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EvilTheLast chapter 16 . 17h
Good update. But I have questions. Do the Apochti have 'live birth' or do they lay eggs like birds? (They are giant bugs after all). We all assume that the Race has absolutely having NO chance of winning this war. But after this 'war', what then for the Apochti people? Some of the people will want to preserve their culture and live in homes like before they were invaded. Their damn world is 'priceless' because it has a element that can't be found anywhere else. The Tau'ri (like the Race...oddly enough), will want to improve their lives... If the other powers in the Galaxy figure how important this planet is, then it will need to be 'fortified'. I'm guesting that the Apochti refugees on Earth have a better life style then they had on their world. I don't think any of them want to go back to the 'good old days' before the Race invaded them. I like the conversation between Lee and Kara. Well, just not the fact that they will are 'becoming' Tau'ri. I mean that the writer of this story pointed that the 'private sector' actually founds the government. No private sector founding (taxes) a government from their government. It's something they don't teach at some colleges today.
Nimbus chapter 16 . 12/7
Love the story so far

I am kind of wondering what happened to the Samuel Anders, Ellen Tigh and Tory Foster, I know they arent important to the story, but I keep wondering. I know they are still in the colonies, but due to the economy, is Pyramid being played, how is Ellen coping with saul's death, and since Billy is likely still alive, what is Tory doing. Do the human form cylons still visit the colonies, maybe killing themselves and resurrecting on Aquaria and then getting ships to Caprica or Tauron.
Scotius chapter 16 . 12/7
Glad to hear you are feeling better. Autumn\early winter is a prime time for flu and other annoying bugs everywhere :)
As for the story... i kinda feel bad for the Race. Colonials at least could put up a fight. Poor lizards will be curbstomped on so many levels at once it won't even be funny. But hey - now they will get a taste of their own medicine, right? I just hope Admiral Hackett will come up with something good to get Risson to see the light of reason, before he will have to see the light of orbital bombardment :P
Eagles11 chapter 16 . 12/6
The Opochti refugees are now receiving aid from their new allies, looks like the Tau'ri are winning some points right there.

So the city of Likna will be similar to that of Stalingrad or Fallujah. Let's hope that the Tau'ri and the Opochti can hold the city. I hope the Tau'ri brought enough firepower with them, send the children and those not fighting to safety. Dig in as deep as possible and wait for their moment.

Acacia going shopping with the Lefeid women, very insightful part right there. From what Acacia told them, the Colonials were too concrete, no creatively or originally in regards to weddings.

The census numbers from Sagittaron is something, but the hardliners will do whatever they can to maintain power. Question, when they saved Roslin was it a Kingsman moment?

I expected the Emporer to have more brains than those under him, but assuming that the Tau'ri don't have energy weapons on their ships is just plan dumb. And the ambassador makes no mention of the Tau'ri's deal to the Race, yeah that just made the Emporer look like the biggest jackass in the galaxy.

Using Tok'ra tunnel crystals, the classics NEVER go out of style. Before it's over, I hope Drugov says something like "I haven't had this much fun since Tauron!" That would be cool.

A great chapter and worth the wait.

Til next time.
Shin1gam1 chapter 16 . 12/6
Great work.
thor94 chapter 16 . 12/6
finally the operation to take back vantic started.
and the emperor received the confirmation that earth has ftl and energy weapon technology, but with the overpopulation problem think he can't avoid war with (mostly because he doesn't know yet, that Earth can homeforming few planets for them if they give up vantic).
Robo Reader 21 chapter 16 . 12/6
So the refugees are staying at the capital stadium. Wonder if they had to cancel any games for that? Bad jokes aside, its gonna get pretty full very soon I bet.

I do wonder how quick the Opochti respond to outcomes in comparison to the Race and the Tau'ri? I would be shocked as well that the Tau'ri can evict the Race in just three days if I was the Prince. Sure he thought it would take a few weeks or so. Like is reaction when Leong told him that they will have to sacrifice Likna. Little cues like that gives them an identity.

Acacia and Medea learn that culture exchange work both ways. The Colonials are just extra hurt because they lost and they thought that their culture would overtake the Tau'ri. Never thought it would be an equal exchange. I'd actually like to see the hassle cause by simply changing the wedding outfits colors.

A detachment because they don't look human. Well, we have seen things like that in the show. But they are still sapient beings. Maybe Hackett should just call the Emperor and tell him straight. They can hack their phonelines with a drone, couldn't they?

Wow, the Colonies are in more dire shape than I thought. For every anti-terror action disclosed, a dozen will never be mentioned to the public. The Tau'ri are indeed conquering the Colonies without really trying but they tried to do the same and they would've been iron fisted to an extent. I ain't crying for them but I doubt they'll be swearing to the Tau'ri flag at any point. Loved the little slip with Kara saying "fuck". Side note: don't you mean the Tau'ri credit? Saying "dollar" is too american.

I notice how the Protocol Master failed to mention how the Tau'ri have offered to terraform two world to their tastes and how the Emperor assumes that they don't have energy weapons on their ships despite nothing mentioned about that. Maybe Hackett can bring that up when he gets to talking to him.

I was hoping that the cart driver would be the one to kill that Lizard cause he was dying infront of him. Stab him with his sword or a captured Race pistol or a pistol supplied by the Tau'ri. Even free some Opochti held in the prison. Great use of the Tok'ra tunnel crystals. Love when classics make a return. But did you have to bring in Drugov? I like the guy but I think its time to bring in some new character or introduce more Mass Effect character.

Well, it your story and I am enjoying it. Wanna see the Opochti training to properly handled their new weapons. Hope you feel better. See you next time.
ferduran chapter 16 . 12/6
The ambassador never told the emperor about the two planets that the Tauri offer them to leave the Vantic 5 alone.

Also that German general, will you show his reaction when he liberate those educational centers of the race? for him it will be like a redention of some kind
ExS-DrIfTeRr chapter 16 . 12/6
I see a lot of American culture in this but you need to remember that America isn't the only country on earth

Try and make it more a mix of cultures on Earths colonies

Also show different cultures to the other races other than American most people don't think of American Football when you say Football

Also why call it the Tau'ri Dollar why not say Credit instead the other peoples of the Tau'ri wouldn't like favouritism
Necromancy94 chapter 16 . 12/6
Great chapter once again I liked how you used the Tok’ra tunnels to get them out you should use more alien technology that the Tau’ri have found like the Foothold aliens hologram technology
OMAC001 chapter 16 . 12/6
Man, the Race just don't know when they've lost, do they?
fanficreader71 chapter 16 . 12/6
Great chapter I enjoyed reading.
Syphon01 chapter 16 . 12/6
and so the killing of baby seals starts.
the Race have absolutely no idea what is going to happen.
I pity them, they couldn't defeat a 1940's Earth and now they have an earth nearly a century on with stargate technology.
more please
chloe chapter 16 . 12/6
Good chapter, I assume that Drugov used the stargate on Aquaria to get to Vantac 5 or arrived via Valhalla
Major Simi chapter 16 . 12/6
Well looks like things get finally started. Great chapter
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