Reviews for MINDSCAPE - The Journey
sunsethill chapter 13 . 33m
I think you did a good job with Ron's reactions here. He wouldn't understand what Harry was talking about because he would have absolutely no background to do so, but his reaction to pound the Dursleys once he understood is in his experience.
Mystical G Panther chapter 30 . 10h
Update really soon!
Guest chapter 30 . 11h
Okay, you can’t just stop there! I need more! This story is literally breaking my heart, so great job on the character development and story line! Update soon!
sunsethill chapter 10 . 16h
I think it would take someone as empathetic and confident to get past Severus' armor. I'm liking your OC.
sunsethill chapter 9 . 16h
Sevvie! I think after protecting him from the horrible pain, she might just get away with it! ;-)
Bsmiles123 chapter 30 . 18h
This was a hard chapter to read. It was really good though. Great job.
sunsethill chapter 8 . 18h
I really do not like the way that dark magic must be dealt with, but it makes sense of the canon abhorrence of it!
wickedearthangel chapter 30 . 19h
You are an amazing writer. I love your prose and your descriptions. You can evoke such strong emotions. I can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 30 . 23h
Oh dear. Everything they've build has been knocked down. Hope Snape can fix this, poo Harry.
Pyrusblade chapter 30 . 9/23
I just ended up readinf through this entire story in one sitting. It's wonderfully written and hits so many emotional chords, you're an amazing writer and i plan to read through as many stories of yours as i can.
Mystical Illusory chapter 30 . 9/22
Hey! Don't do it again and again! Making us cry and just leave there for ONE other WEEK! Oh, I'm just gonna die over imagination and anticipation!

And I'll review about the whole story when (hopefully) it will end. But I just couldn't help it today!
Siebenschlaefer chapter 30 . 9/22
Thank you for this fantastic new chapter.
Tinee Dancer chapter 30 . 9/22
xDarklightx chapter 30 . 9/22
I like it.
Guest chapter 30 . 9/22
Oh my god! Finally we get the scene we've all been waiting for! Though, this chapter isn't exactly happy.. Poor Harry. Good Snape-Harry interaction. Excellent chapter, though I'm wondering... I was under the impression that Earl Grey was male? I don't know if it's just me, or if there's a mistake... ?
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