Reviews for An Essence of Silver and Steel
ArkhCthuul chapter 37 . 6/27
Slow and realistic panpan friendship? Neat.

Also coil, you are a moron. Don't try to. Influence someone who cancels you, it'll. Never work.
iremjohn00 chapter 78 . 6/26
Bruh why not install Sherlock Holmes
ArkhCthuul chapter 32 . 6/26
I love. How. You made vista's. Guilt. Over hating Sophia make her adamant in bringing in Taylor.

Very believable, non stupid asspull move, II approve. Again.

Also, it's gonna be hilarious 9nce the wards get. Th full picture.
ArkhCthuul chapter 28 . 6/26

Not "better" but "well", that's a big jump from... Normal.
ArkhCthuul chapter 27 . 6/26
Ah but every Geas binds both ways. Careful Taylor...

Also, nuke bakuda from orbit. Medea or gilgamesh should do.
ArkhCthuul chapter 26 . 6/26
Nimur has access to ALL noble phantasm she made.

So yeah she can go mini gilgamesh in top of sorcery
Major league scary.
ArkhCthuul chapter 24 . 6/26
Why would you revisit the leviathan fight u less you borrow enough Canon to make bb a class a target again?
ArkhCthuul chapter 21 . 6/26
My scion demigod, daughter of the Morrigan, applauds.

Geas are the best thing since sliced atoms.
ArkhCthuul chapter 20 . 6/26
So you're going with everything in earlier ages was magic setting cross, check.

And oh Lisa... You suck sometimes.
ArkhCthuul chapter 18 . 6/26
You did well.
ArkhCthuul chapter 16 . 6/26
I really. Like your Colin so far.

Which is weird, as he seems mostly Canon, not like a hearty armsy version... And still...
ArkhCthuul chapter 15 . 6/26
This is among the best done darker reveals of SS ide tity.

And you already got rid of her too... Unless she counts as dead hero now. I'd love Taylor to call her up just to scare Emma...
ArkhCthuul chapter 13 . 6/26
So, only. Good ends cannot be part of the story?

Too bad. Nice way of ending Sophia though. I approve.
ArkhCthuul chapter 10 . 6/26
Was that a quote?

I seem to remember almost the exact words from another fic.

Still, oh so true and oh so satisfying.
ArkhCthuul chapter 8 . 6/26
Good and decent AND competent cops, in BROCKTON BAY?

Where is this, mirror u ivrrse?

Love Dany the bull Herbert.
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