Reviews for Winter Thorns of Highgarden
1fower chapter 20 . 12/29/2020
OMG. I loved this. You wrote everything with such detail and attention. I am so excited for the sequel! Please release it soon!
AyameKitsune chapter 23 . 12/29/2020
Nyx028 chapter 1 . 11/22/2020
i found this at ao3 just a few weeks after quarantine and all i can say is that YOU ARE FREAKIN' AWESOME! I really love the story, its technically one of the best reads ever.
MythplacedLogic chapter 23 . 8/11/2020
Wow! I finally had time to read this all the way through in one go, and I’m glad I waited. This is magnificent. The characters, the plot, the realistic issues that were encountered and overcome, and the fairytale overlay that has just enough dark GoT goodness to give it bite. I really look forward to any more from this universe if you do decide to continue, this was lovely!
Imafantotally chapter 23 . 7/22/2020
Catelyn Tully is a spiteful, greedy, petty, bitch who’s certain her father’s daughter (in my opinion).
Valen Goncalvez chapter 23 . 7/14/2020
Please keep updating! I can't wait to know what will happen next! And thank you for your efforts!
MoonlightMiracle.SakurianaHime chapter 22 . 7/3/2020
Sequel please!
tefy chapter 23 . 7/1/2020
I love it, please continue it
mmacdonald22 chapter 23 . 6/19/2020
I really hope you’ll write a sequel soon!
AnaneDvias3581 chapter 23 . 5/22/2020
Love your fan fictions and have read this story three or four times. I am excitingly hoping you are still planing a part 2.
Flamey Owl chapter 23 . 3/17/2020
I would spend all my money on a film adaptation for this, was very beautifully written
Azapin chapter 15 . 2/3/2020
Oh my goodness, did Arya accidentally find Baelish’s spy?! :o
lovenightshade03 chapter 23 . 1/23/2020
I've fallen in love with your work, you can't believe how much I'm looking forward to reading the sequel, I need with all my soul to find out what happens next :3
Thank you so much for your incredible story ;)
Hell of Sounds chapter 23 . 1/6/2020
Sequel sequel sequel, where is the dragon egg that Loras got from Dragonstone. The meeting with Oberyn. This story is too good to leave alone. I hope a sequel is coming soon.
MoonlightMiracle.SakurianaHime chapter 23 . 1/2/2020
Please continue this story and update soon!
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