Reviews for An Essence of Silver and Steel
DannyPhantom619 chapter 119 . 2/27
Glad this chapter of Taylor & Emma's life has closed. Can't wait to see what the future holds
H Max Marius chapter 119 . 2/27
To be brutally honest, I was far more enamored of the Emma chapter than the Glastic Uaine one... GU's chapter felt like it came out of nowhere and did not feel as if it fit and was extremely difficult to wade through, whereas since everything with Taylor starts with her dealing with Emma, ending there makes a lot of sense.
38Solaire38 chapter 119 . 2/27
It's so weird that this story is nearing it's end. I honestly don't know how to feel about that, but I am glad that I've been here for most of the journey. I actually really liked this chapter, their aren't a lot of stories that give the both of them closure like this and it was interesting to see. Keep up the good work!
PasiveNox chapter 119 . 2/27
Nice chapter
Jack Inqu chapter 119 . 2/27
Revenge, in fiction and in real life, can be fun to read and watch. And sometimes, there are people that are too far gone; they have to be put down before they hurt anyone else.

But for a lot of 'villains,' it's better in the long run, for themselves, their victims, and the world in general, to actually help them. It can be hard, frustrating, and take a long time. But it can be worth it, and it can do a lot more good than revenge ever could.

Does Emma deserve forgiveness? I would say that no one deserves love, forgiveness, or anything like that; those feelings are gifts that nobody really earns or deserves. They are simply given.

I do think that both Taylor and Emma deserve to be able to move forward with their lives, whatever forms those lives take.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
tf330129 chapter 119 . 2/27
Keep it up :)
blood v PS. doom chapter 1 . 2/27
shuumatsu no valkyrie Crossovers ?
Dragon lord Syed 101 chapter 119 . 2/27
Well things are interesting here some warp up to how all this started next will be the end I guess
JustAnotherGuest chapter 118 . 2/23
Truck-Sama you are literally the very presentation of a Brainless Worm Fan. And I hope you acknowledge that because you are one stupid guy.
blackpan26 chapter 61 . 2/22
Where did you get the information on The Path of Feats?
superpierce chapter 118 . 2/21
can't wait to see what happens next.
Jack Inqu chapter 118 . 2/20
Glaistig Uaine is a difficult character to write, I feel. So much power, and such a strange way of looking at the world. I think you did a good job with her and her conversation/confrontation with Taylor. I'll be very curious to see what becomes of her.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
grovepjp chapter 118 . 2/20
Engineer4Ever chapter 118 . 2/20
Ah Ciara, time to live a little. have you had a slushie?

Still, love it and just inside of her mind. Great work OP.
tf330129 chapter 118 . 2/20
Keep it up :)
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