Reviews for Absence
Charis Nova-Neko chapter 1 . 2/4/2018
I delved into the game before I realized this fic existed, fellow TSoS writer - and only now am I getting the chance to devour it.

I like this exploration of Joey's softer side and a moment of clarity in his thoughts - we're so accustomed to the game telling us he's off-kilter and possibly dangerous that we forget he's human. (Or once was - the game hasn't progressed far enough to tell us what's happened to him.)

I think you understood enough about the story to present this insight quite well. I do recommend the game, as a lover of stories. Good work!
FullMentalPanic chapter 1 . 8/4/2017
My knowledge of this fandom is pretty much limited to the song covers by Caleb Hyles and Jonathan Young, so it's nice to get some background! I definitely had that distinctive style of music running in my head the whole time I read this.

A lot of people are not good with dialogue, so I want to especially give you props for convincingly natural conversations. I feel that the focus on speech makes this whole piece much more accessible and immediately gives focus to character connection because this all happens as two people communicate with one another. The way you were able to highlight the individual and group contribution to art was quite effective. Since we're all artists of literature, or aspire to be, I guess we're all just suckers for exploration of the creative process. Good work!
Soror Curantis chapter 1 . 7/18/2017
This makes me think of Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech. In it, the characters have to figure out how to move on when important people drop out of their lives.

I think you handled the situation very well, not making the story drag but also not making Joey move on so quickly that it's unrealistic and not impactful. Wally was a good character and I was very ready to believe him along with the reasons he gave. Thank you for addressing that even without Henry, Joey still had many people there to back him up.

I really enjoyed this! Good job, Eevee!
Aviantei chapter 1 . 6/26/2017
Ah, writing fanfics without knowing everything about a fandom. I've done that before. Since you mentioned having trouble with this week, I'm glad you were able to write something, regardless of the knowledge involved. And, hey, I only know the name of this fandom and not much else, so no need to impress me.

Anyways, I think you hit on the prompt well, in a way beyond just the tape recorder. To me, the legacy felt like it reached a bit farther, one creator moving the story on even without his partner. The connections of the rest of the staff showed that they're a sort of family, even down to the janitor. Everyone plays their part, and there's a sense of comraderie.

Even when indie horror cartoon shenanigans are somehow involved. Is Bendy responsible for triggering the tape recorder then? Those words may be the encouragement needed later on...

Well, that's two shots from you reviewed for me. I'll do my best to touch on the others soon!
Chronic Guardian chapter 1 . 6/13/2017
*Ahem ahem ahem... a song that should not be taken too seriously*
So my Eevee here is writing a Bendy fic,
About the backstory characters, what makes 'em tick?
She's got it real short, and it's mostly talk,
She said she'd be succinct, now she gave it a shot!

Oh, what legacy does Eevee see?
(Evee see? Evee see?)
That cartoon thing is so creepy,
(So creepy, so creepy)

Now, let's talk a little 'bout the opening,
'bout the sentimental tone that really hits the scene.
It comes straight outta nowhere so it's kind of a shock,
it gets the job done, but it's a stumbling block,
like a smack to the face or a living ink blot.
Sometimes you gotta ease in, take it nice and slow,
You wanna start fast, but please respect the flow!
We've talked on this before, I won't harp, I know,
Just pointin' out ways for your style to grow,

Oh, what kind of advice does Eevee need?
(Evee need? Evee need?)
She deserves the best, but she's only got me
(Only me, wait and see)

Now that janitor guy is an interesting touch,
He's around the town, but he doesn't do much
in the grand-big scheme of the animation.
He may be a fan, but he only cleans work stations.
But you know? I think I really like that angle.
He's just close enough that he's allowed to dangle
All of Joey's hopes and dreams on a believable stick
He really wants good, but the results are sick...

Oh, now Joey's gonna build that ink machine,
(Ink machine, ink machine)
Just wanted to leave a good legacy,
(Legacy, legacy)
Yeah, shoulda followed Henry back to safety,
(To safety, to safety)
Instead he's got it in his head to make more Bendy!
(More Bendy, more Bendy)

...Okay, seriously though, interesting stuff this week, kid. I like how you focus on a moment where a legacy almost dies, but then gets revived and invigorated. It's also a fun idea in the meta sense of this conversation living on as a recording. Heh. Nice double tag there, kid. You done good.

I will note that you never explicitly state that Wally is Mr. Franks, but I was still able to put two and two together. Just... y'know, so you know.

Anyway, yes. Good job getting out a short piece. See? You really can do a short piece every now and then! Just a little more polish to help the rev-up at the opening and you'll have a solid little piece on your hands.

Hoping you're not too annoyed with me for attempting a song-review...