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mazen of Syria chapter 4 . 9h
I fucking died at the throat cancer joke you have a future in writing my friend
Loftcat27 chapter 32 . 16h
Nice update, like the love!
JarOfIdeas chapter 32 . 17h
Lol Jason is at it again with trolling people about his hair.

That said, dc comics canonity confuses me. It's not like in manga where there's only one publisher, writer etc

Still, i love yer updates! Im a bit back at reading, but seriously, the slow burn in this is so cool and aweso,e.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/22
You are a fantastic writer and you would be even better if you updated more often.
Batfan411O chapter 30 . 7/7
A miiiiiiiiiiiiillion thanks for the update! I truly appreciate how you take time to write this and keep updating instead of abandoning it (like some writers do) even though you are busy and don't have a lot of time... it shows you're devoted and patient... I love this story and all the details, especially the way you characterized Jason! A truly good and genuine personality, another reason why Jason is loved by many. Thank you for this story that appreciates the characters I love! I just hope you don't actually have anything against Batman, though. He's a nice guy and I like him. I believe he and Jason could work it out and make a fine father son pair. In fact Jason seems like the most fitting son for Batman. They're both my favorite characters and I love them. And Nightwing. (Totally in love with Nightwing!) However, I don't like Barbara and I think she's a dork. She's fine in other media though. Just not always the kind of person you love immediately. For some reason, a lot of fanfiction writers portray Dick Grayson as a bright, bubbly person that loves to joke and smile all the time. I don't like to put Dick that way, since I myself strongly dislike bubbly people. Instead I prefer the Young Justice Nightwing because he's more stoic and mature, still jokes, but keeps it to a minimum and only at the right time so he seems like an authoritative yet amiable person. Also the Dick Grayson in the Batman movies by Warner Bros is likable, just not as... well... Herculean? as the Young Justice one. But I don't know, what do you really think? I like to hear other people's opinions on these things, because even though I'm an ardent fan (and I know way more than a casual fan), I never read a single comic. It's impossible to get them where I live, and my parents won't let me anyway. So from any of you comic readers, could you give me some (badly needed) advice? Any information, storylines I might need to know? I'm trying to write my own fanfiction but right now am suffering through a serious phase of writer's block, so in the meantime I thought I'd do a little research. Thanks! I love you guys
Batfan411O chapter 29 . 6/19
Heeeeey just wanted to ask, do you have something like a fixed writing schedule or something that you follow, and if you do could you, I don't know, tell me about it? Because I really really really love your stories, they are perfect and you're my role model for Bat fanfiction, but I have a problem and that is...
Sorry about that...
So between school and no summer and the tests and all- quadratic formula, equations, yay :D - I have little to no free time to actually read, or do stuff I love (read) for that matter. I can't say how many times a day I check this to see if it's updated because right now the only thing I love in life are your stories T_T
And I would die without them. Not asking to rush or anything, just... ahhhhhhhhh give me some hope because now I'm learning rational expressions and I SUCK AT MATH and I'm going to die before 12th grade without JaySteph Y(_)Y
And yes I agree, I absolutely love Jason and Steph together because they are underappreciated and people need to shower them more love. Jason's the best *O*
Mmmmm chapter 29 . 6/17
Amazing chapter! There isnt many jayxsteph fics out there but this one is amazing! Thank u for sharing
Guest chapter 29 . 6/15
How will we know when the story is over? Though I hope it never is! Wish we could meet someday, you think the same way I do...
Rianne chapter 24 . 6/11
Hope youl update soon. Fingers crossed
Guest chapter 28 . 6/5
Such a good story, I love it!
KibouNoKuro chapter 1 . 6/3
I absolutely adore not only your writing style, but your portrayal of these characters. They are absolutely perfect. Truly real, relatable, and raw.

I can’t wait to read till the end!
Rianne chapter 24 . 6/3
Read this in one go just couldnt stop reading pleasse update soon
Sprouty11 chapter 28 . 5/29
Yet another amazing chapter you've delivered! What a roller coaster of emotion you've made.
Action sequences are so detailed and well written that you feel like you are watching it play out on a screen. I want to say so much more, but I'm still so stunned by the events that played out. GOOD SHOW!
AnonymousMisfit chapter 28 . 5/21
What Babs said is such bullshit.
None of them would have ever believed him to be okay, none of them would have treated him like a human, none of them would have treated him like a brother-like a *son*-after what he'd done. Babs is forgetting that Jason can make his own decisions. If he'd wanted to go back to them after he'd escaped Arkham, he would have. If Jason had wanted to go see *her* after his escape, he would have. If Jason had wanted to go back to *them,* he would have. They make no attempts at mending broken bridges, them make no attempts at trying something *other* that a loony bin. Jason doesn't see them as family. Jason doesn't see them as comrades. Jason doesn't see them as anything. *Excuse* him if he doesn't feel close to people who didn't try and help him deal with his traumas; *excuse* him if he doesn't feel like he can go to the people who threw him in Arkham with the *Joker;* *excuse* him if he doesn't feel he can confide in the people who never once made the effort.
If Steph was the only one who could tell, that's not her problem. If Steph's the only one willing to try, that's not her issue.
Steph was right. Babs was wrong. Simple as that. Those Goddamned Bats always think they're right-always preach about justice, blah blah blah-but whenever it comes to one of their *own*... "Lock him up! He's crazy!" is essentially their go-to solution. OH, unless it's an assassin who's been trained to kill since she was a kid! Please, make the effort for her! Go ahead! (Not that I have anything against Cass. Love her) "WAAAIT, BRUCE HAS AN ASSASSIN SON? HE NEEDS LOVE!" "Uh, wait, Jason's over here... He needs love t-" "JASON IS AN ARKHAM-WORTHY *CRIMINAL.* THIS IS A SMALL BOY." "Wait, but that's not right?"
(I do have something against Damian. I really don't like him.)
This rant is over! Wow, you write so well you had me arguing with *imaginary characters.* Your writing style is amazing, and I love the attention to detail! OOF, but those last lines are going to *kill me.* I can't wait for the update! Happy writing, and have a good one!
Loftcat27 chapter 8 . 5/21
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