont know. it always feels like Harry's gotta conform to everyone's desires about how to handle the situations and that doesn't sit right with me. I dont know, I know less psychology then the author these are all personal feelings I wanted to express.
C3nterF0ld chapter 7 . 2/2
this 11yr olds feel like 20yr olds at times lmao. also a suggestion, maybe if you find yourself with free time run back through the chapters and add line breaks? it gets jarring at times to be reading one thing and then suddenly I'm either somewhere else or even weeks ahead in time. It is nice skipping through early Canon event as fast we have been tho.
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