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Guest chapter 17 . 11/9
I somehow missed that you had posted 2 more chapters. I just have to say, “Wow!” I loved every second of this ball. I really enjoyed the different point of view, as well as how much Regulus is really struggling to court Hermione. She just doesn’t see it! This was a great update, and I’m greatly looking forward to where you take this story next.
Apathy Undone chapter 9 . 11/9
Oh how I love Narcissa's snark! You write the Slytherins so well. I am thoroughly enjoying this story so far, thanks for writing!
Bibbity88 chapter 17 . 11/4
GOD I loved this chapter! You had me crying laughing and tearing up by turns! What a rollarcoaster!
FreyaWrackspurt chapter 17 . 10/20
Such an excellent story! Thank you for sharing
diamondnightskies chapter 17 . 10/15
Ok, so I just totally binged my way through this story. I'm not sure what authors prefer in these situations...smaller reviews on each chapter or a longer one at the point you've left off on for new readers? I'm opting for a longer one since I personally wouldn't want to wade through 17 individual reviews if it wasn't as each chapter was written. I'm not sure I could fully describe to you just how exceptional I find this story! It's an under-represented pairing, at least as far as I'm concerned! There is so much detail here! The chapters are long, which I like, but they don't feel like it really because of the way you break them up into little episode-like sections. I love how you've pretty much thrown Regulus into the deep end, into a world that is both somewhat changed and somewhat the same and off just enough to throw him for a few loops. I love that he seems to be struggling to get a handle on Hermione and stay on the right side of her, in particular how his upbringing and lack of understanding regarding hers has lead to frustrating misunderstandings and uncertainties. He seems to think a lot of himself, of course he has been raised to, but I like that Pansy told him some blunt truths and that towards the end of the ball he has quickly come to realize that he should heed her advice and that perhaps his upbringing will not be beneficial in his situation. I imagine Hermione has grown up always assuming she would only marry for love or why bother, whereas he has not and is used to women who have been raised the same. I am actually looking forward to Regulus and Hermione having a conversation about her torture, and perhaps his first time seeing her scar. I'm wondering when he will learn about her parents. It's kind of amazing how you've made it so that their developing (or at times regressing) relationship feels like it permeates through the entire story despite how few interactions they have actually had. I am excited for more interactions between them! Oh, and do we get to see what her gift to him was? I hope so! I absolutely adore this Pansy and her friendship with plus protectiveness of Hermione, and I really hope you have something wonderful for her in the end! I'm actually really enjoying the dynamics of all the the friendships you've built here. The original characters you had Hermione working with were great, too! Kreacher is awesome in this story, very amusing and rather sweet. Hate this Daphne, she seems like a desperate bitch. I definitely would not mind seeing some figurative smack-down in the future. I read A LOT of Dramione and readily admit to an entirely irrational and intense dislike of Astoria, which I have been trying to work on (and I'm not sure what it says about me that I even feel the need to work on my irrational dislike of a fictional character). BUT, I actually found that I really liked the way you wrote their exchange. I feel for this Draco and like the sort of friendship he seems to be developing with Hermione. I want him to get past his issues and come out the other side a better person, so I feel like I could enjoy her with Draco if she is a genuine and caring person. I like the depth you have given to Narcissa, and am interested in seeing what happens when Lucius is released (if you have that planned as a part of your story). But I was wondering...Regulus intends to re-instate Sirius, but why no mention of Andromeda? She should be brought back into the family too!

I don't know how frequently you plan to update, but I am really excited to see where you take this story! It is such a shining gem and I am in awe of all that you have already put into this. It will be quite a spectacular accomplishment once completed. Thank you so much for sharing your imagination and writing talent with all of us. Oh, I should also mention there were a few instances of spelling and/or incorrect word usage that popped out at me while reading. It certainly did not detract from my enjoyment of the story at all, but if you are interested in people letting you know about things like that I would be happy to go back through and let you know.
RJC1315 chapter 17 . 10/13
Have been loving this story and chance of another chapter or 2
Aellis chapter 3 . 10/10
Frickin' love this story.
Great job with Regulus
Yukiji Yumemiru chapter 17 . 10/3
I have mentioned already how much I love this fic and your writing? Because I love it, is great!
Guest chapter 17 . 9/29
I love this story & read it at least twice a fortnight! It’s absolutely amazing! But can you plz plz plz upload it? It’s been more than a month! Pretty please?
I love this ship!
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story with us... your writing style really keeps us all hooked...
HGRHfan35 chapter 17 . 9/19
Poor Regulus. Times, they are a changing and girls certeinly are not the same in this era :) hehe
MinervasLittleSister chapter 17 . 9/13
Such a perfect misunderstanding between two very different worlds! Love how regulus is beginning to understand about hermione, thanks to pansy! And Ron being the protective brother! So perfect. I love this version of Ron. He and hermione may not belong together in my mind but he is a great guy.
Guest chapter 17 . 9/4
More please! Just can't get enough of granger/ black!
Jeraly chapter 17 . 9/1
I enjoy how you bring everyone along and how Ron made it clear that Hermione wasn’t to be messed with
Amariel chapter 17 . 8/31
Loved the chapter! So many great interactions between all the characters. Can't wait for more!
sofisamu chapter 17 . 8/31
Oh the groveling! I love this song :))))
I love the little friendship between Hermione and Draco
Thank you :)
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