Reviews for It Had To Be You
orangezauber chapter 23 . 9/6
Apparently I'm not logged into my account right now, but I had to leave a review. I have completely binge read this story and I love it! The OC characters and their relationships to one another is fantastic. I am absolutely hooked. Thanks for taking the time to write this and post it! You allowed me to escape my own chaotic world for a while :-)
Until next time,
LadyRedStar chapter 23 . 9/1
I really loved the dinner scene! That was sooooo adorable! I think my heart melted! I do feel bad for Belen but on the upside, it seems like Maritza has come to her senses. Maybe she will come clean to team Flash and help them with both Rayan and the Reverse Flash! I hope to see! Again, awesome work!
LadyRedStar chapter 22 . 8/22
In Barry's defense, it would be understandable why he doubts her for a second. After all, she didn't answer when they were trying to get in touch with her and she was keeping secrets from him. I'm glad they finally opened up to each other now. Felicity is great at getting people to open their eyes! Loved this!
GraceEllingson chapter 21 . 8/13
I'm so thankful for this story! It is lovely getting to read amazing BarryxOC works like yours! I can't wait to read the next chapter!
LadyRedStar chapter 21 . 8/11
Belen needs to find more self confidence in herself! She's a wonderful superhero and I love that she swatted and scared the Tricksters! Ha ha! At least now they know about Noah! Maybe they can get more info out of him! Brilliant work, as always!
GraceEllingson chapter 20 . 7/17
I just saw the line in the author's note about there only being six chapters left and I almost freaked out! Then I saw the "until Zoom" part... You had me worried there for a second! I love this story and can't wait to keep reading every one of these wonderful chapters you write for us!
LadyRedStar chapter 20 . 7/17
Sweet! This is why Snart is one of my favorite villains...not only is he handsome; he's smart and ruthless! Well that plan really back fired on Maritza! Ha ha! I think Belen should have gone with Barry to confront him! That would have been epic!
Guest chapter 19 . 6/6
I actually live for this
LadyRedStar chapter 19 . 6/4
Oh, sweet! I wonder what will change now that Barry's gone back in time? I loved this chapter! It's obvious Rayan's powers are making him crazy and possibly killing him.
Guest chapter 18 . 5/25
OMG! i love you so much!
GraceEllingson chapter 18 . 5/6
Moments like these make me so happy! I absolutely loved this chapter! Bells and Barry are so adorable together, and seeing how their relationship is developing is amazing! I can't wait to read more!
LadyRedStar chapter 18 . 5/6
The two of them are just adorable together! I got so many cavities from reading this! I hate the General...he's an SOB!
Guest chapter 16 . 4/20
What? Who can say no to Barry Freaking Allen?
Peaches chapter 17 . 4/18
Date date date! Yay!
GraceEllingson chapter 17 . 4/13
YES! I can't even find the words to express how happy that made me! I can't wait to see their date and continue reading!
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