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Krispod chapter 10 . 9/18
I just had to re read this fic ... because reasons... I love pollen so much. The way you wrote her is perfect for Chloé.
Dianoga chapter 8 . 7/28
This is an awesome story, can't believe it doesn't have more reviews! LOVE chapter 8!
ScarredNotBroken chapter 11 . 6/11

was an absolutely crazy ride.

I started out reading it because it was hilarious. Then it turned ridiculous. And CHEESY beyond compare.

And I loved every minute of it.

*pounces on the sequel*

(Seriously, though, how did you come up with the idea for Catalyst? Because our Kitty definitely needs another power, but I could never come up with anything myself, and that was absolutely PERFECT and BRILLIANT.)
Angela Jewell chapter 11 . 5/14
Wow, what a ride, yet somehow it feels like it's just getting started!

I love how Marinette chose Adrien in the end - it felt so true to her character, to never give up on those she loves - and when she made the choice and apologized to Tikki about being a terrible superhero, I may have even cheered a little lol. Honestly, they had no one to blame but themselves... she told them her doubts from the start, so this was just her, following thru in true Marinette fashion haha.

Of course I just know our new heroes will make everything right. And as someone who absolutely despises Chloe, I have to say, the lead-up to giving her the bee miraculous was one of the best explanations I've ever seen (and I'm dreading her getting it in canon, so I needed this). I love how she's still seen as unworthy, but they're going to teach her a lesson, and give her a chance anyway. And Pollen sounds amazzzzing and feisty! I can't wait to see how she interacts with Chloe, and of course I'm dying to know what happens to Marinette and Adrien from here on out!

I'm soooo looking forward to reading the sequel! Thank you so much for continuing this story and not leaving me forever in cliff-hanger hell.
DarkBluePapillon chapter 11 . 3/16
Oooh man. I loved this story! Excited to find out what happened, so I’ll start right away! Hopefully it’s fjnished so I don’t have to wait! Good job!
Sonochu chapter 11 . 2/12
One thing I have to praise the story for is it's for shadowing. Everything I expected to appear in future chapters did, and even some things I didn't (like true loves kiss). Nothing felt like misplaced potential. That being said, the I did feel the ending lose itself a bit. While I'm not exactly sure why I feel this why, I suspect it has to do with two reasons: plotpoint s coming out of nowhere, and Ladybug not being portrayed as well as she could have been.

For the former, I'm talking about things like Haskmoth's master plan, which really was very convoluted. "Not only was I expecting Volpjna and the robber to fail, but I expected my plan to influence Chat Noir to fail, and now I want Marinette dead because...reasons. That's actually another example. They only reason Hawkmoth wanted Marinette dead in the first place was because a shift in how difficult it was to akumatized a miraculous holder. It was pretty easy for Marinette all things considered, but apparently nearly impossible for Chat for some reason.

To make the plan way simpler, why not just kidnap Adrien, who he knows for a fact is Chat, steal his ring, and then use the now weaponless boy to lure Ladybug into a fight by herself and take her earings after beating her. That's a much easier plan.

There are other examples too, like Hawkmoth talking about defeating "the darkness" even though this has no connection to canon or was even referenced to that point sudden random powers of Marinette's family (it didn't even serve to advance the plot), sudden mutiny from Akumas which have never been shown before, deus-ex-machina power from Chat, etc.

If half these points didn't come out of nowhere, I'd appreciate the ending a lot more.

Then Ladybug herself was just useless in the ending. She gets kidnapped and becomes a damsel, gets her powers and doesn't use them for much besides losing a battle and getting teleported to her house, let's defeated again by Hawkmoth, and then watches as Chat finishes the job and actually defeats Hawkmoth. Really, I'm kind of surprised you said that you planned originally on writing this whole story in Marinette's point of view as this is much more of a Chat focused story, at least in the end.

So yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the ending, but I really liked this story overall.
Sonochu chapter 9 . 2/12
So why didn't Ladybug just leave? That was really the best option for her. There's a large glass window, and she's in (relatively) confined space with two akuma and Hawkmoth. She also doesn't have any backup. Wouldn't her best bet to be to just leave and regroup with Chat? This is especially the case when she realized that Hawkmoth was trying to akuma tize her and she was facing a war of attrition.
Sonochu chapter 8 . 2/12
This is another thing that confused me (and only gets worse with this chapter). So was Marinette "willing" when she was akumatized? Because in most respects her day, while bad, wasn't a completely horrible day. She was mostly just weary and frazzled most of the day, and then got angry at Chloe like she usually does. And then poof! She's being akumatized. Based on that, litteral you the emotions Chat is feeling right now should be enough to akumatized him. There's no way Marinette hated Chloe more than Adrien currently hates his father (or Master Fu), and there's no way he isn't completely frazzled.

Basically, either Marinette was willing to accept the akuma, or Plagg was right in that it only has to be a bad day for a miraculous holder to get akumatized (which is the same for everyone else). If it's the former, then why doesn't Hawkmoth just use his voice, which is nearly impossible to reject, to make Adrien willing (as he did for Marinette). If it's the latter, then Adrien should already be ripe for aumatization.

The fact that he is suddenly talking about killing Marinette seems like a serious shift in the goal posts in what it takes for a miraculous holder to get akumatized.
Sonochu chapter 7 . 2/12
I can't help but feel Hawkmoth was kind of dumb here. First: why didn't he use his influence with Akumas to get Lila and the robbr to stop fighting and focus on Adrien? Instead he just let them talk. You could argue that he expected them to fail and only wanted to antagonize Adrien, but then why? All Hawmoth needs is the ring. If the Akumas got the ring, he'd have them and Marinette's earings, allowing him to go forward with his plans. Instead he doesn't bother to reign in the two Akumas he sent to do just that?

And on another point. Haskmoth's plan is very complex. To the point where I'm still trying to figure out exactly what he's planning in this. And yet he apparently already knows Adrien is Chat Noir (as evidenced by what Adrien said). Adrien could be wrong of course, but just the fact that two akuma were waiting for him and one of the names Hawkmoth suggested to him was Chat Blanc imply that Hawkmoth does, in fact, know about him being Chat Noir.

Furthermore, Hawkmoth is Adrien's father in this, so why didn't his father just enter his room and steal the ring when Adrien was sleeping? That plan is so much simpler and still gives him everything he wants. Hell, if he's worried Adrien will wake up or something, he can just drug his food and steal the ring while Adrien is unconscious.
Sonochu chapter 6 . 2/12
I'm not sure how minor of a point this is as it's based on what happens in future chapters, but why didn't Adrien just point Marinette's number on his secret phone? If he didn't already memorize it (which I'd actually find unlikely considering how much he professes his love to her), he could just copy it down from the phone that he had take away and just typed it into his new phone, asked Chloe to get her Marinette's number, or even asked Marinette to text it to him while she had Chloe's phone. Heck, he could've just ask for her number straight out over the phone.

There have been large hints of Adrien getting Akumatized, and considering Marinette would be the only person to stop this, what I listed above may or may not be a minor point in the story.
Sonochu chapter 5 . 2/12
There are many things in the marichat scene that are praiseworthy, but up on the top for me is the fact of how vague you were with dealing with Marinette's crush. By that I mean you never said during the scene if Chat knew Marinette had a crush on him, even after he saw the computer. We were left to wonder how much information he gathered from the collage. This added to the awkwardness of the scene, which worked really well here.

Even after the scene you were never terribly blunt about it. Adrien mentions it probably being a celebrity crush, but he actually isn't sure about that. He doesn't know if it's a minor infatuation, a creepy stalker crush, or full blown have my babies love (which would still be creepy as they're barely teenagers). Most authors usually go for an extremely blunt approach when dealing with confessions, so all the vagueness of this one was refreshing.
mayuralover chapter 11 . 1/31
Hi! Moving onto your the next part! Whoo!
sweetXDmelody chapter 11 . 1/31
Why do yo do this to me. You put out the rest of the miraculous, when I need to leave for a class. I was hoping to have ended this before that. You have catch me with this story. So well written. Can't wait to start with the sequel.
sweetXDmelody chapter 6 . 1/31
Best akuma haha that was so funny! And that final was so unexpected I want to read more
leafgreenflower chapter 11 . 1/31
This has been a wild ride! Thank you for writing it.
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