Reviews for A Woman of Conviction
TheUnderStudy chapter 14 . 1h
How are you gonna be shocked? LOL You wrote this lol! But I'm not shocked. Edward is very prototective and I'm only surprised it took him this long to start investigating Jake.
pinklady34 chapter 14 . 8h
Oh this story is great! I can't believe Jake has that many children. I hope edward confesses to Bella soon about the apartment. Those two boys r really great and love their mom and edward. I loved the sweet interaction with Damon and edward.
Rebadams7 chapter 14 . 8h
Jacob is a disaster. A blight. Hope he's gone now. Charlie was an ass and he's hurt a lot of folks on his spiral down too
Awe Edward
Annie48 chapter 14 . 9h
I wish I could just shake Jacob... LoL But I'm glad she has Edward to be there for her. Loving the story.
TWILIGHT1978 chapter 14 . 9h
Love it
sherylb chapter 13 . 10h
OMG! Little Damon asking "Why don't you want me?" just broke my heart
roxiegirl chapter 14 . 10h
Oh Edward! You have collected a lot of dirt on Jake and Charlie. *claps hands*
VryUnique chapter 14 . 10h
Usually hate when the writer does first one pov and then the other because they are usually not much different. This time I like getting the extra information that Edward provided. I hope Bella isn't mad when she finds out these things later. Unsure what secrets Charlie is hiding since the things Edward found out seemed to be common knowledge, doesn't seem like much of a threat. With Jacob I liked the threat of Edward coming after him but it seems the only secrets he has are other children and he only needs to hide that from Leah.
VryUnique chapter 13 . 11h
A kid who made a mistake? Lol... unbelievable! He made more than 1. Bella was not a one night stand, she was his girlfriend of years that he abandoned with his kids. That was more than a mistake. He's a changed man? A changed man would take responsibility for his mistakes and not try to get rid of them. It was oblivious he didn't want to be there and was only there because Leah made him. She is oblivious and they do deserve each other.
I bet Edward told Damon he would never leave him at the very least and at the most that he would marry his mommy and be his daddy one day.
Cina's chapter 14 . 11h
Love getting Edward's POV.
SassYNoleS chapter 14 . 12h
How has Jake gotten away with sleeping with all these young women ?

Statutory rape could have been used when it came to him sleeping with Bella surely ?

What a pig and Charlie is no better !

I loved what Edward whispered to Damon !

Cannot wait for more X
Longing to Write chapter 14 . 12h
Thank you so much for not having Edward involved directly with getting Jacob to see Damon, I think making Charlie do it was better. Charlie has a possibility of rebuilding some kind of relationship with Bella- he screwed up big time, but there is at least evidence that he tried to do what little he could. Jacob really is garbage, I hope all his wrongs come back and destroy him.

I'm really looking forward to when Edward finally takes Bella on a date so he can start working on becoming Damon and Lucian's dad.
cbmorefie chapter 14 . 12h
Considering Edward would probably have Jake blown up if Bella requested it it really isn't surprising he's building a nice stash of his secrets (Charlie's to)! I love that Damon wishes Edward was his father. He will be a great for those boys and a great partner for Bella. Loved it, thanks for the update!
skye282 chapter 14 . 14h
Not shocked at all at what Jake is like. Nasty piece of work and many kids at that. Well I hope he gets what's coming to him. As for Edward, I think Bella would appreciate what he is doing, even if not at first.
Pattsy1994 chapter 14 . 14h
Jakey boy is taking the biblical saying 'go and multiply' to the extreme, lol.
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