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DreamDancer chapter 67 . 9/2
RandomWeirdGirl chapter 67 . 7/5
Alex is really... odd. Why would he have an interest in the Isle and the Isle-kids? Does he even know (if he is) that he is Raelyn's father? Is he possibly searching for his daughter? (I can't remember if that was his intention or not...) So many questions without any answers!

All I know is that I NEED Raelyn to be as badass and awesome as she is in human form, in her wolf form. She's gonna be EPIC! So, I hope we see her first shift soon, and I hope that she'll be able to control herself afterwards. Although, with Carlos by her side, I'm pretty sure she'll do amazingly!

I can't wait for the next chapter!
RandomWeirdGirl chapter 66 . 7/5
Awh, I SERIOUSLY hope that Audrey and Robert get together! They'd make quite the cute couple! And Carlos' mini-wolf-temper was so adorable! And I have to agree with Raelyn, if he took his shirt off in front of me, I wouldn't know where to look either!

Congrats on being added to those two communities! (even though it happened a while ago), and I hope you're okay after the break up. Should I kick the jerk's butt? I'll swim across the ocean to do it!

As always, and I've said this so many times (but it remains true), great writing and a wonderful chapter! Thank you!
RandomWeirdGirl chapter 65 . 7/5
Seriously, Raelyn is just... amazing! She kicked butt with treating Robert, even in her state. I hope that Robert won't freak out majorly when he wakes up, and I hope he gets well soon. Karma was a bit too cruel to him...

I really like how Carlyn take on the problem together, instead of separately. Personally, I think that's how a couple should act when facing conflict. They truly are soulmates!
RandomWeirdGirl chapter 64 . 7/5
I KNEW it! She's starting to shift fully! And Alex IS the the wolf that attacked Raelyn's pack (although, that was pretty obvious). But... Is he her father? Maybe Raelyn's mom knew him as Xander, because his full real name is Alexander? Maybe? Possibly?

And Robert is up to his stupidity again. It's sad that he got hurt, but... considering her kissed Raelyn without permission and without being her boyfriend... well, karma and all that, you know?
RandomWeirdGirl chapter 63 . 7/5
Oh wow! I hope that Raelyn doesn't get hurt because of the amulet, or hurt someone else by accident. Its so cute and genuine how much Carlos cares for her, as well as how much the other girls care for her. It shows how true their relationships are. And that little bit of Carlousy (Hehe, when Carlos gets jealous) is what I live for! I actually forgot that Jay'd seen her partially-naked, so I had the same reaction that Carlos had.

Can't wait to read further! It feels amazing to get back into this story!
RandomWeirdGirl chapter 62 . 7/5
Oh wow! Is it wrong that I pictured Alex VERY attractive for an older guy? And... he's her dad, right? Honestly, I've missed this story so much! XD

THE CARLYN! I'm screaming! I DEFINITELY missed that! I love how chilled they are around each other and how protective they are of each other. That kiss did not go unnoticed either, Miss Writer! But... what's happening to Rae? I have a feeling of what it COULD be, but considering this is a Disney FF, I doubt my assumptions...
DreamDancer chapter 67 . 6/6
I AM LITERALLY ON MY KNEES BEGGING YOU! PLEASE UPDATE! This story is SOOO good and I L-O-V-E IT! Pretty pretty please... UPDATE!:)
A Reader chapter 67 . 5/25
This is an excellent story. Your character of Raelyn is very interesting. Her personality and sense of humor actually reminds me of Alex Russo of Wizards of Waverly Place. Lol. I'll look forward to the next update.
Gracfully chapter 67 . 3/24
:) like it I do very neat
Robby the Cyber Warrior chapter 66 . 3/14
This is really good. The inevitable confrontation with Xander is gonna be good, I can tell. I'm looking forward to it
Robby the Cyber Warrior chapter 44 . 3/14
God, they are just TOO cute!
Gracfully chapter 66 . 2/7
very neat
StoryWriting1414 chapter 66 . 2/6
So happy that you are back!
Gracfully chapter 65 . 1/7
very awesome so it looks like the big bad wolf has made an apperance
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