Reviews for A Witch and an Amazon Walk into a Bar
ashyraa1 chapter 1 . 5/6
Fluff? More like drama and angst.
Rairi Valelira chapter 24 . 5/3
Still waiting...
PrincessLinkin1 chapter 24 . 3/18
This was a wonderful read. Although it might not have contained as much romance as I had hoped, it more than made up for it with your talented writing. I will likely check out some of your other fics due to the talent you showed in this one.
ItMeYaGril chapter 24 . 3/5
This, along with each of your other stories that I've had the pleasure to read, was wonderful. Thank you for sharing them with us.
Jesseburnett chapter 1 . 3/4
dang, this size gap is HAAWT lol. look forward to continuing it 8) thx for writing
Kagey98 chapter 24 . 1/4
Great Story! Thank you for sharing your talent!
Mirek316 chapter 13 . 12/9/2020
So far so nice story. But just one problem for me for this story is that this underpowers Wonder Woman so much. I know that it is probably done for the sake of the story and all, but isnt she a being made byy gods and given their blessings. Strenght to at least help move planets. Incredible speed that not any where neer the speedster of DC but still enough to BREAK sound barrier and more. Reflexes to battle beings with speed equal or above speedster on everyday basis. Toughness to at least tangle with Superman in battle for a while (her powers are magic based so doesnt she have some magical toughness too?) . And flight that is in the same league as her agility. Even if you take just poor minimum of those she still can pretty much over power almost anyone in HP world. Yes there is some questions like if she could survive the killing curse. But still she should not be that much harmed by magical attacks of just that caliber. For gods sake she can take on some heavy hitters of Sups rogue Gallery. But again i partially understand that its done so the story can progress with more drama, making it more interesting than just WW to destroy anyone in her path and whatnot. And even at the start its said that this is AU wonder woman.

So aside from the questionable weak powers of WW, i think this is one the best WW/HP done on fanfiction i have read (even through i am not that much into drama, which this story has almost too much) . So praise for you and your mind for making this amazing fanfiction. If i could i would give this story 9.5/10 stars.
JohnyXD chapter 24 . 11/30/2020
Thank you.
This was enjoyable to read.
Please keep up the good work.
JohnyXD chapter 7 . 11/28/2020
I wholeheartedly agree about Quidditch. This is a quote from TendraelUmbra's fanfic Harry Potter and the Scrambled Sorting
["I'm sorry," Hermione interrupted, "but you mean to tell me that in a sport based mostly on teamwork, there is a role that requires no coordination with other team members, and their actions are worth fifteen times the actions of the other team members, and their actions end the game!?"]
CRose chapter 24 . 11/20/2020
That was a lot of fun, Great Story!
LongSelfindulgentReviews chapter 24 . 10/29/2020
I was just scrolling through my favorites stories thinking about rereading something particularly good and I saw one of yours. I immediately wondered if you’d published anything since this story that perhaps I had missed, and am sad to see that you haven’t. I hope the last three years have treated you well enough, and you’re happily cooking up more wonderful stories that you’ll grace us with one day. Or at least I hope that you’re happy, whatever you’re doing.
Earthly Entity chapter 2 . 10/24/2020
"You dream about groping transsexual prostitutes" I'm fucking ded XDlol
Earthly Entity chapter 1 . 10/24/2020
Wait is it like Diana 870 years old?
Silky Button chapter 24 . 9/18/2020
Great ending and really interesting twist for Dumbledore.
Well done... just wish we saw a little more after the war than just this one 9 years later chapter... I'll live I guess ;)
Silky Button chapter 6 . 9/16/2020
That AU Omake was legendary! haha
Love that Uncle Petey and Nagini joined Sally.
Too funny!
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