Reviews for A Grindelwald's Tale
mervin213 chapter 82 . 6/28
amazing can't wait for the next
LordThornwood chapter 82 . 6/27
Please post a chapter soon. The suspense of what will happen keeps building up. Will you tell the real name on rodrick to the weasleys or will you keep them in blind .
Darraiter chapter 82 . 6/21
Really enjoying the fic! Although, regarding the Three Wizards Torunament, It is said that the rule about that only students above 17 are able yo compete is not a regular rule, just sonething that the ministery changed due to what happened during the quidditch league. So, Roderick should be able to participate if you somehow change that part
guest chapter 82 . 6/19
i have to ask if its true that Gideon Prewett is Rodrick's father?
Marty chapter 82 . 6/16
This gone or what?
Suspect chapter 82 . 6/15
Binge read all the chapters for the last couple of days and im absolutely loving the writing. Im hoping you write all the way to the end as thos really is an excellent fic.
diggerboy4 chapter 82 . 6/15
Hahaha what a great chapter!
Warga chapter 82 . 6/14
Good chapter
sittyy chapter 81 . 6/5
I was unsure reading a story with an original main character. You’ve done a fantastic job with it though and I look forward to reading future chapters! Keep up the great job :)
Son of Whitebeard chapter 81 . 6/3
Guachico chapter 80 . 6/2
Thanks! Always enjoy and am looking forward to the next update. I’m a big fan of how you’re using runes.
noctisluxys chapter 81 . 6/2
I expected the continuation but well I enjoyed it more than I originally thought I'd do it.
Pat.Abreu chapter 80 . 6/2
I'm glad that you updated! I can not imagine what it will be like when Rodrick goes on holiday with Harry. I really hope that Harry invites Hermione, I totally Harryone Team. XD
Episoph chapter 80 . 6/1
Interesting chapter. Especially liked his interactions with Harry; wonder if Rodrick is trying to train Harry that him having access to his blood is acceptable by pretending that it‘s no big deal.

Crafting a unique/useful item with the pheonix essence and the scene for the failed wolfsbane potion were nice touches.
Expected the cure to be more of a lifechanging event for Astoria or is she just internalising it for now?

I am eagerly awaiting the next chapters to get the past 1-2 weeks cleared up.
Anon3874 chapter 80 . 6/1
Good chapter look forward to update.
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