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JBBLADER chapter 10 . 10/14
no worries. take your time. i want this next chapter to be epic. also question for amalie: whats the first thing your going to do when the commander comes out of this coma? have an awsome day. and if you cant stay motivated maybe take a break or mini vacation. anyway il see you soon and can hardly wait for the next chapter. peace
Cloudydayz1120 chapter 10 . 9/28
Hey you. Yea you. Your story has been the best damn thing Ive read in ages. And that twist at the end of your first story surprised the hell out of me. And I am not half bad at guessing twists!

A question for Amelia though. Have there been missions where you have unintentionally gotten the Commander's soldiers killed. Or have you always fudged the numbers so to speak, so they were always in his favor.
IronHide77777 chapter 10 . 9/17
As an X-com vet I recommend
Transfer command of the Water dragons to Amalie.
Keep science, engineering and central on tap for ancillary C&C data and information coordination between the two units operating against the same threatening command structure.
Use up link to the Avenger as a data dump for memory leak.

Focus on one fight at a time...
Transition from turn based mode to FPS mode...Engage!
Sargeant Mitchell Shepard chapter 10 . 9/9
So well, you still. afraid to answer to human sent by gods ( or even one of them) , you snake bitch. You are the same shit as the Combines, also my tanker ship and crew are 77,5793% better and EGDIER than you plotwist cruiser. So "amali"... would you tell where your combine held my gordon freeman ? I seriously must hunt him down !
Snow-Golden Foxy chapter 10 . 8/22
/i have really enjoyed this so far, i love the story and read everything tho cant remember it all, but anyway i have a bit or a different style ask that you may use as you wish, also * i use for when its meant to be in bold:

*I walk into the room with my white viper skin camo Plasma cannon on my back and Plasma Blade holstered on my back with my cannon* “well i did not expect to meet you at all.. But im glad i am”

*I slowly sit down in a chair removing me helmet to reveal my white wolf like head as my 9 tails pop out behind me* “and your the only one that gets to see the true me.. The other being the commander, either way here is the question for you”

*i lean in a bit with a soft and calming look* “if you had the option.. Would you go yourself to save the commander even if you both could die? And second question.. Would you rather have to fight the AI commanders with the help of the 3 hidden factions.. Or fight The Chosen with the same help?”
FIFAbattleRoyal19 chapter 1 . 8/4
Just finished Xcom viper 1 or something and I really loved it, can’t wait to read the second one
Zenith Dregorzoth chapter 1 . 8/4
Well... This Is An Interesting Turn Of Events, Heh... One Of My Favorite Games Was Indeed The XCOM Series... These Fanfictions Please Me Greatly. I Thank You, I Have Nothing Else To Say.
Kane Follower chapter 10 . 8/1
Why Hawkeye is so blank ? I mean this is the character where he have his own POV , but he only say two or one short phrase or even nothing. Send me PM at least why he still have own POV, is there will be higher development for his character ? Dont take this comment as hate, I'm just curious about him .
Jeffnorsegod chapter 1 . 7/25
Hello, I just wanted to leave quick PM of encouragement, great job on what you’ve done so far, it has been one of my favorite fics so far! It really is spectacular how much quality writing you can get done in such a short amount of time, I only have a select “few” problems with the story I’d like to share with you if you don’t mind. First and foremost is Bellora is OP as hell, as of the current I’ve read both of the XCOM vipers and after getting to chap. 10 of the second one I honestly just felt all suspense melt away, what it took the commander and his best squad 4 hours to do Bellora did it in 15 mins without help, that just ruins all suspense and drama for me. And the second “big thing” to me is a lack of Hawkeye and Mercy, although I love story’s that show others POV the reason I clicked on your first viper story was because I wanted a cool love story between a viper and a ranger, although this has evolved into MUCH more. Other than that I really dislike the “gene vipers” I have no clue why but I just hate the idea of them “existing” at all, hell I’d even be fine with Bellora if she was 1 of a kind. But that’s just me more than likely having no idea how to 1) write a story 2) competently judge some else’s work. I just want to reiterate, I LOVE THIS STORY, please never stop until we have a fitting end, and know that you have the support of hundreds! Keep rocking you beautiful bastard!
Vanguard chapter 10 . 7/22
I’m surprised Central and Shen aren’t trying harder to extract the Commander. They’re the only others that are aware of his increasing lack of memory storage so you’d think that they’d recognize the threat of info overload since the ambush
Guest285 chapter 10 . 7/21
A question for Amalie. Are you at all familiar with the story of Leonidas and his 300 Spartans holding the line against an endless tide of Persians? This was a major event that easily was one of the biggest reasons Greece did not fall to the Persians
Qihao56 chapter 10 . 7/19
You know, if if only we could have 2 commanders to direct our forces


WE DO! It’s the commander’s waifu!
Dragon Man 180 chapter 10 . 7/19
I'm honestly getting annoyed that you keep throwing difficulties at the heroes, they're already outgunned and deep in hostile territory over a time limit, tensions were high enough. Now with the commander suffering problems it's not as fun to read.
IronGiant9000 chapter 10 . 7/18
I must say this about this stories progression with to words:

Very Impressive.

I have been following the first XCOM viper story and I enjoyed it until the end.

I do have a question for the queen of the vipers herself.

"Amalie, have you ever considered gene splicing to make the commander into your one and only viper king, and if you had the technology would you do it ?"

Either way continue with this story this is a must read for XCOM lovers and I myself have been converted into one.
Gabrote42 chapter 10 . 7/18
THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME! It's a nice change of style after reading through What this World has to Offer. Or Next in line, for that matter. This was worth it and I trust you in writing a similar quality Amnesia chapter 4 christmas. Love yer things, and I will read you next time.
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