Reviews for An Essence of Silver and Steel
ArkhCthuul chapter 103 . 7/2
Poor little girl/passenger thingy, I think you broke her a bit... Or a lot?
ArkhCthuul chapter 101 . 7/1
Soooo... What does finally total killing eden actually accomplish?

I mean it's not as of she was acting in any way after crippling PoV...
ArkhCthuul chapter 98 . 7/1
Ah, rune, from o e barely believed nutjob cult to a. Strongly. Believed cultish religious rampage...

She stayed. Quite true to herself...
ArkhCthuul chapter 97 . 7/1

Putting them on the spot this way was sure to. Crack some of. Them.

Dennis will understand, as soon as his dad is healed and some time passes, and return, I sure.

And I didn't think I'd ever see a Co vi cing almost Canon personality arms aster leave the prt/protectorate for. A other group.

Well. Done.
ArkhCthuul chapter 95 . 7/1
Holy heck, sorry about that.

That's what, 4 relatives within a little more than a year?

Really, take my. Co dolences.

And praise, cause that chapter was good.
ArkhCthuul chapter 93 . 7/1
End point?

Luckily almost .

And will arms aster decide eon a Tolkien name when he takes a ring?

He seems. The type...
ArkhCthuul chapter 91 . 7/1
Really, g
Ilgamesh should react. To her as to artoria.

Someone special To be owned. That would be both more in character and incredibly more dangerous...
ArkhCthuul chapter 90 . 7/1
I... Don't think this could have been done better.

Excellent whiash.
ArkhCthuul chapter 89 . 7/1
It's her birthday. Party.

That allows for some more leeway, mo?
ArkhCthuul chapter 88 . 7/1
I am getting Ring maker. Flashbacks... And expected. Swords, maybe they are swords as. Well, for her knights of the. Round table nothing less will do...
ArkhCthuul chapter 83 . 6/29
Fuck, why would you kill off Piggott?
She's. One of the few. Competent, morally kinda light sided people in all of worm who is also in a position of power...

Also, dang the interaction she did for Herakles was cute as heck.
ArkhCthuul chapter 82 . 6/29
Taylor needs tot ell eidolon.

It's the right moment, now.
ArkhCthuul chapter 80 . 6/29
Hahaha, go Taylor, tell him.

PR eg lying from above, always works... U til it doesn't.

ArkhCthuul chapter 79 . 6/29
Aflgain, my condolences,. Even if late by 2 years.
Also, Glenn chambers can go. Fuck himself. She's triumvirate level. He doesn't. Tell Them to wear more white and be more approachable.
ArkhCthuul chapter 78 . 6/29
Soooo, rune second triggered and is killing the empire for hope

Ouch, if true, huh if not.
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