Reviews for Wind Shear
perlcat45 chapter 19 . 13h
Terrific story!
dilis chapter 19 . 10/4
Super geschrieben. Absolut ungewöhnlich. Bin begeistert
Egnoder chapter 5 . 10/1
I honestly laugh every time I read the interview scene.
RancourStripes chapter 17 . 9/12
Is every single character in this fic Aristotle's second coming or what. James is ELEVEN years old and you make him sound 62. "Being upset is no reason to not comport yourself with civility and decorum" Seriously, what the hell, what kind of 11 year old is this
Rebatrek chapter 19 . 9/11
Well done! I enjoyed your story. Thank you for sharing.
agusjo13 chapter 1 . 9/10
Thank you for sharing your writing with us, rest in peace
Kuman chapter 19 . 9/6
Great story but I don't understand the need to change Fleamont's name to Lucius and the Malfoy connection considering they were never relevant nor were they ever introduced in the story. Still a very good fic. Good job
Joao chapter 19 . 9/2
Very good fanfic, rest peace, and thank you for sharing your work with us!
Ghost Dragon Master chapter 19 . 8/30
Wind Shear was a bloody awesome fanfiction. It was riveting and had the perfect amount of suspense and intrigue. I loved how the changes in Bellatrix were gradual and done in stages instead of all at once like so many other authors do in their stories. Plus the magic was inspiring instead of using nothing but the same spells from the books, I loved how you added your own into the fanfiction.
lipasnape chapter 19 . 8/29
I loved the story for the second time, though it read as new. I only remembered a few scenes. Whatever happened to Severus, I wish you remembered to tell us.
Thanks. Good job.
BarbedCaress chapter 19 . 8/28
Great story!
I have read it many times
Great work!
Guest chapter 19 . 8/23
I really liked this story. I thought it was well plotted, well written, and well thought out with a surprising ending - Lily ending up with Sirius instead of James, but that would prevent some sort of space/time continuum breech, lol.
Bronze chapter 7 . 8/12
Charlus really should've realized he wouldn't be allowed to skip out. He set up his bubbies on a bet and really should've run before they finished. I hope this Dumbledore is different from most I've read. Cause if he's as much a coward as the others as well as being ever so helpful to the Dark Side Harry should turn him down about joining. If Dumbledore wants to save them in spite of everything, they've done than he's not worth fighting beside. Death Eaters EARN their mark through murder and torture if Muggle-Borns, Half-Bloods, Muggle-Raised, and Blood-Traitors. The corruption in the ministry ensures they can buy their way out of just about anything. Dumbledore knows this and therefore should realize arresting and turning them over to the ministry is absolutely useless. If that's the type of leader Dumbledore is Harry should walk away.
Clark959 chapter 19 . 8/2
Very entertaining story. Definitely a page turner. Interesting plot twists. Good job.
EdTheBeast chapter 19 . 7/25
An excellent must read! A great time travel and AU.
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