Reviews for The Way You Look Tonight
Draco Ginny Forever chapter 1 . 7/12/2009
Aw that's beautiful! Fantastic one-shot!
Completed Irony chapter 1 . 4/19/2008
Cute fic. Just one question... why does Draco think of her as his fiancee at the start of the fic and ask her to marry him at the end? I'm confused. Anyways, thank you for a good read, and please keep up the good work. Draco/Ginny
DontCopyMe chapter 1 . 3/1/2008
LovesFantasy chapter 1 . 9/26/2007
The title immediately made me think of all those soft love songs that just radiate tenderness. I couldn't help but check it out. 'Lady in Red' is one of my favorite songs! As a matter of fact, I have a vanity plate that says just that on my little red sports car...

I love your fluff! It always puts a smile on my face! Draco and Ginny are my guilty pleasure, so thank you for feeding my addiction. :o)
harrypotterchick4ever chapter 1 . 12/28/2006
awesome one shot I LOVED it

i can totally see draco being embarassed with ginny

great job and please update your other fic soon
ALifeOfShadows chapter 1 . 3/10/2006
Love this story too. Please make s'more DG stories. I'm running out of all the good ones!

ThisBurningHeart chapter 1 . 1/22/2006
Really really sweet and charming. It's always fun to see someone as 'untouchable' as Draco get his breath taken away _ . Well done.
firefly820 chapter 1 . 8/26/2005
I always loved that song. How romantic. Keep up the great work!
Aly'sPenName chapter 1 . 7/31/2005
I love Ginny/Draco storys! Best ones out there. haha :) Nice story.
Lady Arabella Malfoy chapter 1 . 7/20/2005
I am crazy about this song myself! Such great fic as always. YOur dynamic amazes me, how do you do it?
Bondariana chapter 1 . 7/5/2005
wow... i love all of your stories...

just one ting though... it's not negative at all...

Ginny is short for *cough* not virginia *chokes* but


*cracks up laughing*

"Just like minerva except gone retarded"
bridgetmalfoy chapter 1 . 6/29/2005
AUH! ITS SO CUTE! love all of your storys! perfecto! _

bridgetmalfoy chapter 1 . 6/29/2005
AUH! ITS SO CUTE! love all of your storys! perfecto! _

Roadsidefury chapter 1 . 4/15/2005
Aww, that was cute!

I liked it!

well, I don't know what happened, but now I feel very sick! (Don't worry, that was not an insult to your writing)

So, I'm going to go, no more reading for this morning. Good bye, so long, sayonara, adieu, ciao, Au revoir, and all the other crap that means good bye

DeeCohan chapter 1 . 4/11/2005
oh i loved this fic, although when i read the title i wasnt thinking lady in red. I was thinking The way you look tonight. frank Sinatra

anywho great one shot
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