Reviews for Lex Marks The Spot
Guest chapter 35 . 9/18
Fun story.
Joshua the Hand-Written chapter 31 . 9/17
I think it would be funny if Tara or Harmony ended up being a dimensional analog for Mercy. After all, Lex Luthor needs a Mercy.
Or Faith. I can only imagine how poorly Faith would react to a preppy teenage boy trying to woo her into his service.
DEF chapter 35 . 9/13
Really amazing story. Hope to see more soon.
Love Elemental chapter 28 . 9/13
I was thinking about that telepathic virus, and an odd solution might be to engineer it so that it can infect mutants, too.

It's a bit counter-intuitive, since humans don't like the thought of mental control like that, but it sounds like in-universe it might be a bit like gut bacteria-a necessary part of the human microbiome. Get it strong enough and you could probably have a telepathic connection across all humanity that's indistinguishable from native human psychic powers.

Might ramp up sexual desire, though-if it can increase feelings of empathy and understanding, and a virus's default purpose is to propagate, it might also make it so that people are way more likely to notice that other humans are interested in them. Hm. That might not even be a downside.
Numbervania chapter 29 . 8/26
Wha... Leslie Nielsen making spoofs of Twilight, you mean like Dracula, Dead and Loving It but for the teenage girl crowd instead? That seems wrong on the one hand and hilarious on the other. At least if they're well made parody films and not the schlock the genre more often releases.
Numbervania chapter 22 . 8/26
Silly Hatter, can't you tell a bread-and-butterfly lepidopteran from a white rabbit lagamorph? He's been drinking too much of the T-E-A. Then again, I don't blame him, everybody makes that mistake with Arthur.
Numbervania chapter 4 . 8/24
Haaaa, it's just Michigan J. Frog. For a moment I was worried it was some other more important showbiz-related frog. This is some good crackish stuff I'm reading, thanks for posting something that makes me laugh.
SpiritDeNight chapter 35 . 8/17
God I love this
uflesh940 chapter 35 . 8/19
Man, this was an agonizing read. Started out strong, but the rest of it was, at best, 90% filler.
crocket chapter 35 . 8/8
awesome chapter poor titans 2 zanders and one of them is beastboy
khatre chapter 31 . 7/14
a full story of Lex as Xander would be pretty fun and after these hints .. i want ...
khatre chapter 20 . 7/14
THE greatist work of fanfiction Ever Written!
Shandrakor chapter 15 . 7/9
Man the first few times I read this I wondered why the guard acted this way. Was only this time that I saw that mention in chapter 11 of giving both Mercy and power girl lexcorp authorization just below himself. Makes far more sense.
Obcorbino2146 chapter 24 . 7/11
holy sthis the first time I see my name in a fanfic like ever. CORBIN FOR THE WIN!
TigerAkemi1 chapter 35 . 6/26
Love the shenanigans and waiting for more!
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