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moonshine4488 chapter 44 . 5/15/2004
Great story. I cant wait to read the next. I think Kaolith should get together with Elladan even though hes old. It would be interesting.
CARs chapter 40 . 12/4/2003
I doubt youll get this. but if you do umm... Really god story! Um What's the name of the sequel?
LynnPens chapter 44 . 5/6/2003
When will the sequal come out? AH! Not a happy chappie, this is... no precious...

Those were the last words they heard their friend speak for a long time. WHAT KIND OF ENDING IS THAT! Ok, so, you get the reader hooked and you leave us just hanging off of that for who knows how long? *sigh* guess i have no choice but to wait. but both of you are evil!
cowgirl chapter 44 . 4/25/2003
Well the end of a story and soon hopefully the start of another. This was a great story though i don't like the ending because now i have to wait til the next story to find out what haappens. Well hope you have a great weekend. Bye
wannabeanelvengirl chapter 44 . 4/25/2003
I love your story, and have been a faithful reader. I am sad about the ending, but I don't understand: is Kaolith the one who dies, or is it Selinde? or do neither of them die? i really am confused. please help.

goblz chapter 44 . 4/24/2003
OMG! How was that THE END? So much for the end of the evil cliffies.

That was a really great fic, I can't wait for the next fic. I fully expect it to be posted by morning.
xsilicax chapter 44 . 4/24/2003
Hmm, well I'm a little too tired to produce another epic review, so I shall just comment on the main issue at hand:


*cries at cliffie*

I AM NOT AT ALL HAPPY WITH CELEBORN"! He needs some serious attitude adjustment, which I hope you will provide at some point in one of the sequels!

I really can't kill you two if I want the seuqel? Hm (looks thoughtful).

*authors hear a quiet tapping on the window, and go to see what the prblem is*

"Hi guys, I am the immovabl;e raven and I shall be stalking your every movement until the seuqle is posted, and from then on through those chapters as well!"

Is this better? *watches as the authors decided to kill themselves rather than suffer through my company.* (LOL~ I'm nuts!)

Anyways, thank you for a truly great story, that has taken me through the full range of emotions, and reduced me to tears on several occasions.

Now...the sequel?

*puppy dog eyes*


TC chapter 44 . 4/24/2003

ok i want chapter 1 of the next story now. come on hand it over!

wow i didn't see that one coming. great great story!
Chaytons Angel chapter 44 . 4/24/2003
Wow! That was a wonderful end to this installment of TBOF. I know, it ends with a cliffie. But it sets things up for the sequel. And it was good! It was very good. i knew they wouldn't get to rest for long. Not with you two as the authors! That was really amazing, especially since both of you thought you couldn't write. I am really looking forward to the sequel, whenever it comes out... be that next week, or four months from now!

~Elendil Elf-Maiden of Mirkwood~

~Keeper of Elladan's Mischievous Grin and Mirkwood~
Chaytons Angel chapter 43 . 4/24/2003
This chapter started off with such a sad beginning. Selinde was really hurt from the teasing and 'Dan and 'Ro should have known it! After all the time they have spent with the she elf.. geez they're dense! I really enjoyed the laughter in this chapter. Even though it was touch and go at first with Kao and Strider, the tension is all but gone by the middle of it. I laughed so hard when Celeborn and Galadriel locked 'dan and 'Ro out of the room, making them climb back up to their own room. That was just so hilarious! Well done. The companions all deserve this rest, before having to face danger and turmoil again. Because I know that is just around the corner with you two! Hard to believe there is only one more chapter. And yes cube, I promise not to kill you if you don't get the sequel posted until September. I will simply have to re-read TBOF is all to get my fix!

~Elendil Elf-Maiden of Mirkwood~

~Keeper of Elladan's Mischievous Grin and Mirkwood~
Cowgirl chapter 43 . 4/24/2003
Ok you can keep them . . . for now. Wow the story is almost over. It doesn't seem that long ago that you started it. Time goes fast doesn't it? Must have been quite embarrassing when Elrohir fell in the tree. HEHE That would probably be me thinking that since I climb trees all the time I won't fall and in the worse possible moment I would and embarrass myself LOL! Just my luck. Well talk to you later bye
TC chapter 43 . 4/24/2003
LOL! I can just picture Elrohir as red as a tomato. lol. That was a good sad thing is there is only 1 left to go. :(

but there is going to be more stories right ;)
xsilicax chapter 43 . 4/24/2003
Hmm since you seemed to enjoy the last review so much, here's another in that style. To continue from where I left off in the last brrom s pointed in your diresction, and OW COULD YOU DO THAT!:

NO, you're making me cry still.

Kao, wake up and get down there now!

HEY! Don't just forget sbout her! She wants to see them too! *Kicks the twins* Assume is making an ass out of you and me. NEVER do that again!

erk, they're still UNCONSCIOUS?

ALL night? And no-one noticed? WAH!

YAY! Smooches authors, HE LIVES!

Aww, and his first concern's for Kao and Selinde, Maybe now you others'll remembdr her huh?

You tell em! Kick their arses Estel!

You damn well better find her quick!


Yeah, yu rangers get them nasty elves sorted out!

Come on! Where's your guilt now huh?

You really think that Galadriel doesn't know?

HeHe, clumsiness is contagious! And Elrohir's practising his ape impressions again!

oops, my bad. He's a bat this chapter. lol.

HAHAHAHAHA! Can it get any worse for the poor lad?

A headache? Already? He's gt plenyt of empty space between his ears to fill up before that happens, syrely!

Hm, I wonder what they'll try to get in their next?

Aww, she hearded!

Kao you spoilsport! You should have left them out there in the rain!

STOP! Do not mention words like bleed to death! With you two they put me in a high state of fear and distrust!

*muyters about stupid elves neglecting themselves again*

He! I'd like to see you *try* to cut it off!




That is my all abiding questin now! And if this chapter ends in an almost non-cliffie way...the next one is going to be a whopper isn't it?


goblz chapter 43 . 4/23/2003
LOL! Great chapter, ROFL at Elrohir. That was a great chapter, nice to have some comic relief and only a small cliffie lol.
Karine1 chapter 43 . 4/23/2003
GREAT CHAPTER :D :D :D, So funny, touching and then hilarious! I loved it!

I'm now past the point of talking about the chapter's end so I will only say that: P~

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