Reviews for Barks
kokoronagomu chapter 279 . 2/13
this is adorable. lol
LucyDEU chapter 279 . 2/7
Nice story and nice song. I didn’t know the song or the anime because it doesn’t exists in my country. But it sound like a lot of fun. I could actually picture Kagome dancing through her room! Pretty cool! I’d do the same :-D
HammyJessa chapter 279 . 2/4
Ooh, ooh, I know Slayers! I love that anime! I'm going to have to check that cover out. This chapter is really cute!
Cyrus559 chapter 279 . 2/3
Haha, this was hilarious! What a text with and performance this turned out to be XD
I am glad Kagome's display of musical dancing skills got such a positive reception at the end. I wonder what how the rest of the day went ; )
XFangHeartX chapter 279 . 2/3
Sorry I was late reading this! And this was so funny and sweet to read!

Thank you so much!
LayLay lives chapter 279 . 2/3
Inuyasha was being a Peeping Tom. Lol. Well the saying is to dance like you are by yourself and so she did. He was feeling it too.
LucyDEU chapter 278 . 1/25
Jaken overload...poor Sesshomaru...he seemed pretty stressed, so hopefully the retreat will help. So so funny!
raphlover2012 chapter 278 . 1/23
Man, poor Sesshomaru. With imps like Jaken, I'd go crazy too.
RoryKat chapter 278 . 1/23
What's that saying? "Everything's coming up roses." Well, everything's coming up Jaken. XD
LucyDEU chapter 277 . 1/17
Wow, what a first meeting...
kokoronagomu chapter 277 . 1/16
so that is where inuyasha got his attitude! LOL
HammyJessa chapter 277 . 1/16
Haha! I love your depiction of Izayoi!
RoryKat chapter 277 . 1/15
Izayoi saying "Keh" was just the cherry on top of this wonderful little fic. She is a badass!
LayLay lives chapter 277 . 1/15
Always felt she had the heart of a warrior.
kokoronagomu chapter 276 . 1/9
stupidity remains unmasked.
love this! xD
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