Reviews for The Princess and the Pirate
PastOneonta chapter 12 . 4/25
What a lovely story! Emma was sweet and determined but she was also very capable. She could take care of herself. Killian was such a good man, even at the beginning when he was only looking for revenge. Snow and Charming were good rulers and parents. It was a fun story too, I loved Snow chiding David by saying, 'now is not the time'. I loved familiar phrases from episodes and the musical episode. Smee was fun, and annoying as heck to Killian. Elsa was a good friend. All these characters and elements made for a great story. Thanks for sharing.
Alexa chapter 12 . 9/17/2017
Loved it! It had a little bit of everything... adventure, romance, magical battle vs evil, true loves kiss, and an epic wedding.
TutorGirlml chapter 12 . 9/13/2017
I loved that you gave Emma and Snow the opening moment in the epilogue for a sweet bit of mother-daughter bonding. There could have been so much more of this in the real show, and then perhaps I would have really felt that Emma and Snow were as close as she and David were. Anyway, I loved how Snow was so happy helping her only daughter prepare for her big day, and offering to help, even if the advice Emma might need might be awkward. I was just thinking of how much more Snow must treasure the chance to be their on her daughter's wedding day since she had her mother couldn't have that, when you wrote it yourself. It made me laugh how David managed to show up at the worst possible point in the conversation too! Definitely one of those things he really doesn't want to hear about! ;)

Selfishly, I love that you made Emma's wedding dress sound more like the one she wore in Camelot - I really think that would have been prettier and looked more like what her character would pick. Also, I adored the proposal in the Middlemist field that you wrote! So perfect and romantic and beautiful! That scene really felt like a proposal and even a wedding kiss, even if it wasn't in canon. You let it be here, and it read as if it could really have been the way you described it.

Loved this bit: ", standing at the top of the stairs, looking at the beauty of the great hall, seeing her dashing fiance waiting for her at the end of the aisle, Emma knew she wouldn't change a single ting. If there was such a thing as perfect happiness, she knew without a doubt that she'd found it." And this too; it almost gave me a lump in my throat! "Killian looked up as he heard the music begin to play, and he felt the breath leave his body in a whoosh. There she stood at the top of the stairs, an angel all in white with her parents on each side. He caught her eye as she slowly, gracefully descended toward him. With the radiant smile she gave him, the last piece of his damged, broken heart finally snapped back into place." So beautiful, again reminded me of the Camelot ball and how like the look of a groom when his bride appears at their wedding Killian looked there.

I love the undoubtable, absolute happy ending you gave this!
TutorGirlml chapter 11 . 9/13/2017
Oooh, I love how this chapter plunges us right back into the fray. You pick up right where you left off with our young Princess Emma facing off against the Black Fairy to save her parents and her kingdom! (On a side note: I can't believe how much time has past since I read and reviewed Chapter 10! I sincerely am sorry. It definitely wasn't intentional, and I missed this one and kept wanting to get back for the last two chapters. Anyway, hopefully you will still see this and be reminded what a nice job you've done with this story!)

You capture so beautifully here just what a wonderful support and encourager Killian is for Emma. Though the situation and her experience is different in this AU, we can still see the strength she draws from his belief and what a difference it must make when she has to be uncertain and afraid.

Loved this: "Strong arms closed around her waist, and Killian leaned down and whispered in her ear. "You can do this, Love. We're all behind you. We're all here to give you your best chance."
Emma closed her eyes for a moment, basking in the love and confidence flowing from her True Love. His strength gave her strength. His confidence gave her confidence.
Releasing the breath she didn't realize she'd been holding, Emma stepped from his arms and looked the Black Fairy square in the eyes..."

As the Battle really sets in, you reminded me very strongly of just how often the evil villain in stories is so mocking and overconfident, so sure the seemingly outnumbered hero doesn't stand a chance against them - and usually that pride is the start of their downfall. It was really powerful how Emma offered Fiona a chance to surrender, telling her she might even have a chance for true, genuine love and happiness someday. Of course, that noxious pride won't let Fiona accept anything like Emma's mercy.

I also loved how you had both Killian and King David let out similar battle cries and charge Fiona in Emma's defense. Granted, she freezes them so it doesn't do much good, but it is exactly in character for both and what her father and her pirate would do. I also loved how she drew strength from feeling all three of them's love and support when her magic started to weaken; that reminded me a lot of them musical episode when her family was frozen but Emma realized they were all still with her and always had been.

Loved how later David offered Killian the Dark One as promised, and Killian realized for the first time, that revenge was not what he really wanted or what would fulfill him after all. The whole "vengeance was finally in his grasp" bit you put in reminded me of Hook's song ("revenge is gonna be mine!" WooHoo :) Still, I loved that you showed him coming to the conclusion that it would never heal him or bring Liam back, and that what he has discovered with Emma is part of what finally brought him there. This was gorgeous: "Your daughter has shown me that my heart yet beats, that there is yet happiness for me in this world, but I know I'll never reach it if I allow my heart to be so filled with vengeance there is no room left for love." And then Charming still gets his overprotective response moment! ;) Still though, the King can clearly see this pirate does love his daughter truly, and in the end isn't too stubborn to give his blessing. I love that he is genuinely delighted for Emma and Killian once he is sure of Killian's intent, and how he admits their family has never made traditional matches anyway. He even tells him he'll be glad to call him his son-in-law!

Lovely chapter!
Emilee Amethyst chapter 12 . 8/26/2017
Loved the proposal in the meadow. And Killian's thoughts at the end were so sweet :) And the talk before hand with Emma and her mom was sweet and also funny. Good thing David didn't overhear too much.
TutorGirlml chapter 10 . 8/26/2017
Ooh, this chapter might have been my favorite one of the story yet! First off, what a realistic and deepening touch it was to have Emma overheard Snow and Aurora speaking of being under the Sleeping Curse as a child. It makes her desperation to get back home and help her parents and her people all the more intense and her fears for them all the more affecting.

I also loved Killian's finding her unable to sleep and comforting her so beautifully. I like that though she almost might have wanted something more physical what her devoted pirate of honor does instead is tuck her in and tell her stories until she finally rests- not to mention his encouragement and faith inbher and how motivating that is to keep her going. Especially adored this passage: "...You're bloody brilliantly, a marvel. The Black Fairy doesn't stand a chance.
her eyes had shone with I shed tears, and a sudden, intense tenderness welled up within her. Not thinking, simply feeling, she'd reached up and brought his head down for a quick but fervent kiss." It made my heart do a little jump after that whole perfect scene that Emma's very last thought before sleep claims her is that she loves him!

Liked that you had Emma overhear Killian's argument with Smee on the way back to her kingdom and wonder if she was leading them all into doom. It made sense to me that she would realize just what he was risking to help her, and want to make sure that it was really what he wanted. Your response which Killian gives here is perfectly worded and heartfelt; how Liam's will be a pain that is always with him, but through her he he has found he still has a life to live and there is more to it than getting revenge. Well done!

Great job with the atmospherics of the Sleeping Curaed Misthaven. That eerie, unnatural stillness and quiet would be creepy to walk into indeed! And, oh Killian, even in such a fraught moment he still has the perfect words and almost swept me off my feet just from reading about it when he kisses Emma here: "Swan,' he breathed, reaching up to cup her face in both hands, 'I love you to the very depths of my soul." Swoon! :)

And then Fiona's appearance and her chilling threat - now that's how you end a chapter on a cliffie! (I guess that's one good thing about my having gotten behind. I don't have to wait to find out what happened.)
TutorGirlml chapter 9 . 8/26/2017
I enjoyed seeing the welcome Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and even Olaf amd Swen gave Emma when they arrived in Arendelle. I really liked the genuine affection and connection through their magic and having felt outside and alone that Emma and Elsa shared on the show and wished we could have scene even more of it. You replicate that well here and remind us of it nicely. I can only imagine that if Emma had lived in the same realm and time as Elsa and as a princesss too, they would have been even closer, as your story suggests.

I didn't expect for Kristoff to be that unwelcoming toward Killian, but I guess it makes some sense after what he and Anna dealt with from Hans. He doesn't want anyone threatening his friends and loved ones, especially if they seem deceptively handsome and charming- and Killian is a pirate. Love how Emma reassures that Killian is "with her " and "a good man", and that once she does Kristoff backs off, takes her word for it, and even tries to be friendly.

Ooh, great how when Emma and Elsa are training she realizes that she now includes Killian in her list of loved ones, and that when her thoughts go to him she feels her magic swell!

It also worked really well that you had Killian, Anna, and Kristoff in the library looking for solutions at the same time. It allowed you to tie back to something Killian often does - and excels at- on the show. That's one of the many things you're really good at: writing this brilliant aus and divergences that are so true to the canon characters, and even working in actual lines from the show in lovely new ways! For instance when he encourages Emma here with the "I've yet to see you fail" and the "...that's when the fun begins" gems. :)

I have to add in here that I love how you write Anna's sweet little rambling tangents and how Kristoff affectionately redirects her to the original track of conversation. It's so cute and again, very true to character. Also really well done was your having both Anna and Kristoff have noticed Emma and Killian's closeness and being so sure they just need to return to Emma's kingdom and kiss each other - it gives Killian real hope that his princess could return his feelings . I am anxious to see what happens as they give it their best try!
TutorGirlml chapter 8 . 8/26/2017
Opening this chapter with Killian sitting in his cabin, wondering and worrying over what he should do with the Black Fairy's letter to Emma was a perfect scene to set at this point. It allows us to see this introspection (and delicious bloodiness! ;) so clearly. He knows his straight-laced former self would never have even opened her letter, but since he has, he cannot bring himself to let Emma run headlong into the trap- even if he completely understands why she would have to try. Loved how you made it very clear too that though he doesn't wish to lose the promise of a lead on getting revenge for Liam, that isn't the only reason he is hesitating. It is clear just how much he has begun to care for Emma- as you say, he is absolutely falling in love with her.

I do like though how you write he and Smee's interaction here too. It breaks up the tension situation for a bit of humor, and it reflects both their characters' relationship on "Once" and from what I remember of the "Peter Pan" animated movie as well. I couldn't help giggling and Killian's cutting remark to his first mate: "...if I'd wanted a companion who merely restated the obvious, I'd have purchased a parrot." :)

I liked how you then switched the tale to Emma's point-of-view, and how she woke up the morning after she and Killian's first kiss all happy and glowing, wondering how their relationship would change now and if he would kiss her again. It really is fun to see this Emma who has grown up safe and treasured and in her true role as princess and how much more openly she allows herself her tenderer feelings. Yes, there's the concern of her being a princess and he a pirate, but she has no trouble admitting that she feels something for him. So, of course she would notice that he seems distant and troubled instead of happy to see her on deck, and poor thing, she worries that he hated their kiss. He should have just told her what was wrong, because now she's found the letter...

Oh, I kinda got a kick out of our spitfire Princess Emma giving Killian what for about hiding her letter and thinking he is only after his reward. Luckily though, she does listen to him when he explains his real fears and agrees to go on to Arendelle and hone her own powers so she stands a chance when she takes on Fiona. I loved how in this story's version you gave Killian the "I can't lose you too" line- it was lovely, as was him touching his cheek dazedly after she kissed it. Reminded me of the way he put his hand to his mouth after their first kiss in Neverland on the show. His "That's my pirate lass," was a perfect line too, and you are right with his final thought of the chapter. He really would do ANYTHING for her!
mansts chapter 12 . 8/25/2017
A beautiful ending for this story!
CaptainSwanislife1308 chapter 12 . 8/24/2017
YAY! I'm soooo happy rigght now. They got married! Great job with this fic. It was one of my favourites.
HRHPrincessSierra chapter 12 . 8/23/2017
Loved it. Great job. I thought the scene with Snow and Emma was very precious it took me back to The Price!
Polkie2 chapter 12 . 8/23/2017
Sigh...I miss them so much! Thank you for another happy, romantic ending.
multifandomshipper92 chapter 12 . 8/23/2017
That was so beautiful! *sobs and sniffles* proposals are my weakness so i just started crying!
paupaupi chapter 12 . 8/23/2017
This was beautiful
daxx04 chapter 11 . 8/22/2017
Wonderful chapter, great callbacks to David and killian's chat at the ice wall.
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