Reviews for A Witch and an Amazon Walk into a Bar
Lesbian Witch chapter 15 . 6/18
I came for the lesbians. But honestly stayed for the plot one of the best written stories I’ve read in years!
ThunderClaw03 chapter 24 . 5/25
Great job keep it up. They make a cute couple. Have you thought about doing a marvel universe version of this story?
thunderofdeath97 chapter 23 . 5/22
how exactly is a gargoyle, both a gargoyle and gryphon, or gargoyle and pheonix
thunderofdeath97 chapter 21 . 5/22
idk i woud think that blades made by immortal deities, and then handed to eternal female warriors, would be stronger than some upstart wannabe whiny self absorbed little bitch with daddy issues' protections
thunderofdeath97 chapter 13 . 5/22
no offense but i have a hard time thinking wonder woman can be bested or defeated by any wand waver, also sorry about this, but if the gods nudged her, and wanted this to happen, and if they exist in this fic, then how can diana or iaso even say that diana had a choice, i mean in the old stories the gods and goddesses were cruel, manipulative, deceitful, heartless, and greesy tyrannical beings, that built and fostered upon oppression and depression
ThunderClaw03 chapter 2 . 5/21
Have you thought about doing a female Harry marvel universe bloody brandy Vegas challenge?
Khatix chapter 8 . 4/15
"But reckless use of power creates far too much suffering, no matter how good one's intentions"

What a hypocrite, the same can be said for not using power as well, after all Dumbledore lack and improper use of his power as Headmaster is one of the primary reasons things got so bad in Britain to begin with.

Rose has all the power and is holding all the cards, dhe can make lots of requests of the MoM and if they don't do them then she can refuse and even swear a vow to not kill Voldermot till they meet her demands. Simple things like sweeping the MoM for DE and supporters, random arm checks, etc.
Saphire no Kitsune chapter 24 . 2/26
I had a great time reading this. It had a great take on the Vegas prompt, without the over the top bashing and cliched nature of other similar stories I’ve read before. The writing was balanced, and the doting was excellent. I think I only noticed three or four errors throughout the book, rather than the five to six per chapter I see in most FanFiction. On top of that, the plot was fast paced, without feeling rushed, and managed to comprehensively have a beginning, middle and end. I highly look forward to reading some of your other works.
Hiyoshi Ren chapter 3 . 2/12
Is killing Snape and Dumbledore ever an option?
Noctus Of The Thousand Blades chapter 13 . 2/5
the main reason you are getting so much negative reviews is because this fic is being drawn out as an overly angst filled drama. Romance does not need any of that. yes, conflict is needed for the story and relationship to advance. but there needs to be good things to balance it out. you are focussing more and more on the drama and angst parts, and are neglecting the actual character building as the story progresses.

there needs to be levity, hope, LAUGHTER! this is listed as Romance/Adventure. NOT ANGST OR DRAMA! i actively avoid those because they depress me. and i guarantee you that every single negative review you have received are from like minded people.

the world is a dark and depressing place as it is in reality. many of us read these fics to ESCAPE those aspects. not revel in them.

drama and angst do not a good romance make. and that is why you get negativity. i'm a dude, and i understand this. i am a STRAIGHT Male reader, and i read a lot of romance novels in my spare time. mostly by Nora Roberts, but a few other authors as well. and while they do add conflict to their books to advance the plot, they don't FOCUS on the conflict.

drama and angst need to be used in moderation to SEASON the plot, not be made the focus.

and that, is why you get negative reviews.
N7 Greek-Valkyrie chapter 24 . 1/21
I never knew I needed this in my life until I read this story, but I couldn't be happier now that I have. This was fantastic, I really can't think of anything else to say, I'm blown away.
N7 Greek-Valkyrie chapter 10 . 1/20
I hope Snape gets Rose's memories of her past so he gets his head out of his collective ass.
immortal7 chapter 24 . 1/9
I've always enjoyed this story and the premise around it. to be Frank I always loved your stories. your Albus here isnone of my favorites, flawed, caught in his own ways but ultimately a good man. I hope to see more from you in the future, but if not thank you for the enjoyment.
Face Yourself chapter 9 . 11/22/2019
What doesn't make sense here is why Rose went back to Hogwarts at all. She can drop out, she's got her OWLs, and anyone who hasn't been infected with the magical world's idiocy could tell that it wouldn't be worth going back there - especially as it's seemingly the *worst* option for magical schooling in the world despite claiming to be the best.
Roadrat2292 chapter 24 . 10/9/2019
Great story. Well written.
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