Reviews for A Grindelwald's Tale
Guest chapter 88 . 5h
Well it's fantastic, like all times, continue like that
BROnicorn chapter 86 . 6h
it's up to you but if you considered adding more details and dialogues to the chapters and events you already wrote and posted you can re do it by writing a POV of other characters to the events of the past chapters. Like Ollivander's POV to the WotW and what he said and thought. Or the POV of Harry's group or the other champions to the submitting of names and picking the champions or Dumbledores and the other headmasters' POV.
BROnicorn chapter 88 . 6h
also i thought there'd be some flashbacks or any new details about his wand. the weighing of the wand should be detailed.
BROnicorn chapter 88 . 6h
aren't you rushing GoF a bit too fast? i mean you stretched PoA longer than it should i think GoF is the one that deserves to be long, detailed, and have lots of dialogues. Also won't he get in any trouble being an unregistered animagus?
Ashes Ascending chapter 88 . 15h
Nice chapter!
Warga chapter 1 . 17h
Bruh thats not fair, that kinda cliffhanger is the most brutal
NewName1500 chapter 1 . 18h
I don't intend to turn this into a crack fic, its more that this is the last year for humour and the like to really be present, by the end of the third task is probably the moment it returns to the darker tone.
kopol chapter 88 . 18h
thank you for the chapter. What is the core of rodrick wand ? Is there a story behind?
desropter chapter 88 . 19h
I dont know what else to say... BUT Rodrick gives an epic show!
Anon3874 chapter 88 . 19h
I didnt spot any mistakes. Becareful with the tone of your story thoguh. It started out darker and is turning into a crack fic. If this is your goal thats fine just a heads up.
BROnicorn chapter 87 . 9/19
when's the next update bro?
Guest chapter 59 . 9/17
Didn't expect this story to be so good when I started this. Kudos to you for doing your best. 314k words is no easy feat and your writing skills visibly improved with the chapters.

There's still a lot of room for growth (it's being and not been... being one of the more noticeable and repetitive errors. Most of the simple errors can be solved by a beta so no need to worry about that) and there is potential.

Good job and keep writing!
Guachico chapter 87 . 9/9
Thank you. Not 100% sure I followed the whole interaction with the grim, but I was gratified to see dumbles catching Barty.
Guest chapter 87 . 9/9
well it's amazing, i hope you will continue like that
BROnicorn chapter 87 . 9/8
finally! GoF! love jealous Daphne a love triangle with Fleur would be interesting give more screen times to the champions.
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