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robbiepoo2341 chapter 128 . 8/17
Every time you come out with a chapter, O, I have to grin, because I know it's going to be awesome.

And this was absolutely no different! I love the bond that Alex and Kara have with each other, and the way that they fall so easily into teasing each other and also kicking butt and taking names.

I love all the call-backs in this chapter, too! Everything from the way she copies the slide she saw Diana do to the way she listens to the Fours talk (everyone in Diana's alliance loves the Fours, man). And I loved the little glimpse she saw of Kaldur and Thor and the way Carol's death tied in. I love it!

And of course, I'm really loving Kara's continuing quest to take care of her family. Poor Clark is clearly not himself, but I can't wait to see Kara take care of him like she wanted to do in the Games.
Canucklehead Cowgirl chapter 128 . 8/17
O! First of all before I take one more step, I have to say I love your work. So. Much. You are such a FUN writer and your descriptions are AMAZING.

Now. I felt so badly for the Danvers sisters when they realized that their (distant) cousin Carol was already gone. That had to be horrible for them both, but Kara especially. I'm so glad she has Alex there to guide her. (super secret spy sister is handy) And I too, Love. Sassy Kara.

I also love that Hippolyta's girls were so quick to simply adopt Kara into their ranks. Warrior girls for the WIN! I also loved the teamwork going on with the different factions in Four, though I am not at all surprised to see that Four was a big target after all that talk about honor. Too inspiring for the Capitol or Hydra to leave alone, really.

But. BUT then you went Supergirl on me and had Kara pulling off a Wonder Woman move and I was So. Freakin' PROUD of her for that! That was just beautiful!

Your action scenes were tight and I could not stop reading it as I went through it long enough to make my notes (so happy I had two windows) like I usually do. And I'm excited to see how well the three factions in Four work together in the future.

Also VERY curious to see how Clark is handled in the future. That ... is kind of a very big deal. WOW.

Great morning read with coffee! Looking forward to your next chapter (MUCH LOVE!)
Canucklehead Cowgirl chapter 127 . 8/15
Savy - this was a great look at some solid PTSD for Jason. he's having flashbacks and making bad decisions and the whole section with Schmidt was well done. He's a creepy little SOB. But poor Tim. I hate that Skull has him tucked away holding him over Jason's head. But oh. Am I happy to see Obie dead. He's such a jackass, he totally got what was coming to him.

CAS. (have I told you that I love you lately, cas? No? Well...)

Everything about this is nasty and awful and why am I not surprised that it would take VIPER to control Jack? Jessica is a wonderful little minion for her, but man alive ... Even Joker can't tell Viper no. That ... is a measure of awful.

But it's also so unnerving. not only that jack has a new unrecognizable face ... but that he knows the girls have the upper hand here. That's just ... a solid measure of how BAD they really are.

Great work, both of you. Loving. This. So. Much.
BstnStrg13 chapter 127 . 8/14
Why do I always feel I need to take a shower after reading a Hydra chapter? The enthusiastic coercion from characters such as Talia, Jessica and Viper is so well written that it comes across as slippery and slimy. (And it's kind of a guilty pleasure reading their dialogue.)

I love seeing Jason with his brother. The contrast between his gentleness with Tim and his actions with Hydra makes me REALLY want him to find a way out of this mess. I hope that Tim can keep Jason grounded and remind him who he is, so that the evil he must perform doesn't overtake him.

And what a great idea, having Jack's "rebirth" give him the opportunity to re-christen himself as Joker. The dialogue here is amazing; snappy, snarky and perfectly paced. And like robbie, I worry about Marvel with Joker on the loose.
robbiepoo2341 chapter 127 . 8/14
There's something really disturbing about the symmetry of Jason and Jack finding themselves in more or less the same situation with Hydra, though Jack obviously is much more willing to go along with Hydra's goals than Jason is.

And it's interesting because despite a lot of the parallels of force going on here, you come out of this chapter wanting to rescue Jason and feeling terrible for him and Timmy... and you can't have that same empathy for Jack.

That's a huge compliment to the character writing here, especially cas with her amazingly insane Joker. It would be so easy for the two stories to feel the same, but they elicit completely different emotional responses from your readers.

And now I won't lie, I'm really worried about what Jack is going to be allowed to do while running free under Hydra's flag. -shudder-
Slim Summers2002 chapter 126 . 8/12
john's chapter was great i loved the story
Canucklehead Cowgirl chapter 126 . 8/10
Ooooh! Friday with Constantine! YAY.

The way he woke up was totaly diferent from what everyone else experienced - and I love that it really felt the most like a miner coming out of the dark. That was amazing - and at the same time heartbreaking to hear what he THOUGHT was going on. (you are not in hell, John Constantine.)

But I LOVED the little group of guys doing their thing - losing Caitlin was so well done - and so simple. It was a wonderful display of how delicate the process is.

Seriously. You did Thor SO WELL. And I think those two Fours were exactly what John needed to get moving. It's a GREAT team up.


I fully expect for John to play guardian angel to Raven every chance he gets. Great work, beautiful read - and a FUN chapter all around.
robbiepoo2341 chapter 126 . 8/10
It's always so fascinating to see how the different characters react to waking up alive after the Games, and John's point of view is done perfectly here. It's obvious that he's disoriented, and I like the realism of all of his father's verbal abuse sinking in for him to the point that he really does believe that he would go to hell. We as readers know that he's too wonderful for that, but that's totally realistic for someone who's been raised hearing that kind of crap all the time.

I also love how much John totally fits in with the Fours. After all the time he spent with Diana, he totally gets their way of thinking. Even though he's definitely the fish out of water here, surrounding by Fours and still trying to get used to his new body, he can absolutely keep up with Thor and Kaldur, and it's honestly a delight to read. It's so fun to watch the 'little guy' keep up, you know?

And it's so fun to watch John's sense of humor coming out more and more. It's the little things, like his comment about how he should have been brought back with the body of Thor (let's be real; everyone agrees with you, John - we all wish we could magically have the bodies of gods!) Just when you think things are starting to get a little heavy, he busts out with something like that, and I just start grinning all over again!

Of course, the rough part about this chapter (and the chapters involving the revolution and war generally) is that there is a lot of 'OH NO' going on here. For as happy as we all are to see that John's up and about, we're also worried about everyone around them, the ones that have been captured, the ones that are still fighting out there... you have absolutely captured the realistic sort of dazed, shocked, chaotic feeling of war, and I tip my hat to you!
BstnStrg13 chapter 125 . 8/9
Love the interaction between Kaldur and Thor in this chapter. Kaldur can be so hard on himself and so quick to think his honor is gone; he needs a practical voice like Thor's to see that there is still a chance to regain whatever he believes he's lost. It was good to see him choose to continue fighting by the end of the chapter.

And I like that Carol also chose to go out in an act of defiance. It set a tone for how brutal this war might be.
Slim Summers2002 chapter 125 . 8/7
i like when thor tells kaldur to earn his honor back i like the end where theres ganna be a bigger war great chapter
Slim Summers2002 chapter 124 . 8/7
i like when bruce and diana are planing tactics and i like the ending where diana has to speak to odin fun chapter
Canucklehead Cowgirl chapter 125 . 8/7
So now I'm listening to Nine Inch Nails ... athankyouforthat.

Kaldur ... baby doll, you are too hard on yourself. The opening when he's concerned that Diana wouldn't call him a diver ... No.

The whole discussion of honor being brought back again makes me so very happy because it's such a big deal and so so important - even if the others don't get it. It's so key to everything. And Thor being the good counsel that he is was magnificent. He SOUNDED like a prince of Asgard.

But the battle - the two almost rival factions from Four teaming up to beat down Hydra was gorgeous. But CAROL. I didn't see Carol doing what she did until it was already happening. Really fun chapter. Really great work with Kaldur and Thor being battle buddies. It's an interesting mental picture, but I like the way that's shaping up. So. Much.
Canucklehead Cowgirl chapter 124 . 8/7
Between the two chapters, Deep, I really think your Diana is out of this world.

I loved the little chat with Wade, as if he's looking for another shot with the purple chick with the green eyes. (move on, Wade, move on.) But the overheard conversation between Kory and Helena was beautiful. but the discussion - actual discussion with Bruce was wonderful and I loved seeing them butt heads.

And you did NOT disappoint me with Odin's note. Oh. My. Gosh. I have been HOPING for this since she was reaped,and I was NOT unhappy at ALL. You made my whole weekend with this one, Deep. Even if I was slow to review. This was EVERYTHING.
BstnStrg13 chapter 124 . 8/4
I like Diana in all her chapters, but I really love her in this one. Whenever I think I have her figured out, she surprises me. She can be single-minded about her duty; yet she has a quit wit and a dry sense of humor. Her interaction with Wade is a nice counterpoint to her far more weighty thoughts on friendship and being alone. (And I got a kick out of "son of Wil".) I also liked her "hair flick" in response to Kory. Diana doesn't miss a thing.

For all her toughness, there is a vulnerability in Diana when it comes to her ability to be close to people and to have friends that makes her multi-dimensional. It is always interesting to compare her confident words to her sometimes less confident thoughts.

John would appreciate that she thought about going to see his sister.

And, oh boy, I did not see that little surprise about Odin coming...
robbiepoo2341 chapter 124 . 8/3
Just so you know, my inner Kaldur is tickled to death at another Four using water quotes to set the tone. I'm just saying he's over here grinning in my head.

I love the interplay between all of the people in the transport. It's interesting because we've seen it form the points of view of Kory and Helena, who were both allies (albeit temporarily) in the Games and have some kind of shared experience. But Diana feels alone here, especially when Bruce shoots down her request to go to Four. And that's not usually something that Diana is: alone. It's an interesting look on her, especially as she reflects on everyone that she lost in the Games.

I loved the back and forth that she had with Bruce about Twelve being filled with warriors. He makes a very good point, but you can't help but want to side with Diana because those are her people, and she wants to save them!

And of course, that reveal at the end... oh, Diana, what are you getting into... It's perfect, though. It sort of mirrors her goddess lineage ... it's just going to make the politics in Four that much more interesting...
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