Reviews for At the Headmaster's Discretion
beccalayne3 chapter 26 . 13h
This was incredibly well written. great story and great sex. Thank you!
Pamelamoores chapter 26 . 9/15
I enjoyed this story very much, lots of inner turmoil and great sex LOL. I didn't see Severus as very dark, more like very emotionally broken, more than usual
xxAkatsukisBanexx chapter 26 . 9/4
Wow this was beautifully written and an unexpectantly well developed plot! Thank you for this gem!
LadyEchoLynn chapter 20 . 7/30
So please, change your our heading on your chapter. Add a warning that this one may cause tears... cause here i am, reading, at work and crying. Lol. Just... horribly awesome.
Beth666 chapter 26 . 5/5
The best fanfiction I've ever read.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
villafoo chapter 26 . 4/26
Well I'm a little late reading this story but I'm glad I found it! Thank you so much for writing such a interesting and different hg/ss story, it wasn't like anything I have ever read before and I've been reading hg/ss fanfic for a loooooooong time :)
HPloverofbooks chapter 26 . 4/22
I was so worried how this was going to end. They couldn't be lost to each other after all that pain and suffering! You pulled it off perfectly. And it was an ending I couldn't have even started to guess. I loved every chapter. Beautiful work. so real and raw but full of passion.
inquisitivelife chapter 1 . 4/15
I loved! Loved! LOVED this so much! It was an emotional roller coaster that the reader could feel through your words. Again, I loved this story beyond words.
Nuria chapter 26 . 4/11
Hello there! I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your story, since I pretty much devoured it in two days, because fuck, there wasn't a single thing I didn't enjoy from it! Your writing style is exquisite, the way you described actions or sensations was spectacular, and the plot was nothing like I was expecting from the description. When I clicked to check out your fic I thought it would be some self-indulging smut, but you caught me off-guard with a compelling plot, a marvellously executed character development and so much depth that I think you branded my mind for life because I'm still processing stuff, analysing everything to learn from you.

I think that what I loved the most was the way you used BDSM to make a psychological impact that was positive for Hermione, instead of just having Snape be an asshole and using her until she felt like trash or some clichéd story like that. I mean, in many occasions it did seem like she was being used, but he wasn't traumatising Hermione as much as guiding her through herself. What you did had the expertise that I would have expected from a book like "50 Shades of Grey", which claims to be about BDSM and love but ends up as something really confused and abusive. If you ever decided to write an adult novel, you would totally deserve the worldwide fame that "50 Shades" got and even more.

Also, the Motulomens concept? Fucking brilliant, I loved it. It fits so naturally in the world: of course if there are people who read minds, why wouldn't there be people who read body language and feelings? I think it never occured to me because it could pass as impressive insight, which wouldn't be strange at all for a master spy to have.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say, I'll be reading the rest of your work and taking notes to improve now. I feel very grateful for finding you, you really are an inspiration! Keep it up!
koshina chapter 1 . 3/26
Great finish to an amazing roller coaster tale of emotions, knowing and control. I like this party making more impact than clichéd and over used marriage scene or child birth scene. Thanks for great story
aelfwynne chapter 1 . 3/21
Omg I’m rereading (obviously once was not enough) and absolutely revelling in this. You are a wordsmith of the highest caliber. Thank you
TriDogMom chapter 20 . 3/20
I'm re-reading this because it speaks to me so much. This chapter especially. You capture my own emotions perfectly.
MissMikaelsonForbes chapter 26 . 2/17
Great story! Started reading it this morning and finished just now.
aelfwynne chapter 1 . 2/10
What they said :)
AnotherAldebaran chapter 26 . 1/26
Thank you, this was an incredibly rich story! Very neatly woven and complex.
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