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robertsbella2 chapter 28 . 5h
robertsbella2 chapter 17 . 12h
I love how comfortable Bella and Edward are with each other. I hope Carlisle is going to be ok.
robertsbella2 chapter 13 . 15h
Ha, I also guessed Jasper.
robertsbella2 chapter 9 . 17h
I'm so enjoying this fic, don't know why I waited to read it. Just love rockerward . Swoon.
Iersseltje chapter 38 . 12/2
Thank you for this amazing story. It brings back a lot of memories. Not of mods and rockers as I was only 2 when this story starts and I lived in Australia. Now I live in the Netherlands and vacation in London and the UK frequently.
TwiFanfictionRecs chapter 38 . 12/1
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saintfudge chapter 36 . 11/27
Great story thanks for sharing have fum
saintfudge chapter 38 . 11/12
Great story ..loved it thanks for sharing have fun
princeselisa chapter 38 . 11/12
Great story. Really enjoyed it. Thanks! chapter 1 . 11/7
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TwiFanfictionRecs chapter 1 . 11/4
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roxiegirl chapter 38 . 11/1
Yes! I guessed Zak!

I’ve been to London once and I really want to go back. We stayed in the St Pancras, and I was so excited later to see the facade in the last Harry Potter movie! We had one week to do Paris and London, so not nearly enough time.

Thank you again for writing this fantastic story! I loved every tender, scary, thrilling, lovely story
roxiegirl chapter 37 . 11/1
I bet you added Zak! I’ve seen The Who many times myself. I think it’s so cool that Ringo’s son is their drummer. But I’ve never seen Rob in person! *stomps feet* You big city gals are so damn lucky. Off to the last sad!
roxiegirl chapter 36 . 11/1
Brilliant! Like Edward, I cried while reading this chapter. Well done! I’m incredibly sad I have only two chapters left of this story. I love getting totally immersed in a story. I’m soooo happy I decided to read this! (I have a TBR list a mile long!)
roxiegirl chapter 30 . 10/31
Thank you! Can’t wait to read about Bella’s first orgasm!

Glad to hear you’re Robsessed too. Some FF writers aren’t. (WTH! Right?)
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