Reviews for When Blood Calls For Blood
Canucklehead Cowgirl chapter 94 . 4/20
O! ((glomp from far away))

The opening tone to this - the way you described her transitions from one family to the next was so well done and so beautiful She's such a wonderful tragic little soul and I cannot stand that she's been so utterly abandoned over and over. It's wrong. It's frustrating. And then to get whomped with weather was just ... cruel.

I ADORED her inner monologue about the stupid Capitol and their treachery toward the kids. That was just ... I could HEAR it - and the grumbling tone in my head was just clearly SO DONE.

But what a perfect tribute to illustrate the loneliness. If anyone has ever felt utterly alone, it's Kara and you captured it so perfectly. And then .. then she found Arkham and I just ... didn't want to see her go there at ALL. (Fortress of Solitude though. Holy hell.)

the whole scene with Jack was just ... hard to go through with her, but also incredibly hard to STOP reading.

But that ending. Oh. You vindictive little super you. I loved it so much and I was so mad that I had to WAIT to get home to review it properly.

*throws roses at her feet*

beautiful - as ALWAYS.
Abby Well chapter 94 . 4/20
OH my GOD. Ophelia, this was amazing from start to finish!
robbiepoo2341 chapter 94 . 4/20
Only a few paragraphs in and I'm already crying for Kara. This does not bode well for me. Oy. I should know by now about you and your ability to make me cry with your characters who are too pure and too good for all the crap that they are being put through and just... excuse me while I pretend unsuccessfully to not be ugly crying first thing in the morning.

I have to say, too, from a purely authorial standpoint, the writing here is steller. Some of the descriptions you have in here had my jaw hanging open with how BEAUTIFUL they are, particularly your description of the downpour of rain. I've never read rain described quite that way, and wow. WOW. That's just one example of many in this chapter of just WOW

And... alright, I suppose I should address the terrible Horrible Thing that happened in this chapter, and honestly, you did it so, SO tastefully. There's an easy temptation with Jack to cross over into the macabre and the kind of shock value writing, but you tread that line so carefully that I was impressed. I was holding my breath and horrified the whole time, but I was never shocked OUT of the story, if that makes sense. That was very well done.

And of course, I love that Kara went out on her own terms. I love her reference to honor and Jack's sneering accusation that she'd been hanging out too much with Diana because you know what, Jack? Those girls bonded and strengthened each other, so eat it. Kara has so much strength, right up to the end, and I'm so sad to see her go, even if it was a noble, good death (at least as good as you can get in the Games, really).
Silmarilz1701 chapter 94 . 4/20
I knew right from the title. I KNEW it. I knew it. I loved the descriptions in this chapter, it was beautifully done. The bone saw made me sick not gonna lie. I'm SO glad Jack didn't get to kill her. Kara going out on her own terms was perfect.
Slim Summers2002 chapter 93 . 4/17
i like how kurt peter and gar talk about there teams very cute i loved wade acting like he was gasping for air and just laughing like a maniac
robbiepoo2341 chapter 93 . 4/17
AHHHH GAR I LOVE YOU! I'm so SO PSYCHED that he's joining up with the Team Awesome boys in his next life because this is the BEST POSSIBLE IDEA and these boys are too cute for words and I just love them SO MUCH AHHHHH.

(As you can probably tell, I am in love with all my favorite characters getting together. It's DE BEST.)

I also have to praise the interactions between Hank and Gar because omg. If Hank doesn't adopt Gar (I mean, come on. Beast and Beast BOY?) by the end of the story, I will be SHOCKED, I tell you!

(You can tell I loved this chapter from all the caps locking lol)


ahem. I am just really excited about everything in this chapter, okay?
Canucklehead Cowgirl chapter 93 . 4/17
Cas there is just SO much to love about this chapter. Gar on his own is a darling little piece of green fluff, but now he's like ... almost officially BEAST'S BOY and I love it so much. (The adoption will be finalized, I am SURE.)

But then he got to be the luckiest noob in Tahiti and got assigned to half of Team Awesome ... what a lucky Beast's Beast Boy. (get one more and they can be the beastie boys.)

Wade, of course, was the perfect mix of insanity to the group -and their sneaky little invention made me grin. I love these troublemakers so so much, but I am also dying laughing at Peter's approximation that Kurt is cool headed.

Um. Whut? no. he's got rage Elf syndrome, thankyouverymuch. and it's been all bottled up? So you know. I have legitimate concerns about these FOUR lunatics.

Great work as ALWAYS, Cas - and your Peter Parker puts me in stitches every single time.
Slim Summers2002 chapter 92 . 4/16
i laughed to myself when someone sayed a booby-trap(don't you say what i know you will say!) and di is problebly like ( good god be serious for one) fun chapter
Canucklehead Cowgirl chapter 92 . 4/16
I am trying to be entirely serious but I have to give you full disclosure - as soon as I read 'One week', Barenaked Ladies popped into my head and I'm having trouble concentrating. Not even sorry, but it's true.


I love the progress John has seemed to make to this point. It really feels as if he's trying to be more honorable - not that he wasn't before, but just that he wants to be better than he is, which is always an admirable trait - moreso when you figure he's being forced in a fight to the death. To find honor where in a place like that would be difficult, so to see him trying is just amazing. really.

I loved the little flashback too - the fact that neither of them wanted to kill the bunny cracks me up.

The two of them make an amazing team - and their progression from two to four again was fun to watch. But the way he seemed proud of himself when Diana said she trusted him was such a great reinforcement of what he's trying to be. I loved it.
robbiepoo2341 chapter 92 . 4/13
I always get so excited when I get to see more of John Constantine, because I feel like he has one of the more interesting character progressions in the entire Games. He's actively trying to be the kind of person that Wonder Woman herself could be proud of, and as a result, you can see him making conscious decisions to try and make her proud, and it's starting to legitimately seep into the way he thinks too and it just... it just makes me unreasonably happy to see the way you've set up his story. It really does.

I also adore the fact that you've allowed him to admit his feelings to himself in an incredibly mature, unselfish way, too. It would be so easy to go the unrequited, pining, friend-zoned guy but what you have John doing here is something infinitely more powerful: he loves Diana and expects nothing from her. He doesn't want her to change for him, because he loves who she is.

If more people wrote beautiful, mature love stories this way, the world would be a better place.

And then, of course, I love the way you introduced Thea and Raven. Everything about that part of the chapter was so true to their characters. The parallels John sees between himself and Raven are absolutely fascinating, and I love that you allow him to be jealous of not having Diana's full attention. That's a perfectly realistic reaction, and I love that you LET him have realistic feelings! And then! He overcomes it and is mature and heroic and UUUUUGGGHHHH I JUST LOVE JOHN OKAY
Canucklehead Cowgirl chapter 91 . 4/12
Alis, I always enjoy Kory when you write her. I can't get the wide green eyes out of my head - especially whenever you describe her watching Dick. They are just ... so good together and so much fun to read.

Jason playing third wheel though is just so. freakin'. hilarious. holy hell. Seems like every time the sweetness gets to a point that you're holding your breath waiting for it ... Jason clears his throat and makes sure they don't 'forget' that he's there. STUCK. Forced witness to all the sweet.

And I will ALWAYS love her speaking patterns most of all. "you are the most terrible of liars" is going into my daily routine.

Her flashback to Insignificant Boy #4 was wonderful and so perfect as a comparison to how she feels for Dick ... well done.

I loved this chapter and I'm totally looking forward to seeing this wonderful pair again soon!
Slim Summers2002 chapter 91 . 4/10
the love you was great but a bad time to say that while in an arena. pretty sad that kory pushed that dude away. too bad for him good luck dick
Slim Summers2002 chapter 90 . 4/10
i like where skye was panicing when logan got too close and selene got mad and where scott and babs have a conversation at the end i also loved the part where scott was ready to beat the crap out of someone when he saw red on one of the boys in the orphanage
Slim Summers2002 chapter 89 . 4/10
i like harpers reaction to the green goo and where harper freaks out saying no and traitor she's going crazy a little there.
robbiepoo2341 chapter 91 . 4/10
I just love these two smitten lovesick kids to itty bitty pieces. Like. I have an unreasonably huge grin on my face every time they show up. Because I love them that much. They are so head over heels and it's the CUTEST THING EVER.

Seriously. I will never be over how sweet they are together.

I love the way you have Kory, the consummate flirt, comparing her experience with boys that meant nothing to Dick, because that's an excellent way to show the difference in her feelings as well as the depth of how these two feel for each other. Seriously. The juxtaposition only makes their love story even stronger.

I also love the way you write Kory's interactions with Jason. I love that she's able to see that the front he puts up to push people away is just that: a front. I love how kindhearted she is and what a good leader she is. She handles both of these boys so well, even with Jason and his hilarious sassy sass.

These two lovesick puppies are SO FUN TO READ but you can't help hold your breath because as Kory pointed out, these are the Avenger Games. And you can't help but wonder with every kiss just how much longer this can keep up...
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