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In Dreams chapter 47 . 9/17
Well this was stunning and emotional. It was poignant and quiet and beautiful, and it never ceases to amaze me how you respect and pay reverence to even the smallest details. The thestrals, Seamus' pub, the way Malfoy's gaze caught hers in the window. Just lovely and I had to stop just to feel what you'd written here. I love this story so much.
Guest chapter 47 . 9/16
I like the funny bits. This story is pretty deep and serious but the funny parts of it right now are really good, like genuinely funny (and it's most often Theo).
Everything with them going back to Hogwarts was amazing, like hit me right in the feels and again, you're so poetic in a wonderful way
Iphis94 chapter 47 . 9/15
I'm glad that someone finally said it. I never, ever liked Dumbledore and I never understood why no one called him out about his schemes. It's should not even count as bashing him; he is criminally negligent, manipulative, controlling and prejudiced. All the things an old and wise professor should not be. And let's not talk about his morals. Ugh! Thankfully Hermione saw his real colours.
I can't wait for Hermione and Draco actually interacting. Really I can't!
It was a beautiful chapter as always, I am in love with your writing and I hope I'll see more and more of it.
It's totally okay if you don't reply to the reviews, of course. Though your replies are equally interesting (you have a way of seeing things about jkr's story and characters). So I'll keep them coming till I hear from you I guess haha
accio-echo chapter 47 . 9/12
I’ve just re-read this fic from the beginning and, can I just tell you? It’s honestly my favorite fic that I’ve ever read. Ever. I’m not great with reviews, and usually I just send lots of shout letters if I do review, but I felt it important to tell you how much I love this story, and your rendition of these characters. Theo and Hermione’s relationship is...everything. Hermiones relstionship with her parents...everything. This Hermione in general is so relateable and wonderful and awful and just...thank you for writing my favorite fic.
Kyonomiko chapter 47 . 9/6
Such s beautiful and honest chapter, watching hermione reaclimate to hogwarts and all the emotion that brings. And dumbledore is still a douchebag lol... I am SO excited to see her healing begin and to advance from here
ZeldaSeverous chapter 47 . 9/5
thank you for showkng how hard it would be to return to the school
MotekElm chapter 47 . 9/5
very nice
ElleMartin chapter 47 . 9/5
Great. Now I’m gonna have the Bananas in Pajamas theme song stuck in my head for another three days.
Samzie chapter 47 . 9/5
Amazing chapter as always. Love your characterisation and the emotions expressed through each character is just astounding. Love Theo and Hermione's friendship and look forward to reading more about Draco's character as well :)
Bookloverdream chapter 47 . 9/4
Her depression is palpable... I hope she finds some peace. Thank goodness for Theo!
BoredRavenvlaw620 chapter 47 . 9/4
I just love the raw emotion in your writing. So well done. Can't wait for more!
SpaceKace chapter 47 . 9/4
An admirable transition chapter! I had wondered if you’d put the 8th years in their own dorm - I think it generally makes sense in this part of the story. Looking forward to their time at Hogwarts! I’m sure they’ll all get a lot closer to one another. Also kudos for sending them back to Hogwarts at the actual right time of the year IRL (good timing)! Thank you for writing this wonderful story!
HeartOfAspen chapter 47 . 9/4
I have one request. Actually I have many requests, but I am going to put my effort into one of them...
For the love of Merlin...
Please paint that mural in Finnegan’s pub. I must behold it.

Great chapter, as always.
mhcalamas chapter 47 . 9/4
I’m always too excited for these updates! You just can’t imagine :)

“Superficially, nothing was amiss – platform nine and three quarters looked as it always had, year after year.
It was the atmosphere, oppressive with its overriding heaviness. Parents held their children for longer.”
—I ache, I long to be there to offer up hugs and oh, this was an excellent start to this chapter...appropriately heavy... :(

I looooovvvveeeee this summary of Hermione’s observations on the train “She witnessed beginnings and middles, friendships and love, excitement and quietude... the whole glorious medley of life like a series of Edward Hopper paintings.”—golden brilliance!

So terribly excited for the Dramione to come this year, and this was just a delightful intro to our grey-eyed wizard! “On the opposite row, by the seat closest to the window, with his hair artfully dishevelled and robes loose around his neck was Malfoy. He nodded at Luna, sneered at Theo, and ignored Hermione entirely, and nodded once again at Ginny.”—EXCELLENT!

THE ENDLESS PRANKING! I FREAKING LOVE IT! “Aw, come on. It's just a harmless little singing fountain in the middle of your room! I think it looks lovely with all those butterflies fluttering around it." AND BANANAS IN PYJAMAS! Oh, I’m dying...

This made me smile... “"Hermione Granger reading a book, you mean?"
"Exactly. It's comforting."—normalcy in the midst of ruin and repair

*grasping sides* omgomgomgomg, laughing! Can’t breathe for some reason, just too funny mental image! “("Oi!" Neville cried, pointing at Theo, "That's cheating you lousy Slytherin! Watch it! Don't you know I'm a powerful, world famous snake-slayer?")”

SEAMUS AND THE PUB AND! Oh you’re marvelous and i love the blend of weighted humor you’d done with this chapter. Actually...everything. Because...they’re still kids in some approximation, you know? Still youths dealing with it all, and...oh this is just perfection!

This was beautiful, so so beautiful “When she'd reached the Thestral with the oddly short tail, it snorted affectionately and nuzzled her hand.
"Hello," she whispered as she ran her fingers down the silky mane that she'd once clung to for dear life, "How are you?"
The thestral responded with another expulsion of air.
"I hardly think about that night anymore," she told it, "So much happened after –"—I loved this inclusion you dazzling writer :)

I ached, and ached and ached here: “Closer and closer they got to Hogwarts; the beat of the Thestrals' hooves against the ground was the rhythm of Hermione's heart... and they accelerated in tandem. The rickety motion of their vehicle racing over cobbled streets jangled her no worse than the convulsing of her soul.”

This was so beautiful— “She had no idea what her face was telling him – she had no idea what to think of his question – but he would read and understand what she was feeling anyway. He always did.”—I love their unending bond and connection, and you’ve created an inspiring friendship in this...

And this: “A large hand squeezed her arm, and she turned to offer Theo a tight smile.
We're ready, right?

What a...heavily appropriate end to this chapter. “Standing before it in nothing but her shirt and knickers, she wrapped her arms around herself and looked out at the dark cloudy sky and the darker grounds. She stared until an onslaught of raindrops against the pane startled her.
Fifteen minutes later she was curled up in bed, as wide awake as she'd ever been, listening to the downpour and intermittent rumbles of thunder.”

This chapter touched something deep inside me. I rode on the wings of their laughter, and sank to the depths of their hearts’ griefs. I’m in such awe of your writing and this was such a brilliant update! Thank you so very much for it. And I hope real life isn’t throwing more at you than you can handle, madam. Thank you again for sharing this exquisite story...
minuet33 chapter 47 . 9/4
Omg. I LOVED the juxtaposition of this chapter and chapter one! Very clever. I also really appreciated the emotions of all the characters as they approached the castle. Clearly, they should all have had a chance to see it ahead of time, but wizards clearly don’t know how to deal with PTSD well.
I can’t wait to see how school goes for them (again, wat to have this chapter at the beginning of September, you are rocking these parallels!) and I can’t wait to visit Finnigan’s! I wish everyone could write a transition as well as you!

As I was riding my bike today I was literally praying that today would be an update day! Oh happy day!
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