Reviews for An Essence of Silver and Steel
ArkhCthuul chapter 77 . 6/28
Hajahahahahahahaaaa... Ah, sigh.

Of course, it always has to. Get. Worse.

How about Sone less darque for darqueness sake chapters?
ArkhCthuul chapter 75 . 6/28
I'd laugh if she installs him and her will actually prevails.

Stupid pretty boy demigod...
ArkhCthuul chapter 72 . 6/28
Well done.

Alas, poor Lisa, unless it was
A tr
Ck of alle Andria.

Maybe Medea can pull of a true ressurection with prep?
Add hero to the mix?
ArkhCthuul chapter 71 . 6/28
Well, there's the berze

Why the
K would Alexandria attack her though

I mean c
Care about collateral damage soo...
ArkhCthuul chapter 70 . 6/28
The reason it was.
So moronic to summon him as a berserker.

Being a little. Stronger but loosing his mind? Morons...
ArkhCthuul chapter 66 . 6/28
Yeah, wildbow.

This mood is the reason I stopped reading pact., and never tried twig or ward so. Far, though I might try twig some day.

He builds cool. Settings, writes compelling action, but he's too Warhammer 40k.
ArkhCthuul chapter 65 . 6/28
It's not? More complex, including Intel gathering and wards friendship plans then?

Also everybody needs a friend like her.
ArkhCthuul chapter 64 . 6/27
I'd like to order a cross of invul erability and a ring of regeneration, please.

And if you do them, a belt buckle of super strength.
ArkhCthuul chapter 58 . 6/27
My condolences.
Losing your grandpa is something that hurts.
Luckily mine died quickly, painlessly and at 80, doing snow cleaning in the morning, dead in the evening, so we didn't have to see him "die", but even then it hurts.

My best wishes, even if it's years late.
ArkhCthuul chapter 56 . 6/27
I should have seen the similarities.

Saito and archer, Taylor and khepri.

Wow, well done.
ArkhCthuul chapter 55 . 6/27
Sooo, Ms escalation is the one not willing to escalate here.

Very unusual for Taylor, and I'm now REALLY wondering who scares her. Soooo much that she would have almost let her friends die...

Probably someone who is a large area master, but who would that be?
ArkhCthuul chapter 54 . 6/27
Sorry, but this is just cracking my sod.

Noelle clones, and Noelle, are acting too smart, and the power the mitia clone has has nothing to connect it to the original.

So t get me wrong, the setup reads well, but it doesn't fit into the established setting/the characters abilities.

It just seems like a too big asspull to get to a certain setup easily.
ArkhCthuul chapter 53 . 6/27
So, who IS the often mentioned heroine she in no way wants to use?

I mean Herakles and some other heroes are already asshat material, not to mention gilgamesh, so who is it, who is powerful enough to solve that situation?

Morgana? Or if we. Count God's, Morrigan?
ArkhCthuul chapter 50 . 6/27
Ouch. Noelle clones with time to prepare.

Really, it seems like you're going for the worm typical grimdarkness now.

8 hope this ends soon, cause let's be honest, you're only doing it to keep Taylor the one man hero army suppressed.
ArkhCthuul chapter 47 . 6/27
Unless you are playing/writing a truly villainous Taylor, it's never ever a good idea to let coil live longer than needed to disarm all his bombs and stop his "revenge for killing me" plans.

Though I really would like to read an AU coil that is actually redeemable, as his powers of self mastering ARE extremely useful.
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