Reviews for Break Down: A Historical Berlin Wall Story
Marshpy chapter 96 . 8/3/2020
I came back to this story after a couple years away because it holds a fond place in my heart, and I'm so glad to hear that you're back and doing better! These new chapters are so nice. I love how Liet has gotten stronger throughout, and it really showcases in this chapter. You depicted the bond between Germany and Prussia last chapter so well too! It's nice to see that after so much hardship things are slowly starting to get better. (Heinrich)
SockMage chapter 96 . 7/2/2020
Having reached the unavoidable point where I’ll have to wait for updates, shoot, there is so much I want to see resolved. I love the mix of hope and melancholy in the last couple of chapters but now really want to see things go well for everyone. Looking forward to updates
feliciatoshiro248 chapter 96 . 6/28/2020
Finally, the latest chapter! what a wonderful fic! Please continue it author! I want to know what happened next to Gilbert. I want him to meet hinrich/cort/Gisela again... I love your OCs too btw. And how about Belarus? I hope she'll be okay after the things that have happened between her and liet... Hopefully they all have happy endings *sobs*
SockMage chapter 62 . 6/27/2020
This fic is pretty dark, but I’m enjoying how you manage to portray everyone more seriously while still believably their characters (if that made sense). It’s all very sad but every time someone in Russia’s house fights back I can’t help but smile... then they get beaten up. Take about an emotional an roller coaster
feliciatoshiro248 chapter 2 . 6/23/2020
Hey, I just came across this fic today. you did a pretty good job :) thumbs up! I haven't read any fics for years and when I stumbled upon yours... I'm very stunned. The combination of history and emotional feelings(idk how to express it, English isn't my main language) ... It's amazing. Hope you a very nice day :)
viennese.caffee chapter 96 . 6/6/2020
Sooo, everyone's going their own way!
And I agree, nobody has a simple history with Russia in the once Soviet Block.
I've always liked how carefully you describe their human side!
Good job!
viennese.caffee chapter 95 . 6/6/2020
Good luck! Hope you fare well in those times, that we have now!
And now I'm off to read the new chapters!
WildFlo chapter 95 . 6/6/2020
Wow. One day I just happen to check my mail and there's an update! From you!
I'm so glad you're doing well. 3
MiciChrysDCMWL1980 chapter 95 . 5/12/2020
Oh, wow, I'm so glad you're back and that you're feeling better! I'm only sorry you were feeling rotten to begin with...
I've missed this story so much! I was afraid either something had happened to you or you'd decided to give up on the story but your writing is so awesome. Now I need to go back to the beginning and read through everything again to refresh my memory you said, it's been a minute.
I hope you continue to get better and that we "see" you soon!
Guest chapter 95 . 5/4/2020
Ahhhh I'm glad your back! I hope your doing well and can continue sharing your wonderful writing with us!
Bi.tan chapter 95 . 5/4/2020
I’m so happy you’re alright! I’ one of those assholes that never reviewed before, belive it or not i’ve Ben telling myself i really should post something since your last update, shame on me...
This chapter was bitter sweet, to say the truth it hit very close to heart, lets just say i to went through a similar situation not so long ago, the pain, the frustration of not being capable of doing anything to stop it, the fear \ threat of dying in the uncertainty … given how you wrote it it’s clear this is not something foreign to you either ...
Still it’s an incredibly cute chapter, gil is problably gonna disparar, however at last he’s home, he’s where he belongs in the place where he was happy together with the memories of who he used to be
That’s what he is now a memory
All the references to old fritz made me smile at the fondness and familiarity between them, that and I’m a fan of him
In a way this could be the ending, time is out for Prussia he ids no more, finally he’s free to return home and est ... not the happy lily ever after people usually like but for me it’s very pleasant, the simplicity of just joining his memories and with them disappear...
Ok i really don’t mean to romanticize misery or pain, just yo know its nice to find peace after so long suffering, all things considered its the best gil could hope for.
However this is obviously not the end of the story if your a\n is anything to go by, I’m curious what will come next since our main character is literally fading away and the wall is down, next is the aftermath.
So now its time for the Soviet Union to fall, i really like russia so i cann’t wait to see more of him ! Even if it’s his breakdown ... fine i’ll Just admit it! I in some fucked up way enjoy seeeing characters through this break down situations, makes them seem more human or something, idk just makes me actually feel some empathy for them unlike most other stories\ plots
Now on all the other comments i should have posted along the story but fail to do so ...
I must say your interpretation of the characters is rather different from the majority of writers, not in a bad way just interesting, although sometimes it does obviously reflect some of your own opinions that do lead to some parts looking rather o.c. Like.
Again i don’t think that’s a bad thing, thought to be completely honest russia’s Relationship with the last Romanov family does look incredibly forced and driven by your obsession as you so happy lily claim, not hating on it ... ok I’m not a fan of of them, the couple in mean nothing against the poor children, so yeah my grudge is completely partial ... i just cannt see how Ivan personally would like nickolas given the hardships the people went through under his reign, and in my opinion his lack of hability as a ruler in general
I’m not judging you, it’s my vision so i guess we will just agree to disagree... ok I’m bitching about this cause i like Katherine the great who for me is a far more admirable ruler and person in general ... then you made russia dislike her ... and like the one i consider shameful as a líder ...
Childish I know, it’s not a fact or anything, just points of view i guess... still love your story regardless... still pout at it thought
Next russia, man i love him and i really like your writting, mostly i enjoy your protraiam of him, but the borderline d.i.d thing ... idk it just doesnt fully sit well with me, sounds like a bad excuse to make him inocent, specially when he doesnt even remember what he does, how i see it i rather have a character force themselfes to do things they don’t agree with because they belive them necessary or dont have a choice, make them internally conflicted then just give them an excuse to hide behind.
There’s no need for him to not remember things, as we see he has been through a lot, he was taught by force and violence, for him such acts are necessary to keep peace\ control, he’s afraid of being alone yet needs to feel independent and strong, tis alone is more than enought to justify his conflicting atitude and internal turmoil on his actions as well as his sudden snaps of brutality.
On gil’s Character... oh man how i love it it’s a weird thing, I rationally want to critics how its problably exagerares yet i just cann’t, it feels somewhat natural he would go down such a path ...
What i really cann’t take is how the girl Adeline or something seeems to mean so much to him, i understand you like your o.c nothing wrong about that or having them in the story, but its like they knew each other for a short amount of time, didnt even pass that long together to bond or anything, i dont remember exactly how long and I’m not gonna go back to check but at max it was less than a month, then had that one night ordeal what as described was more two lonely people seeking things for one another and suddenly it’s love! The hell? The weirdest part is years afterwards gil’s Stil stuck on her, it’s far to forced for me to buy...
Gisela is far more interesting for me,yet she barely shows ...
So i just realized it really sounds like I’m hating on you when that’s the opposite of what i feel towards this, that’s why I’m bitching so much i think, cause i love it to the point of nit picking on every little detail... sorry if I’m an ass...
Since you asked my favorite o.c is that soldier shouts? I apoligize for butchering his name ... i just like the guy, he’s funny and clearly dutyfull, despite his professionalism and respect he sti show he’s opinion, i was happy that he made it out alive
It sort of confuses me ivan’s Relationship with his sisters, idk if you were following your own idea or if you were using some historic data, in any case his closeness with ucrain and fucked up bond with Belarus doesn’t fully float my boat
Lets adress the obv point of pure shipping Lithuania and Belarus, don’t try to explain historic facts shush girl we both know shipping is shipping it needs no other reason other than that, it’s ok no need for excuses
Now some legit questions on the story:
Did Poland lose the scars and tattoo ? As he mentally healed did they fade?
Just how old do think Latvia looks like? I’m genially curious, i usually consider around 14 ish thought the way you describe others atitude towards him makes him seem younger
The last chapters with the nightmares... that was amazing! Far to real unfortunatly inspired by your own experience, the confusion the pain, all on point!
I like the concept of the personifications representing nations, far to many people dont get the difference between nation and country... Bavaria speatch reflect this i guess, the hole gil will keep going as long as people still consider themselfes Prussian, or East German
Considering how in hetalia ghosts\ spirits of former nations actually visit * rome* i wonder if Bavaria really visited or if it was just gil’s Subconscious making shit up
Extra points for not making Italy a complete useless idiot! He may be a bit cowardly but he cares for his friends, if he has to steap up to save them ... then he will...
I know you said no shipping ... but ... pretty please ... is true or just my imagination swing gerita there?! It’s so cute! Veh~tell me its not just in my head?
Scenes of gil with Gilbird kill me with cuteness! That bird is awesome ! How they care for each other, the fluff is too cute!
Sorry for the messy shitty all over the place review, it’s late here I’m dead tired with work, but i saw the notification on this and had to read it, finally stop procrastinating and say something, so her it is... not what you deserved but at least its here
After all the entertainment you gave me it’s the least i can do to spend a bit writting back, tanking you for all this! Really in trully appreciate your work, it’s beauthifull and I’m so glad you do it!
Don’t worry, some thing are worth waiting for! Corny lines aside, i cannt speak for other but i am not going anywhere, quite literally with the current situation ... don’t beat yourself over it, it’s incredible your back with a lovely piece for. Us, no matter how long we need to wait.
Again all the best for you! You seem like a nice person that shares my love for history, i hope you keep getting better, that surgery went well and over all you can keep doing what you love, writting or acting
LunaTheBlackWolf chapter 95 . 5/4/2020
Hey, long time no see! :D Glad to hear that you're doing better, and glad to see an update for this story I fell in love with so long ago!
Guest chapter 47 . 4/29/2020
Do you mean how Germany becomes one? Actually quite brutal I guess.

The true cannon may be Prussia beat everybody up and force them to merge.
Guest chapter 45 . 4/29/2020
Russia did hurt Ukraine by causing a famine.
Guest chapter 14 . 4/29/2020 we all know, the original land of Prussia actually is not all included in DDR, but also USSR and Poland. How to make it?
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