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Mr. Good Guy chapter 41 . 5/23
You know, this is a pretty good story, all things considered. I really like the whole idea, and your way of writing really makes things fit and flow pretty smoothly and well. There are a few minor hiccups that could use some sharpening, in my opinion, or at the very least, some form of explanation, but they are pretty minor, all things considered, especially when reading the omakes along with the original. I'll list them here:

First, why exactly did you choose John Carter of Mars as Izuku's Persona? From what I remember of the movie, John Carter was not a thief or bandit, spy or outlaw or anything like that. There are a few heroes and antiheroes who happened to fit those criteria well, especially in Pulp fiction, like Britt Reid-The Green Hornet, The Shadow-Lamont Cranston, The Spider-Richard Wentworth, Reverend Doctor Christopher Syn, and The Saint, Simon Templar. Personally I think the Saint might be the best fit for Izuku as his Persona, rather than John Carter. He'd still have the same attacks, and stats. And Because The Saint is based in Catholicism and Christianity, the Bless Attacks would make sense, it'd fit the motif of Christian powers of good and evil fighting each other, and Izuku would get wings instead of a cape, like an angel. It'd also fit with the underlying theme of Izuku being a light that refuses to be extinguished by the world's darkness, and to fit with the All Might resemblance, Izuku's attacks could be named after famous saints in the Catholic Church's history, like St. Francis, St. George, St. Nicholas, etc. like how Simon often uses the saints' names as aliases or alibis. Plus, Saint's attitude would be similar to how Carter speaks to Izuku, so you wouldn't have to change much. Plus I kinda had a small vision of Izuku about to slam into Chisaki at the end, and either looking like he was crucified, or looking like the archangel Saint Michael about to slay the devil in the painting, with Izuku's staff acting as the spear, or sword(Michael Smash?). This is getting kinda long, so let me know if you're interested in hearing the rest, and tell me if you prefer to have this sent via review or PM.
Brayden Lewis chapter 41 . 5/18
Hope to see this again soon
Brayden Lewis chapter 2 . 5/15
I hope you continue to do this awesome series
WOKELAND chapter 41 . 5/12
I really like what you've been doing with this story and how you interconnect it with the world of MHA. It is not annoying that you go by the canon of the game and its events because you managed to make the actions and development of these quite distinctive. I emphasize that you managed to put Royal elements in it halfway when prior to that, that game had not even been announced for those years.

Good story so far.
kujo135 chapter 41 . 5/11
can't wait for the next update. what will the heroes react. where will Eri go. And most interesting what will All for One do
Guest chapter 26 . 5/9
NuclearNachos chapter 41 . 5/9
Didn't the thieves put up the cards? I would've thought this'd get the media's attention.
Have a Little Feith chapter 41 . 5/9
Damn. I'm caught up. Oh well. just gotta wait for the next chapter. I'm looking forward to it.
Vanessa Masters chapter 41 . 5/9
Glad your back as well.


"So this is your room, huh?"

Izuku wished he hadn't brought Kawakami up to his room. How many times would he have to suffer people seeing his memorabilia? All he could do was sit on his couch hunched over, twiddling his fingers.

"Y-Yeah… since I've moved here."

"... Oh, don't worry. I'm not going to judge you over your… aesthetic choice." Kawakami astutely picked up on the reason for his fluster. "In fact, it's… kind of telling. It's also a little confusing…"

"W-What do you mean?" Izuku raised his head, meeting Kawakami's gaze.

"Well, you stood up to Kamoshida when no one else would, despite the fact that you were so quiet…" Izuku raised a brow, shocked to hear she knew that. "Oh, we all heard. Kamoshida talked about how you 'tried to act tough' with him. It was his whole reason for trying to expel you."

"Ah, right…" Izuku trailed off, the memory making him frown.

"And, of course, he ended up being the bad guy in it all. So clearly you were in the right." Kawakami crossed her arms over her chest, her expression thoughtful. "And all the All Might stuff… It's clear what kind of sense of justice you have. Surprised a kid like you didn't try to get into UA."

Izuku winced at that. It had been a while since someone mentioned his desire for that, but it still made him a little sad to think about. "I… was planning to try."


I wonder if she has a quirk?

If it was a allure quirk, she'd have been better at the maid thing lol

Poor dear.

Wow, they had to do a good bluff, and surprising Chisaki wasn't reformed at once.

But it work, and Eric is free, hopefully.

Oooh, Yakuza arrested.

And Izuku bonds with Yuske.
Knight of Loyalty chapter 41 . 5/8
Oh this is interesting, can't wait to see what this means for the group now.

I wonder if the pro-heroes will begin trying to crack down and try to apprehend them or something
Dario Flaman chapter 41 . 5/8
Really glad this is back! This chapter was fantastic! I love that you made the Thieves threaten Chisaki because, yeah, he's way too deep into his own delusions to simply give up when beaten. Nice idea!

And also, I like that Bakugou met Sojiro and ate with the Thieves. Cool interaction. He seems much more relaxed with them. Wonder what sort of role he'll play next.

And that ENDING. Look. I know I'm skipping great parts like Kawakami and Yusuke and Izuku's talk about the meaning of people's desires, but THAT. ENDING. Oh my GOD what will this mean? What will happen to Eri? What will...What?!

I'm SO HYPED to see how this unfolds. Looking forward for the next chapter!
Ariastella chapter 41 . 5/8
I really wanna see the heroes' reaction to Chisaki's heart being taken.
Imperial warlord chapter 41 . 5/8
Awesome chapter.
PasiveNox chapter 41 . 5/7
great chapter wonderful
AndyKurosaki98 chapter 41 . 5/7
Oooohh baby, we got some good stuff in this one.

Really the character interactions in this one, nice to see how Bakugou is slowly integrating in the group.

Also we get continiuations/begginings with some Confedants, I like how you handled the Kawakami stuff.

Man once again with the cliffhanger, you're making a habit out of it.
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