Reviews for Defiance
Redav chapter 44 . 12/10
Please update story! Need like a drug)))
Haphne Emeraldplains chapter 44 . 12/3
please update this story. its so good. Im holding out hope that one day your muse would turn towards this story.
Potter Abducted by Penguins chapter 44 . 11/27
It is a darn shame this story has not been completed.
Raymondjay41 chapter 44 . 11/23
I hope you finish this fantasy story
anmoldance chapter 44 . 11/22
Wowo nice story. Plz continue
Dusk Aqua chapter 10 . 11/17
Idk about “stealing it” imo you sort of just implement ideas in other stories, but still logical applications of spells, stealing is hella jumping the gun
Guest chapter 18 . 11/15
Fucking shit story. It was fine at the beginning but it went to crap when he went into his 5th year. Portrayed him as someone who keeps to himself , power hungry to not let others try and control him and then you have him teach Daphne and The whole fucking 5 year . I can tell from the other comments it doesn’t even get better and it’s not even completed. Such trash , you write random chapters of Harry doing stupid pranks or keep changing the way you want Harry to be seen. When he was at the black manor , he was more calculating, sarcastic , cunning and his “old memories” that you just seem to stop pointing out anymore, made him more power hungry , he wanted more power in general . But what happens when he goes back to school? Of course he fucking baby sits everyone for no god damn reason at all. Everyone supposedly needs Harry Fucking Potter to carry them to victory again. Super annoying
Raven097 chapter 43 . 11/6
This is one of the best works on this site.
I do hope that you find a muse to continue this story.

Thanking you once again
kingslayer98 chapter 44 . 11/3
hope you come back to this
BaddieDZ2 chapter 44 . 10/31
And then the author abandoned the story for some other garbage.

Go fuck yourself.
Handers chapter 2 . 10/29
Nice start!
Sour10 chapter 8 . 10/29
I love how this story progresses but I have one itch ...i think Snape would have been such a good guardian for Harry(of course not loosing his snark)...after all he did risk his life for Harry and everyone...and was a master in the game of sly... it was clear that his only agenda with dumbledore was keeping Harry safe..just saying xD
XxOSOKxH4WKxX chapter 44 . 10/8
Love this story and would love an update on it.
bojangles8894 chapter 44 . 10/2
This is one of the most inventive and creative story lines I’ve ever come across. Even if you never come back, thank you!
Mangekyo rinnegan BB7 chapter 44 . 9/29
Hello. This is one of the best fanfic I ever read here. Plase continue with this beautiful masterpiece.
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