Reviews for Bloom in Asgard
Guest chapter 292 . 9/17
Nice! Was kinda hoping to see how bloom would react though (/sparx family) if Daphne took her to their kingdom instead. Anyways great work! Thanks for the answers and how come Daphne couldn't have distracted bloom by using her powers that manipulate all the elements? Like legit if she can control ALL the elements couldn't she have distracted bloom for a few days or something? Update soon anyway!
Guest chapter 292 . 9/17
Yes new chapter soon as ya can x
Immortalshark chapter 292 . 9/16
Really nice work. Keep it up! Love the story.
Guest chapter 291 . 9/15
Wait isn't Daphne a fire/dragon fire fairy?! How would she even get killed by fire (since that is like blooms main power/the one she uses most) ? Also isn't Loki also known as be god of fire along with chaos and mischief? So how would either of blooms siblings get killed by her?
Guest chapter 291 . 9/15
New chapter soon plz x
Moonwatcherfan chapter 291 . 9/15
I have an idea for a new story. Why don’t you take this bloom and make a new crossover with her somehow getting into fairy tail or seven deadly sins.
Guest chapter 291 . 9/15
Great job! Also does bloom know Daphne is her sister or not? Since she just said these people told me their name is sky, Daphne and Roxy. Also since bloom is part dragon wouldn't she have like an instinct that can make her submissive to her older siblings? Like if Daphne (I don't know) Channel her part of the dragon flame to temporarily make her part dragon ( like when bloom was at pyros or when she makes the fire dragon) couldnt she growl or something and make bloom a tad more obedient/docile. And since Loki is like centuries older wouldn't she instinctively know he could be dangerous? (Isn't it the older the dragon/god/fairy the more powerful they get?) update soon pls
knight7572 chapter 291 . 9/13
not to mention how potentially awkward it will be when the 16 years are added i sense a no clothes type gag coming
Guest chapter 290 . 9/9
Thanks for going to grant my wish! And did he do an aging spell/transformation spell? Because that would still allow her to stay dragon and without her maturity she would just do things (such as transforming into a half dragon or something like that ) randomly. It would also be an excuse to call a few (if not all) of her siblings together, just so they can help fix the problem and to let the powerful gods/nymph have some family bonding time/ babysitting her. And I personally think it would be cute to see Daphne, Loki, Hel and Thor (and whoever else) try to look after a little (or baby) bloom. Update soon pls
Guest chapter 290 . 9/8
New chapter plz x
Guest chapter 290 . 9/6
Can you put some more of her brothers in please x
Guest chapter 289 . 9/1
get to the infinity war plz
Guest chapter 289 . 9/1
New chapter plz
Guest chapter 289 . 8/28
Great chapter plz include more Loki Thor Odin and Frigga
guest chapter 278 . 8/24
how about we get to infinity war?
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