Reviews for Extinction
sanekittens chapter 31 . 9/20/2023
Beautiful. Made me fall for Cissamione once more. Ty.
andak chapter 31 . 2/10/2023
Thank you for this gem of a story. took me a few days to read. I couldn't put it away. I had to read more. It may throw my sleep off but so worth it. Loved this pairing and the plot.
vpotts02 chapter 31 . 1/7/2023
This is probably one of my favorite fics. This pairing just feels so right and it’s an interesting plot that is truly unique. More Narcissa x Hermione y’all!
Nut Toxx chapter 29 . 9/22/2022
The truth is that I have read a lot of Cissamione... and Bellamione... And Fleurmione... And and... Hehehe You know what I mean... and I think this is one of my quintessential favorite stories. I know you won't read this, but: Thanks. I'm sure I'll read it again soon for the fourth time :P
Nut Toxx chapter 18 . 9/20/2022
This is the third time I read this story. I love part 1... those flirtations... they drive me crazy. I laugh and get emotional with your fic. Let's continue!
Rory O'Kane chapter 29 . 9/11/2022
I love the density of callbacks in this story, to events or details both in earlier chapters and in canon. It makes the whole work cohesive. Hermione’s murmur of “contracts really are the best invention ever” in this chapter is just the latest example.
cbflores chapter 31 . 9/7/2022
This was one of my top 5 all-time FF! Wow, what a lovely narrative and character development. This was a great mix of adventure and romance.
cerclebleu chapter 31 . 8/9/2022
What to tell you more than THANK YOU? Well, actually, a lot of things. I finished reading this magnificent story after days completely stuck on it. I literally yearned to get back into the story when I had to stop for work or life itself. It hadn't happened to me in a long time! Hermione and Narcissa might be my favorite couple hands down, the subtlety surrounding their love and the ability to be fierce too is lovely. I started out preferring Bella and Mione, but it's a more mismatched couple, to say the least. I loved your Narcissa, all the intrigue of the story (as soon as you let go of the tension, there was already something new that caught you!). Now I'm starting your other story but from what I read, they don't look alike at all! Still I will dare to that adventure. Thank you for dedicating your time and creativity to this fandom and even more so for sharing it with all of us. Good luck with your original story!
Guest chapter 31 . 6/10/2022
Great fic!
Guest chapter 29 . 6/10/2022
Guest chapter 31 . 6/7/2022
Amazing fic I really enjoy it great writ8ing and ideas
bambibooboo chapter 31 . 5/26/2022
thank you so much for writing this masterpiece. (seriously, i wanna praise your writing skill like a million times yy) i love how narcissa and hermione’s relationship developed, how they comforted and cared for each other, how they trusted in each other, etc. (their relationship is really a definition of love!) anddd i like that you didn’t made lucius a jerk in this story but a devoted man to his family. also your characterizations were amazing. every character has reasons for their actions. (and you made me sympathize and understand them i—uwu) this story made me laugh, cry and enjoy so sooo much. literally, one of the best fanfics i’ve read!

ps. love the way you used poems and shakespeare’s lines. your story was beautifully written. you’re an amazing writer! (looking forward to your new amazingly written fanfics
bambibooboo chapter 31 . 5/26/2022
thank you so much for writing this masterpiece. (seriously i wanna praise your writing skill for like a million times yy) i love how hermione and narcissa developed their relationship, how they cared and comforted each other, the way they trusted in each other, etc. (their relationship is definitely a definition of love) anddd i was so impressed that you didn’t make lucius a jerk but a devoted man to his family. your characterizations were amazing too! every character has reasons for their actions.(you made me sympathize with their feelings and actions i— uwu) i laughed, cried and enjoyed this story so soooo much. this is one of the best fanfics i’ve read!

ps. i love the way you use poems and shakespeare’s lines in this story. it was beautiful. you’re an amazing writer! (looking forward to your next fanfic
marymo9 chapter 31 . 5/22/2022
Where to even begin? I only recently stumbled across this pairing and couldn’t really conceive of how it would be believable. You made me a believer. Pacing was perfect. Characterizations were spot on. Handling Narcissa’s past and “friends” were expertly done and I love that you covered the post war time period. This was a fantastic story and my only complaint is that it had to end. You did an incredible job with this piece. It’s a great story. Thank you for sharing!
jumbledjuliet chapter 31 . 4/5/2022
Yep, this one is going straight to favorites. Everything was spot on and the relationship was to die forrrr literally writer is a genius me thinks. The politics of the wizarding world were the best I've seen and characterization of the Golden Trio was perfect. Narcissa's playfulness! Or Slytherin mischievousness in general is something no one capitalizes on enough. So happy to see so much love from and for the Slytherins here. I need more great writing so I'm going to head over to the other story written by this author.
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