Reviews for Lex Marks The Spot
Random Guest chapter 30 . 5/15
How time flies... It been more than two years since this story was last updated... Im getting old.
MaNameIsBob chapter 5 . 4/30
The whole point of superheroes is having them do things unpowered people can't. Having Supers even assisting in road repair would cost jobs and make people annoyed with them. This doesn't seem like something Xander or Luthor would suggest. Not surprising though, none of your Xanders bare much resemblance to Canon.
addicted2text chapter 30 . 4/29
Aww man, I forgot how much fun this series was. I kind of understand why you'd switched out to some of the other branches you've written since as by jettisoning the increasingly useless weight of Luthor's backstory allowed more efficient story telling that didn't need to retread the retread all the time, but there was some really fun stuff here. I kind of miss it now that I've done a re-read.

Was trying to get my old Fanfiction Reader archive working again on my phone and this was one of the stories I could access from that old archive. Really wish this site hadn't blocked it from working like they did. While being online is easier and easier there are still places without a signal and it was nice to be able to walk around with megabytes and megabytes of reading material with me at all times.

Not a waste of time for me as I'd forgotten some of the stuff that was in this story. Such as the minor crossover with the actual Lex Luthor in Sunnydale. I'd completely forgotten that section. Wonder if you've returned to that segment in the various Fragments series and I missed it there too?

In any case, thanks again and again for the writing you share with the world. It makes my day a better day when I read them. Rarely do I find writers who can do cheerful insanity the way you do that makes me literally laugh out loud. So thanks for that.
Snappy Flowah chapter 30 . 4/19
Wwwwww. Kek!

Eric Bloodaxe chapter 1 . 4/18
wait... did you reboot this fic? Cause I swear it had more word count 2 years ago
Dark8888Sun chapter 30 . 4/12
I loved this fic. It was great
vaughnb302 chapter 30 . 4/6
I know it's been a while, but this is still the best out there in many categories. I hope you get a chance to continue it if you still have the muse.
EliteShadow chapter 30 . 3/6
love this story so far i hope to read more chapters soon keep up the great work and please keep on updating this and your other storys too i love them as well till next time keep on writing!
CrystalDragonBlade chapter 6 . 2/15
I think it would be fun to have Lex in Xander's body find out what Xander has been doing in Lex's body I'm sure the reaction would be hilarious
N2 chapter 30 . 2/11
Please continue.
Aratherfluffyfatcat chapter 30 . 1/30
Enjoying the story thanks
Guest chapter 29 . 1/27
...I wonder if in the future, Xander's left behind mask will end up getting enough mass to set up a future prank on himself if he ever ends up going back to that world.


Because an evil twin prank would be a tad overdone. But pranking himself with something like that? Perfectly fine. Especially as it pranks everyone else too!
Resurrection99 chapter 29 . 1/15
Good shit sucks it's dead
Samuel Turner chapter 30 . 1/9
I wonder how Lex is doing back in old Sunnydale?
Great to see a new chapter up. Thanks.
Trey of the rebellion chapter 30 . 12/18/2021
Hey it's been a minute since I've picked up a story of yours! Glad I've found this one
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