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Ralestro chapter 1 . 8/21
Guests comments on mountains are incorrect. Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain on Earth and while over half of the mountain is below sea level only 4000 sit above sea level. It totals out to be somewhere around 10000 meters tall compared to Mt. Everest's 8850 meters. That's no where near being twice as tall. In fact you have to go to Mars and see Olympus Mons to see a mountain that is double the size of Mt Everest. It's also the tallest known mountain in our solar system. Also in terms of altitude its not the closest mountain to space. That luxury goes to Chimborazo due to the fact that the Earth isn't a perfect sphere so closer to the equator the Earth bulges out, which is where Chimborazo resides. it's technically about 2000 meters shorter than Everest, meaning 4000 meters shorter than Kea, but in terms of altitude the peak sits around 1.2 miles further away from the Earth's core than Mt. Everest.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/18
Mount Vermeer is not the tallest mountain in the world it is the tallest on land the tallest in the world is near Hawaii if I remember it’s loca rightly I forget the nam tho in terms of height even with half its body underwater the half out the water is only a few hundred feet smaller than Everest so if you were to take both put them on the same level this mountain will be almost double Everest’s height again I forget the name I think it begins with an m but I cannot quite recall
Alex-Flyppy chapter 8 . 8/6
This chapter was Wonderful friend. At last the Arrancars sent by Aizen to the Human world, Ulquiorra and Yammy appeared ... Unfortunately, despite the fact that Yammy managed to seriously hurt Chad, and Ichigo, he was defeated in the worst possible way.

You have the ability to make Naruto quite funny, and incidentally take out his "Enemies", the way in which Insulting Yammy was very funny ... Unfortunately Tsunade intervened before Yammy "hurt" to her husband, after all Tsunade is too powerful a woman, it's a pity that Yammy was totally Humiliated / Defeated by her without any effort.

Aizen did not like at all the fact that Ulquiorra could not record his encounter with Naruto and Tsunade in the "Human World", when he received the report of how Yammy ended up in that state, he was surprised that it was Tsunade who left him so and not Naruto as he suspected ... Thing that Yammy won the mockery of Grimjow due to his defeat by a woman. Phantom has told Aizen that the only way he could not observe that fight was because of a " Illusion "implanted by someone more powerful than him and his Arrancar.

At last Rangiku came to see Tsunade and Naruto, unfortunately, ended up arguing with the blond, and pursued by an angry Tsunade, due to the insult that both told him. It's fun to see, that Naruto is determined to make Rangiku a more powerful Shinigami than he is originally, by training her and subjecting her to such training, so she can achieve Ban-Kai.

The attack of Grimjow and his men happened just like in the Cannon, but the best of this moment was when Naruto appeared and gave him the Technique of "Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: Thousand Years of Death!" ... That moment was epic, the most memorable of all this chapter ... Poor Arrancar never imagined such Attack and Humiliation, and vowed revenge against Naruto for it.

This Fic has completely hooked me, I hope and soon continue it; I will continue this story very anxious; Good luck and Ja-Ne.
Alex-Flyppy chapter 7 . 8/6
Very good this chapter friend. I did not expect you to decide to include the Bount Saga in your Fic, but I must say, that although it ended in a single chapter, it was entertaining to read it.

It is gratifying to see that Naruto defeated all the Baount, and left Yoshino and Gō Koga alive (Do not confuse this Koga with the one who was banished from the Kuchiki clan, Koga Kuchiki, who was the carrier of the Zanpaktou, Muramasa). And they can now have a normal Human life, because Naruto "Destroyed" their Powers/Dolls, and thus allow them to live and die as humans.

The truth, many of the Bounts disgusted me, not including Kariya (despite having murdered his own wife, Yoshino in the Cannon). Therefore it is good to have witnessed that Tsunade was the one who murdered the Bount woman, it is nice to have seen that Naruto despite being who he is now, has not left the moral of not hitting a woman, and giving opportunities to his enemies to change ... Unfortunately, by not wanting to change, they were killed before they became a major problem.

This Fic has me hooked, I hope and soon you continue it; I will continue this story very anxious; Good luck and Ja-Ne.
Alex-Flyppy chapter 6 . 8/6
Very good this chapter friend. It is gratifying to see, that despite Naruto Derroto and Humillo to Yamamoto, decided to cure him so that he was in perfect condition in case he had to face Aizen, unfortunately, he only did it to give him a second chance in life to change his form to be as a Person and as Leader of the Gotei 13 ... If this is the same person he was, Naruto will kill him in the worst possible way.

The reunion of Naruto and Tsunade with Matsumoto, was very funny, and caused Gin Ichimaru to get angry because Naruto called Rangiku's attention over his (A pena by Gin); Moreover, despite the fact that Aizen considered him a Clown and annoyance, it turned out that he showed amazement and in a certain point, fear, and that is due to the attack that I cast on him, that destroyed all the "Less Great" that were removing him and his "Traitorous Friends" from Seiretei by means of "Denial" ... Something that not only left him stunned, but also to all those who witnessed him.

Actually, I think Phantom is in fact Naruto who is "Torturing" and partly "Helping" Azien, because Aizen plans to control him or get rid of him, by treating him the way he does ... Something very funny to read, so we can see that Aizen is not the all-powerful that he thinks he is.

Without a doubt, Naruto and Unohana were taken from Maravilla, because both have been able to see more of the "Masks" that they use in front of others, to hide their "Past Lives" either because of what they did, or for leave behind their respective traumatic past.

The torture that Naruto gave to Toshiro was very funny, since the blonde treats the "Little Captain" as if he were a child, causing the rage of this and making Matsumoto diffuse with his comments.

Both Kukaku, Yoruichi and SUi-Feng no doubt in my opinion, developed some kind of "Attraction" towards Naruto. The first to be a heavy drinker, Yoruichi despite being very intrigued also attracts Naruto as a Man, and Sui-Feng because he saved his life and despite hiding it attracted him to him ... But no doubt what What the three women like is the same conclusion, Naruto is a great specimen of Perfect Man for them.

I will continue very anxious this Fic; Good luck and Ja-Ne.
Alex-Flyppy chapter 5 . 8/6
Very good this chapter friend. Apparently the arrival, or rather, the reunion between Naruto and Matsumoto, caused the latter to be much more cheerful and unconcerned than it used to be before, so much so that the way he answered his Captain Hitsugaya was quite funny and funny

The strength demonstrated by Naruto was the best I have read so far; That does not include the beating he gave to Yamamot, who despite trying so hard, use as many techniques as Charms, Fates, Bakudos, but above all, having used the Hadou # 90 Kurohitsugi and despite everything ... Naruto find alive , caused that Yamamoto really felt fear in his life, that he was not the "Most Powerful Being" as he proclaimed himself.

Unfortunately this great fight was interrupted due to the message transmitted by Isane and Unohana, regarding the betrayal of Aizen Souske; I would have liked to see more closeness between Naruto and Sui-Feng and Yoruichi, because both were fascinated by the Appearance/Power demonstrated by the Uzumaki ... Without a doubt, these women will be mocked by Naruto later on.

I will continue very anxious this Fic; Good luck and Ja-Ne.
Alex-Flyppy chapter 4 . 8/6
Very good this 4 chapter. It is worth mentioning that I call the attention of this character called Phantom a lot, perhaps it is some entity that wants to destroy Naruto, or it is Naruto himself, who is posing as Phantom, insisting Aizen to be careful with himself and with his wife, Tsunade.

Without a doubt, Naruto's way of being is very similar to that of Shunsui, due to the tastes they both have, drinking Sake and making Nanao-Chan annoyed. Apparently, Naruto could see behind "The Mascara" Unohana possesses, regarding being a kind and kind woman, it is only from the outside, because inside there is a "Fierce Woman" that possesses the power and ability to eliminate any threat ... Without a doubt, she would have been an extremely dangerous Kunoichi if she had lived in the "Shinobi Epoch".

The salvation of Rukia was as it happened in the cannon, the truth I think it would have been strange to have changed the way it happened ... I'm glad to see that you left that part intact, without any change.

The best thing about this chapter in my opinion, was the appearance of Naruto when confronting Yamamoto, the way he made fun of this and his "Powerful Zanpaktou" and his abilities, both in combat and in the way of directing / governing the Gotei 13. Without doubt, this battle will be epic between both opponents. Sadly, Yamamoto's arrogance will be his own fall before Naruto.

I will continue very anxious this Fic; Good luck and Ja-Ne.
Guest chapter 14 . 8/6
Any chance of seeing an update? It's been almost 2 months now!
Alex-Flyppy chapter 3 . 8/3
It has been a very long time, in which I have not commented on this story (9 months more exact). And apparently, it's good to see that Tsunade / Naruto / Kukaku get along great in their "Moments of Drinking Sake". They get along so well, that Yoruichi feels jealous for it and was mocked by Kukaku and Tsunade, even Tsunade gave the beautiful Shihoin permission to court Naruto, in case she wants to be with him in a love relationship.

My attention is drawn to who is the one with the Naruto Chakra fragment in the Seiretei ... And apparently the carrier is Matsumoto Rangiku, quite intriguing the truth. Although, due to the circumstances, Naruto / Tsunade knew her when she was a "Human Girl", moreover, Naruto saved her life when she was going to be beaten by the shopkeeper who stole a loaf of bread, so have something to eat

Naruto and Tsunade were the Paternal figures for Rangiku, unfortunately due to the Deaths that Naruto caused in his life, he won over an enemy that caused Rangiku to die in the House that Naruto gave to the girl (Who already had the pendant that Naruto I give him his gift, but even his own Chakra in said pendant). When he witnessed the demolished house and without any trace of Rangiku, he caused Naruto to assassinate this Enemy and his Army in the worst possible way ... Although, the reunion was the best thing that could happen, moreover, the reform that Naruto did to him to said pendant, giving him not only the ability to "Call or Summon him", but also defensive ways in case the life of Rangiku is in danger of death (Even caused Rangiku to blush ... Go reunion, I also fall in love with the beautiful Teniente del Escuadron ten).

The Naruto / Shunsui Negotiating form was epic, An offer of Peace and Sake drinking, the best that could have happened to Naruto; Even more, the small fight between Naruto / Nanao, in which the poor woman was spanked, and she ended up by saying that Naruto is a "Handsome Boy" ... The Uzumaki conquers the Shinigami women, and this one not even aware gives.

Now that I have free time, I will be very anxious about this Fic again; Good luck and Ja-Ne.
LuluViBritania chapter 1 . 7/28
so is Yoruichi using a type of Genjutsu in this story instead of actually transforming into a cat or do they both have someway of seeing her true form
Galeiam chapter 1 . 7/15
This reads like something written back in like 2010 or something...So much flowery written romance.
Monster King chapter 14 . 7/5
Great story I really liked it good job writing the story please continue it soon.
Guest chapter 14 . 6/10
A wonderful fic there, my friend. Keep it up and ignore flamers. They have nothing else to do anyway.
Guest chapter 14 . 6/10
Wow... Ahem... Excuse me while i try to control my boner!
MyNameIsTheYeeet chapter 1 . 6/9
So KamiKageRyuuketsu is a retarted Idiot who has to get a life. Also if your getting married you're probably shouldn't be reading fanfiction dip shit. This is a reply to a mean review on an awesome authors story.
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