Reviews for An Essence of Silver and Steel
ArkhCthuul chapter 7 . 6/26
Risky, and from her often under the wrap "good side", I like where this is going.
Meteoricshipyards chapter 70 . 6/23
Excellent story. Lots of fun.

However, got to disagree with you about Herc's brain. Herakles was known for being not the sharpest sword, which is why his defeat of Atlas by tricking him is so out of character that it's funny.

I just assume it's Taylor's mind that's filling in the multi-dimensional part.

Thanks for writing.
ArkhCthuul chapter 5 . 6/23
Hmmm, Foret hiking Taylor, nice armmsmaster competent prt.

Now, tats, what will be your game?
ArkhCthuul chapter 4 . 6/22
Ah, will. We flget perma dumb arms master, or will seeing the area flip his switch back to normal tinker mode?
Jctherebel chapter 121 . 6/22
This was an amazing story, absolutely amazing, I loved it, from start to finish I was hooked.
ArkhCthuul chapter 3 . 6/21

You've cap
Tured my. Glee. Give. It back!
ArkhCthuul chapter 2 . 6/21

I really hope the usual lung and arm master. Rehash doesn't happen here, cause with her power set tqlaylor is... Well
Kraizy chapter 106 . 6/16
Curious, does she ever actually install Gilgamesh?
Kraizy chapter 23 . 6/8
It was stupid to let Amy heal her. That was evidence that she could have used on them.
Kraizy chapter 22 . 6/8
I hope Taylor beats Barbie within an inch of her life and leaves her on display as a warning.
Peanut-Butter-Bandit chapter 121 . 6/3
I really did like the things you left to the reader, Contessa being one of them.
Also thanks for including this chapter here. It was fun to read.
I defintely understand Taylor finding a set of Favorite heroes, because that's what everyone I know who plays FGO does haha. Versatility is big, but there is defintely the aspect of "this character is relatable to me." I enjoyed when you introduced the heroes and when you showed their thoughts and influences on Taylor. I mostly Faved other heroes (Mordred is my Medea) and so I knew very little of the Nasu take or even the historical figure. I would be thrilled to see how far you get with "Taylor-faces" personally.
Your story has kind of relit my muse for Fate and writing, so I'll see if anything comes from that. I have a hoard of stuff that's partially finished. I'm impressed by people that can breathe life into an epic of this caliber, like you have.
Thanks again for writing and sharing!
Peanut-Butter-Bandit chapter 120 . 6/3
This story was so good. Kephri's inclusion and role was unexpected for me, although it makes so much sense as an Emiya counterpoint for Taylor. I like how the ending tied off the different loose ends and including Taylor's mom was really good. That part got me here just like it did before.
It sounds like the Camelot thing is going to be something like Chaldea in FGO, which is cool. I liked the variety of heroes you included, especially when they weren't ones I would have thought about. (I was always kind of hoping Iskander would show up, especially with Leviathan because the reality marble would remove him from any water basically.) Still, it was neat to see heroes I don't usually think about. I liked Medea's inclusion as one of Taylor's mains especially because I didn't know much about her before. It was also cool to see Herc with and without the madness.
I also liked how you didn't rush through the end, and the new Golden Morning still had weight and stakes. I feel like you made Scion a little more resilient here in terms of his grief taking longer to kick in... but it's been a while since I read Worm. Like your note said though, it's hard to make that fight anything more than a one-sided beat down from Scion.
Thank you for writing and sharing!
Still Not There chapter 120 . 5/22
I feel like this story ended after Taylor left the Wards, after that we got snippets. We really have no idea how anything or anyone got from point to point. You mentioned at the end of certain interludes how “this ends X’s character arc”, but nothing was really resolved, it feels more like you got tired of certain characters having an arc and just decided to write something which felt vaguely like a resolution.

The only portion of the story after Taylor raised her castle which we saw in totality was the fight vs Scion which... well I’m gonna be honest was not nearly as epic as it should have been.

This started strong and you’re a pretty competent author so at no point was it “bad”, but it really went out with a whisper.
Alex Rueda Segura chapter 93 . 5/22
GG very good way to end them, I expected a fight and epic massacre and seen through the internet but it cannot be denied that ASSASIN CREED style is also very cool
Alex Rueda Segura chapter 75 . 5/21
now I understand why he did not choose Gilgamesh
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