Reviews for Soul Scars
Marauders Inc chapter 43 . 7h
What does Alegria mean?
daniel2610994 chapter 43 . 10h
Holly shit man thus was so beautiful, while a part of me wabted harry to have a little more teenage angst for a little while longer the rest of me totally loved it :'3
And now sirius is finally free, and even better harry leaked tommy boys dirty secrets haha, take that bitch, ohhh and lets not forget how he humilliated umbridge more than once simply in the trial, that was absolutely epic hehe.
JunkMan95 chapter 43 . 12h
Another excellent chapter. Please keep up the good work. Eagerly awaiting more.
KodeJ chapter 1 . 13h
amazing! lovely! I'd prefer it posted here, in one story. enjoy a well deserved break, but don't take too long
KJPotter chapter 43 . 13h
Yah. I'd post a sequel. Seeing a story that's too many words is daunting and turns me off of reading/re-reading.
Elpadre2112 chapter 43 . 14h
hello how I loved the chapter had waited this for a long time indeed, now I think it would be better to continue writing in this story would be weird to write another one when you've already carried three parts in this story, now I do not know if you plan an esena soon of harry visiting the grave of his parents but I think it is necessary and would be very interesting a visit to the cemetery of godric valley, and a second esena that I would find very interesting is a meeting in the summer while the four are on a date in muggle london between the quartet and former hermione classmates who made fun of her and harry susan and daphne defend her
Lycan01 chapter 43 . 14h
Good chapter.
IrishNewton chapter 43 . 14h
Your story has been a favorite of mine for a long time now and I can't wait for Part Four to start! As starting a new story to continue this, that's ultimately up to you, however me personally I would like to see it continued here, I think it's great when I see a story with such a high word count that's actually a great story. To me it means the author is truly into the story and isn't likely to abandon it, either way I'll be reading the next part!
katmom chapter 43 . 15h
An excellent end to this arc! Thanks for sharing.
ObsessedWithHPFanFic chapter 43 . 17h
Awesome chapter and wonderful performance by Harry during the trial. Quite an emotional ending for the group with Harry's comments about Love and his experience with it. Thanks for sharing!
joharasbel chapter 43 . 17h
keep up the good work see you soon
texrider chapter 43 . 18h
If you decide to start a new story title please post here so we know when to look for it. I would hate to miss a new chapter, or more likely, get frustrated by continually checking your profile to see if a new story has been posted. Thanks for the entertainment and you have one of the more original fanfic plots that I have read.
Tobias Morrow chapter 43 . 18h
And a pleasant conclusion to the year! I really enjoyed Sirius' and Harry's interactions with each other, can't wait to see what shenanagins Sirius gets into as well.
I personally would like this to continue as one large story, but I wouldn't mind if you decided to make a new story beginning at year 4.
Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
mwinter1 chapter 43 . 19h
Still wondering if Daphne is so Slytherin wouldn't she think to have the house checked over to protect herself and her secrets? Awaiting moe
jinxedbycoffee chapter 43 . 20h
Ive just come up on this story and holy moly! This. Is. AMAZING!
Its well written, and the plot is definitely something i havent read in HP Fan Fic yet, so kudos! I'm certainly enjoying the intricacies of the all the characters interacting. Its fantasy yet realistic at the same time. Im hooked!
I cant wait for the next chapter! But i will, patiently...ish. :D
Thanks for a great story!
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